Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric Pressure Washer, 14.5-Amp Review

Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric Pressure Washer, 14.5-Amp.
LINK to Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer:
If you want to see the assembly and explanation of all the parts, click below for that video I put up a few weeks ago. In today’s video, I’ll show you how the Pressure Washer works on different surfaces.

There are five included nozzles that store in the back of the unit. 0 degree Orange nozzle delivers a high pressure pencil point jet stream best for small, concentrated areas to remove tar, grease spots and caked mud. The 15 degree yellow nozzle is for intense cleaning on hard surfaces – to strip paint, mildew stains and rust from steel. The 25 degree green nozzle is good for home siding, brick patios, wood siding and driveways. The 40 degree gray nozzle is good for cars, trucks, boats and patio furniture. The black soap nozzle is for cleaning using detergent at a low pressure. The nozzles snap on to the spray wand easily. Just pull back to remove.

The unit has a GFCI plug which will prevent electrical shock in wet locations. It’s a great safety feature. To use the unit, plug it in. Attach the garden hose to your tap. Push the other end in and turn the adaptor counter clockwise to tighten. Make sure it’s not cross threaded to avoid leaks. Turn the unit to On and you’re ready to use the pressure washer.

I’m using the yellow nozzle to clean vinyl siding and it did a great job. Just took the mold right off. It also took the caked on dirt and mold from the side of my house effortlessly. I don’t know when the last time this siding was cleaned, it’s been that long. It will take time to do all of the siding but it’s easier than scrubbing by hand and cheaper than hiring someone to do it. If your house is higher than one story, you will have to get on a ladder to reach the top of your house. Moving the pressure washer wasn’t too bad. It has two wheels that make the move easier. The cord and hose might get in the way while moving so you have to be watchful of that.

When I used the green nozzle on this concrete wall, it didn’t work well. Here I tried the yellow nozzle and it worked great. It also took a little bit of the old paint off the wall. I might have gone over the same spot one too many times.

As you can clearly see, the yellow nozzle did an amazing job on my walkway. It’s nice to see the actual color of my walkway. It really shows the effectiveness of this Sun Joe pressure washer. I got the most use out of the yellow nozzle because everything I cleaned had caked on dirt and mold that hadn’t been touched in a very long time. With it’s total stop system, the pump shuts off when not in use to save energy. I didn’t find the pressure washer to be loud.

The gray nozzle is gentler and worked well on my patio furniture. I washed off the table and chairs very easily. You can see all the dirt is gone.

On aluminum alloy car wheels, I used different nozzles and none of them took the caked on dust off. It probably needs soap and a good scrub. However, the newer dirt came off using the gray nozzle.

Bird poop I’d rather not touch came off easily. This is baked on sticky tree sap that usually has to removed by hand with goop. It came off nicely with the pressure washer and saved a lot of time and effort. I find it’s easy to clean off dirt from my planters with the gray nozzle.

This pressure washer has many outdoor uses. It worked really well on the concrete, siding, car and furniture. It’s a good value considering the price and many uses. I hope you found this review helpful. Subscribe for more reviews of products you use at home. Thanks for watching.

Sun Joe provided a sample unit for this review.


Aaron Schofield says:

I know my chances are slim to none here but has any used this with a foam cannon? My old decrepit pressure washer doesn’t cut it for that thing. Really good review btw.

MiNuSx31 says:

How long does this machine last?…

Shelli P says:

Just bought one.  Cant wait to get home and start cleaning.  My son already started and I cant get him to do anything.  Save some for me I told him.  Great review.  Ordered online for 109.00.

Adam Gibbs says:

Took the mold OFF***. But did not KILL the rest that you cant see with human eye. ….

Mark Landreth says:

I just got my Sun Joe washer and this (along with the unboxing video) was very helpful. Since I had never used a pressure washer before, I was a little nervous. This really helped.

Jeffrey Potter says:

nice review

P D says:

2017_02_17, I bought this product recently thinking an electric power washer would be perfect for cleaning buildup in the  bathtub… It has NO power. Needs at least double the PSI to be better then placing your thumb over the hose.

Theball Player says:

Now THIS is a review.

milad jibrael says:

Hey I bought 1900 washer and is go high and low and ….i use 1/2 hose is that make sense or 3/4 will be better

Angie D says:

Did you (or anyone) try washing any large surface area of concrete with this? We’re looking into a washer for our driveway (805 sf) and really don’t want a gas-powered, but we’re concerned it’ll take forever with an electric. We need to do it twice a year as it’s covered by trees.

Curtis Jennings says:

what a beautiful voice to listen to

Adam Gibbs says:


DM06847 says:

Thanks for posting. I see on amazon, right now with free shipping. I’ll take one. These are great for around house.

Sushi says:

half way thru the video, and i’m already thinking wow this is a great review!

Sebastian Patten says:

Nice thanks!

Conorsz says:

yea… brake dust is a bitch to get off lol. gotta use a brush or sponge

Michael Peschetti says:

Does this unit require a dedicated line?

Mimi Pham says:

Great demonstration of this product. Thanks!

Trey Drier says:

Fantastic review. Thank you. I just ordered this unit with the 25′ extension hose on Amazon. The question that keeps going through my mind though is why did you wait so long to power wash your house? That was some seriously baked on mold.

820SOUTH says:

Can I use it to floss my teeth?

Tapelegs says:

Awesome and comprehensive review, great job!

Malbocha says:

Can this pressure washer remove paint from concrete?

Steve Klug says:

A very informative review, just what I was looking for. I’m ordering one today.
Just a word of advise when cleaning cars, be careful around the rubber window seals as the extreme pressure could tear them or at least force water through to the interior. Also take care on vinyl roofs, very high water pressure can do damage to some, such as my 1966 Thunderbird. Just sayin.


Very nice demonstration review. Thank you!

WV591 says:

looks like it will take few months to clean the drive way with yellow nozzle.

Daisy Christina says:

Great video!

Corbin Steppert says:

Do you live in Washington

sohui chong says:

Thank you. Finally found a video that shows me how to remove the nozzle. I have watched many videos for this product, and you are the best one.

Andres Martinez says:

And this is how you do a review! Thank you helped a lot.

kickyouinhalf says:

Great review, thanks!

Frederick Dunn says:

Nice review! Thank you so much, I’ve ordered one through Home Depot… much preferred over the gas engine models, Thumbs UP all the way 🙂

Glenn Sahli says:

GREAT REVIEW!!!! Thanks a bunch!

K Zackasee says:

Is it fairly loud?

Anna Curmudgeon says:

Terrific review, and your voice reminds me of the lovely voices I heard in my home state of Hawai’i. 🙂

Lyle Yoshizumi says:

Great review. Subbed.

Michael Dacquisto says:

Hey, great review! I looked over several to get an idea of how others have used the washer. Your review was one of the more informative, showing it in use over several situations. Good value, great description, and nice editing 🙂 thank you

Adam Gibbs says:

Gonna grow back fairly quick. You guys need to inject bleach on the siding. Diluted with water. Very light mix. And let it sit for 5 min. It will make your life a whole lot easier. Especially for do it yourself kind of people trust me. Just keep all of your vegetation wet with normal water. Before and after you clean.

Greg West says:

Good review…
But is it still working?
Also, I heard it is difficult to put together???

InhaledCloud0 says:

Do you know how to say “nozzle”?

Asuquo Edet says:

what voltage does it use?

bs2455 says:

Just bought my first home and ordered this pressure washer. Thank you for a great review

Jesus Peralta says:

I was yelling at 5:04!! WTFFFF

Thelilantjr says:

how much?

bobfairchild says:

The best review of Sun Joe washer! I wonder why the men’s reviews never even get the hint of it? Are they GUYs?

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