Tornado gun. 17years old car

Warning!!!!!!!! Sound Low



That’s trash and you were stupid enough to buy it

Gutemberg Sousa says:

Alguém pode me dizer pra onde vai a sujeira??

Kristensen Rozhdestvensky says:

A warning for us uhhh headphone users would’ve greatly appreciated


not only that you wasted your money on this contraption this technique has been used since the 50s with a regular air hose all you need is compressed air and a nozzle

Jeff Donaldson says:

I ordered one for detailing my engine but I wouldn’t use it on interiors

AC 469 says:

Pretty good job bud


Pushing dirt into the seat?

iknow303 grow says:

It’s like that movie Envy with Jack Black where does the shit go!?! Lol

PsychoFisho says:

Its a scam.
Reviews as recently as late Nov 2018 are saying they take your credit card money and don’t send the product or respond to your inquiries.

Tony S says:

That’s disgusting. Clean it right.

RevCAction says:

Look, he’s using “Va-poo-rize”! What’s next “Pocket-Flan”?? Where’s Jack Black when you need him?? It has to go somewhere!?!?!

Evad Enri says:

How does it work on carpets, 17 yr old car carpets?

Camp Freedom VT says:

It seems no matter how you clean cloth seats,the dirt always gets pushed in first. Spray with cloth cleaner, using a brush to scrub dirt and then vacuum it. Steam it with a steamer and vacuum at same time.either way,dirt gets pushed into fabric first.

Nate MR. Right says:

What kind liquid do u guys use?

PalmettoMoon says:

You’re gonna have a wet dirty rear end

fatel702LVC says:

This shit suck i work at a carwash and we have this and it sucks

Kush Keddie Filmz says:

Where are the dirt particles going ? Are they just miraculously dissolving

Kumar Vishwajeet says:

what fill inside the container

locked in the eighties says:

100,000 farts vaporised in an instant or your money back!

Androw Zeroun says:

what liquid is used?

The Walawala Show says:

Oddly satisfying to watch

God of Stream 1215 says:

Blowing it far down in the cushion where in a few weeks it’ll really stink.

jonathon macneil says:

Stupidest design I’ve ever seen. You need a compressor to even use it? Plus it doesn’t pull the dirt out at all.

Eremon1 says:

You can tell it was a fresh fine layer of dry dust/dirt. Probably sprinkled on just before this stupid air gun thing. So dumb.

Jack Spratt says:

this is not a vacuum. it just blows dirt into diff place. I sent mine back. there is another like this one but it actually sucks the dirt back into to a bag or your shop vac.

Mark Markovic says:

There is so much wrong with all these videos on the Tornador. ONlY use on rims, plastic hard surface, no radio knobs (you’ll fry the electronics) seat controllers or controls on your dash or armrests. Please don’t crap up your clients upholstery or carpets with pushing filth, vomit, dairy, or urine deeper. It’s as stupid as taking the car to the carwash, open all the doors and just blast away so it looks cleaner. Who would do that?
oh wait I guess a lot of people do that just before they sell their car.

Oliver Preisz says:

I used tornado and its basicly just air so you could blow that dust off with anything. Fake

Mike Mike says:

Try an air powered nylon brush, chemical to break up the dirt and an extractor. From a former detailer

Rick Marsh says:

I’d rather use an extractor

Backyardmech1 says:

That was pretty awesome to see 17 years worth of farts get blasted away in a little more than a minute

Just me Just me says:

oh that’s great, the dirt that was on the surface on the fabric is now pushed deeper into the foam padding under the fabric. Isn’t the point of cleaning to remove dirt and not just push it deeper ?

Mihail T. says:

Ответы на многие вопросы в ссылке:

Scott austin says:

But does it work on skid marks,?

jesbsnrn says:

this is great. looks good. my steam vacuum is better though.

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