Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer Demonstration & Review

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Check out my review of the Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer. I attach the garden hose and plug it in, showing you exactly how it works for the very first time. I add a universal cleaning detergent and a diluted car wash detergent in the two tanks.
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qazwsxzwharp says:

I would not recommend buying any pressure washer that comes with a universal motor. They tend to burn out with relatively little use. Spend an extra 40 dollars or so and get a pressure washer with a brushless induction motor.


Can this be used to spray insecticide which needs to be mixed with water?

OldJunkDodge says:

hey mark, get yourself a foam cannon, it will work great with that unit, around $25 online. check it out, they are pretty cool devices.

Midwest Mopars says:

Does it have to be designed for a pressure washer or can I use my soap and cleaner in the detergent tank?

sylvain Simard says:

a much they paid you?

Dora Gourley says:

Have watched several videos and this one was the absolute best. Not a lot of chatter, just basics on how to put this machine together. Thank you!

Dean Gray says:

Just cleaned the vinyl siding on my 20 year old shed for the first time, amazing! I used the soap nozzle with Purple Power and then followed up with the 0 degree nozzle and vinyl looks like new!

peterz zylstra says:

Will this 2030 PSI be enough to take off the vinyl sliding mold or do i just need a more powerful(gas) 2500PSI? Anyone?

lessbattle says:

Do you need to plugged it in at all the time when using it? Or do you have to charged it like over night so you don’t have to plugged it in upon using? Thanks.

Dean Gray says:

Thank you Mark, very good video. I just replaced my 1300 psig washer with the SunJoe SPX3000 and expect to be pleased with its performance.

Pople BackyardFarm says:

enjoyed this

vijay vardhan says:

if the water is hard water what is the life of the product…if we use rough and tough what is the life of the product and are the spares are available in the market????

Lock N Load says:

I just got my Sunjoe and am stoked to get the moss off my walks.
It has been years in the coming…I can’t wait!!

Iwannabegoodateverything says:

what tip do u use for washing the car

m says:

hello, what is the psi on your sunjoe? thanks

Kuno Egger says:

I was disappointed that this unit only feeds soap at very low pressure – no stronger than a garden hose.

Candi Soda says:

lol marketing logic: If the pressure washer isn’t 3,000 psi… Put 3,000 in the name =P

Just bought this exact model for only $70 off amazon 🙂

Jonathan Arnold says:

Mark, you REALLY need to buy the MTM Foam Cannon. You will also need the correct soap for it. The most economical soap that still lays down super thick foam that looks like whip cream will be the Meguiars Gold Class soap. You WILL NOT believe the difference.


its great, i love wanted to charge me $150 to pressure wash my drive way i live in a small garden home i said no way went online and found Sun Joe pressure washer, best thing i could have bought. thanks

AvoidableSquid says:

my god looked around youtube for a through review on this product and no one comes close to this video. thanks again

mrchino4u says:

what a trashy washer. washer has no balls

Vinny D says:


Knife Nut says:

What part of Michigan are you from? I’m here as well and am looking for a pressure washer for my cars and to clean my garage floor and driveway, and the fences

chevyxrz says:

what would be the difference from this one and the sun joe spx 3001

Guss Ximenez says:

How long should you be able to run this before it gets too hot and shuts down?

tigerbalm says:

The 0 deg nozzle is too dangerous!

teamvigod says:

If you had to choose one would you do the Karcher K5 or this Sun Joe model?

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