Tornador Black vs. Matador Black Cleaning Guns Review

Showing the differences of each cleaning gun. Operation of both. They are both great cleaning guns. Comment with any questions or requesets and I will make another video.

Prices that I mention are in Canadian Dollars.


Janelle Nelson says:

1. PLEASE tell me you are not ‘professionally’ detailing! If so, please send your clients my direction! 

2. I don’t know who showed you how to use these items, but boy, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG! Who leaves floor mats in a vehicle when detailing it? 

3. Before EVER spraying any solution down on the floors you should be hitting it with straight air to get as much sand and dirt as you can out first. 

I could seriously go on tearing apart your ‘skills’ as a detailer however I could no longer watch the video past 13 minuets and this has already become an extensive list and I have many more vehicles to perfect, but good luck trying! Hope you master which ever one you pick!

E. Desro. says:

Which is the most effectif?

taxiuniversum says:

I wonder hot the Matador gets away with in essence selling a 100% ripoff of the original Tornador-design.
Did Tornador not copyright their inventions? Or is the Matador some illegally-sold stuff from the black market?

Al says:

Amazon shows Tool Direct has them $166 shipped ( $1 more than I said ), .

Samuel Bane says:

Thanks for showing a comparison…both perform well. I have the tornador. The result is much better when first removing all loose items, vacuuming, letting an APC set on the fabric for a few minutes then blowing through with the device. ….I only say this, not to discredit you, but to point out that there abilities are even better than shown…thank you for posting!

Ced J says:

PLEASE tell me where did you find the Matador gun for that price because I just search for it and I found one in Canada and it was $212 shipping not included..I would be grateful for this information..

Trivit30 says:

Do you still think the maditor is better after so many years?

Jamie Collingwood says:

These things are retarded expensive for what they are.

Al says:

Where do you find the Matador Black Cleaning Gun, I’ve been checking the net and can’t find it. I can get the Tornador Black for $165 shipped, from you’re saying the Matador Black is about $80 cheaper. Thanks

Al says:

From what I see there no cheaper than what I can get a Tornador Black from Amazon, thanks for the reply.

Will Spinelli says:

How can I get my hands on the matador? A quick search didn’t turn anything up. Have been wanting the tornador for a while but the price had kept me away.

TurbulentG2 says:

Nice video man Matador it is looked like it cleaned maybe just a bit better too thanks!

BMWuser says:

Tornador – cool stuff, and very cheap

Trivit30 says:

I think I would of vacuum first beside push the shit further down into carpets

Cajun Kevin says:

When used correctly it’s a must have tool for any detailer.
We have two at my shop but paid 125.00 by Detailer Pro.

gerald Rodriguez says:

people be talking Shit like .Fuck who cares.


how does that clean your seat anyway, just blasts shit everywhere lol. im a valeter/detailer by trade and i know there are some use’s for these things , but for me , a waste of time.


just hoover the car out, a normal bottle of apc and your away, i dont see the piont in crap like this to be honest. a bottle of cleaner and a few towels is all you need!

Mikael Karlberg says:

Hi, I just wanna tell you that youre doing it totaly wrong dude ! 

It´s designed to puch the dirt out with the airpressure, so you need to use it closer up to the serfice…than wipe of and then switch of the watervalve to blow the wet serfice dry by airpressure. Thats how you get the realy good results…

It´s not designed to just spray out the cleaner as you do in the video. I work as a car detailer so I know what im talking about.

And this is not a complaint its just a tip !!! 

alphacharlie65ms says:

Is these the things that detailers are using to get smoke stains out of headliners.


ok ppl clean the seat,then sit down on the wet seat!

Cajun Kevin says:

I have an 80 gallon compressor so I can run the gun without issues.

Al says:

So you don’t live in the U.S, Canada?

Whatyoudo says:

Holy Crap! A car detail guy actually using the tool he’s made a vid about…3/4 into the vid before moving on to some other shit we didn’t come to see….Im amazed!!

Al says:

Who do you buy the Matador from in Canada? Thanks

James Tunnicliff says:

i live in a condo where i cannot have a huge air compresor,what is the smallest aircompreor i can use with this product god bless

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