Tornador Cleaning Gun: Black Edition part 1

See Darren as he reviews the Tornador Cleaning gun black edition out on location as he demonstrates the Tornador Black Z-020 on this floor mat out of a dirty Lexus.


Cereal Killer says:

Get your van out of the street lol

mike shramowiat says:

I could do this in 2 min with my pressure washer.

jesus carballo says:

i agree with some of these comments, the ad made it look like it “sucked”the dirt out but it actually just pushes it deeper, what a disappointment nothing a good old pressure washer can’t do

Nate MR. Right says:

What solution do u use

joehatrix says:

*Not convincing at all…. you did a good job presenting the product and for that I’m out. I mean you have my like*

j anderson says:

Not a good way to clean. Great money spinner for a car detailer with a hot dryer.This proves beauty is skin deep.

low & sweet car club modifi3d culture says:

Love what u do for us ur info,ur tip on getting it done thks darren .
Cheff pompano beach Florida
Alpha auto detailing.

Gregory says:

pre-vacume, pre-clean, pre-treat and pre-please.

Vaughan says:

The high pressure is merely “pushing” the dirt through the material. It is not sucking it up. And you’re demonstrating on mats that can be removed. What about the interior carpet that cannot be removed? You’d be introducing dirt and water below the surface – no thanks. That thing would be best suited for getting crud out of aluminum wheels or around doors or on door sills.

Albert Meza Jr says:

Pre-vac, pre treat, light agitation, extract takes 10 minutes tops. Much less labor intensive.

Mark Markovic says:

Why don’t you just use an upright vacuum to brush and vac at the same time. Much easier and more effective to remove dry solids. You say blow out all the dirt???? auto mats are not porous. They are rubber backed or bonded with polymers making them not porous so you’re not rinsing but blowing the grime and chemicals to the bottom of the mat only to wick up days latter for the client to see what a crappy job you did at “rinsing” I get much faster results with prespraying and hot water extraction just like it’s done in home carpet and upholstery cleaning. When your hair gets soiled and oily you would never just push things to your scalp and hope no one will notice.

Jamesbond 007 says:

Darren what compressor you recommend for mobile

Al Lovinggood says:

Love the video but you don’t ‘pre-vacuum’. You vacuum.
It’s like ‘pre-heating’ your oven. All you’re doing is heating your oven. No different than ‘pre-boarding’ a plane. You’re still boarding.
ref: George Carlin.


Cesare Cheba says:

Pretty sure thats not how your supposed to use that

wattsup1004 says:

All that Tornador is doing is spreading out the dirt or pushing it deeper where you cannot see it. There is no way for it to suck the dirt away so it is basically useless. They would have to add a shop vac connection to the device so it could suck the dirt as it is loosened but that would then mean someone it actually using his brains to invent something useful. What a novel idea.

hogsandsooners says:

If you use an oil-type compressor, you will cut down significantly on noise.

Omar Mahmoud says:

If you don’t mind me asking where do you get those polos from?!

Kristof says:

Just use the power washer. Done in 5 min.

AudiophileTubes says:

WAY too labor intensive! Get back to me when you find a spray on solution that you can let sit on your mats, then hose off clean.

Jeepman89 says:

Too expensive at 150 bucks. For a plastic bottle and a trigger. C’mon. 30 bucks at most.

3d says:

its nothing like they show on the car door. way to far fetched

pjwarez says:

Or… you could have used a power washer and you would have been done in about 5 minutes.

Mark G. says:

Straight Up Poltergeist Here 1:43……….. Confirmed. You saw it on the internet….therefore… It’s true.

H J says:

I like gadgets as much as the next guy but this one? I just don’t get the point of what it is actually used for or what other tool it could possibly replace to make life easier. I just don’t get it!

TC time says:

Gave you a like for the effort. I can tell you take pride, but man….. most guys would go broke if they took all that time to do something so simple. You should do the floor mat when you wash the car or when you start the interior. Spray appropriate cleaner on power wash brush with cleaner where needed vac hang leave till done. Like a 2 min job tops. Same result less equipment and time…. just sayin.

Joe Rollins says:

Looks like you just move the dirt in the top of carpet to the base of the carpet not actually cleaning it just rearranging the dirt

Morten says:

Need to ask by learning: Doesn’t the Super Degreaser stay in the mats when it drying, since you actually can’t get all of it out with the microfiber cloth? I’m using Meg Apc or SD, brus and water so the chemicals are getting away. Then drying them with a microfiber cloth and hengs the up.

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