Simpson PowerShot PS3228 3200 psi Pressure Washer – Review checks out the Simpson PowerShot commercial pressure washer and the Simpson Armor Hose.

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HighVoltage 91 says:

You also said the ryobi washer was quiet? If I recal it had a special low idle feature? Which one do you think was the loudest

Tools In Action says:

Hmm very hard to determine since I haven’t heard Eric’s RYOBI in a while

Joe Finch says:

I really am not sure if i should spend the extra money on this, or go for the GC 190 megashot. Im just starting my own painting company, and will be using it for decks and cleaning up houses before painting them. also the odd driveway.
Id really like to spend as little as possible, but will i regret not spending the extra?

josh33025 says:

I can’t stand those screw in connectors. if I buy one with that hose I get the connectors to convert it to quick couplings.

tonybuddy123 says:

it would be nice if you guys did some reviews about attachments and accessories for pressure washers. that would set you apart from the others! keep up the good work Dan and Mr. Harbor freight!

Joy Gilmore says:

What is the different between Powershot 3200 and Megashot 3100?

Cody Robertson says:

I’ve been waiting for a heated pressure review. My wife’s family uses one to clean their tractors and combine off at the end of the harvest time before they put them up for the year.

geweldigaum says:

What are some of the reasons to choose this 3200 PSI 2.8 GPM washer over a 3400 PSI 2.5 GPM washer? They are both Simpson brand that use the Honda GX200 motor so I’m assuming you give up a little flow to get a little more pressure with the other washer. Just wondering how and when one washer excels over the other. Thanks!

Tools In Action says:

Ha, We are going to shoot it tomorrow but post it next Friday! We just got back from GIE a few hours ago. Heated is coming :}

Brian Montminy II says:

Nicely done. I want to get a pressure washer but worried about using it on our cars. Any specific things to compare when looking at pressure washers besides PSI and dB? Those are the only two I can think to look at. Thank you.

DarkRaptor99 says:

Don’t use too harsh of a tip or you might strip the paint off your car. The quality of the pump and engine is important really it’s just the pump they are expensive to replace or repair if you can even get parts to repair the pump cheap pumps don’t have parts just whole replacement pumps most of the time.

DarkRaptor99 says:

It’s the TIA year of the pressure washer reviews.

Love2boat92 says:

Great review! I can’t wait to watch the heated pressure washer. 3200 psi is a lot. I have a 1500 and it does a great job. I couldn’t imagine how much better 3200 psi does.

EyeAmBattman says:

Considering this one, vs the Dewalt 3425. (Simpson actually makes this, I think, and licenses the Dewalt label).In the past with Simoson products, there are always the few horror stories with the package minus some parts, or some kind of failure after Ryan amount of use. I find this in reviews of so many products, which makes me willing to go to a higher level product. But I don’t want to spend more than warranted, since I’m still a home, not a professional user. Anyone here, have any issues with this PW? I am also hearing that it’s better to go with a CAT pump rather than AAA, but again, more money….

Bothuhead 19 says:

Nice! My buddy uses pressure washers a lot for his side business. This would be a nice upgrade.

zestydude87 says:

Thank you for reviewing this… im thinking about picking one up. The big sell for me is the Honda engine and the larger tires. do they make an electric start for these that you know of?

Bgi Nguyen says:

How long can a full gas tank last for it?

Mina El-Serafi says:

What is the name of the heated pressure washer unit you guys were discussing. I am considering starting a mobile car wash, and the clip of you guys cleaning the wheels so fast has me interested. Great work! Keep it up!

Cody Robertson says:

Friday night tool fight Dcd995 vs milwaukee fuel tomorrow?

charlie b says:

are u both queers

Bothuhead 19 says:

I’m with Cody, been waiting on that Friday Night Tool Fight between the Fuel and Dewalt

smellyakita says:

Aww man I just bought the dewalt 4240 a week ago. And theres such thing as a heated pressure washer. 🙁

John Price says:

when you doing the dewalt dcd995 tool fight????? 🙂

Brian Montminy II says:

Thank you for the information that is good to know.

King Of Heaven says:

On the unit there is a fuel switch, where they tell you to turn it to on position. What is that used for? It doesn’t tell you in the booklet. Also what is the purpose of the engine switch, which they also tell you to turn before starting. Thank you.

Tools In Action says:

I believe around $399

Pipe Wrench says:

What’s the price range for one of those little buggers?

HighVoltage 91 says:

Looks well built, I owned a karcher and it lasted six years… Is that good?

Cole Magee says:

a great pump and fantastic motor is an awesome pressure washer. Great review guys, I liked how you showed a pro using it.

Tools In Action says:

LOL, good point on the attachments.

Tools In Action says:

Six years is ok if you abused it. A home owner should get around 10 years on a good unit. As long as you change the oil on the pump,engines and maintain them. And you don’t run it without water or let water freeze in the pump.

Charlie Thompson says:

what kind of RC cars are hanging on the wall in the back

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