Tornador Black Car Cleaning Gun Review

This video is a comprehensive tornador black car cleaning gun review, in order to offers some help to the detailers out there who are wondering whether or not to buy the tornador cleaning gun. Here I show how to tornador works, how it is built, and why I think that the Tornador black cleaning gun is an absolute must have for all detailers. This air gun will not only save you time, but it will also allow you to give even better results than before, and that combination is unbeatable. Follow along as I dissect every part of the torndaor cleaning tool, and decide for yourself whether or not you think it is something that you need in your world!

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Check out this video, and see the Tornador in action!!!

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Air Compressor (the one I actually use)

Air Hose:

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Matthew Zydorczyk says:

Do you plan to get the vac attachment to try it out? I know you use the extractor already.

Yanitsa Deleva says:

Dude, that’s a very accurate review! Thank you so much. Very useful indeed! Keep up with the great content.

Bilal N says:

Question: if you were a detailer and only limited to a power source and no water, would this tool with an air compressor be a good and effective way to clean and dry the wheels of a car? I’m asking because here in my country most people aren’t too fond of water usage for car washes and so I’ve been using the ONR method a lot that you posted a video about, but the wheels are what takes a bit of time.

Great video and great advice as always!

Ernest Preciado says:

I wonder how well this would work for getting into the hard to reach area’s of wheels.

Detailed Unboxing's says:

Hey I’m a new subscriber to your channel and I really like your videos. Now I have a question I’m looking into buying a hot water extractor it’s not gonna be the ones that are 1k and up but around 700, or the vx5000 steamer , or the tornador and I’m not really sure what I should get so my question is if you had to choose one or the other which would it be and why???

Andy Wright says:


Whatyoudo says:

Get your face in closer to the camera lens, maybe even climb into the lens I guess

Pam Daniels says:

Where does the dirt go. Seems you are just pushing the dirt into the carpet.

Олег Кивилёв says:

very good video man, keep em coming

Gavin Dottellis says:

You are really fucking annoying

Phillip Hughey says:

Awesome product for any detailer, works great!, thanks for recommending! Love it!

Tommy Drone's Drone Reviews & Tech Stuff says:

Great video. Well done

rainier ulerio says:

Let me ask you is it heavy duty equipment, how long can be use without any problem or replacement parts?

Sask Trail Riders says:

I’ve got a video suggestion for you, buy one of the cheap $20 Tornador Clones off eBay or Amazon and compare the two.

BOOM J says:

Are You a complete idiot? Don’t even answer its yes. Yes flippin complete IDIOT you are. Its a f#$%^!@ review you tard REVIEW IT

Da Mu says:

Did you have facebook?

Rob long says:

you talk to damn much bruh

D says:

damn dude i watched this whole effin video to see how you use this “TOOL” and nope you didnt even use it – way too much talking and not enough doing

Arik Matson says:

where the best place to buy this????

Ryan Dunlop says:

Do you still use the tornador also have you used the black and white versions? If so is the black worth the additional amount?

Rog Rambo says:

They probably meant it to be pronounced (Tor uh na’ dur) (like a hillbilly saying tornado with an er at the end….. Just saying.. lol

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