RYOBI 2800 PSI Gas Pressure Washer Review

PRICE INFO HERE — http://amzn.to/1IVQZMD The RYOBI 2800 PSI Gas Pressure Washer is more than enough for common household power washing jobs. The 160cc Honda engine churns out a consistently powerful stream of water, and the convenient pressure regulator build into the wand can adjust the pressure to suit any job. I’ve washed my car, power washed the driveway, and will be doing the house soon. It probably puts out about 70dB…about as loud as a lawn mower. Wish I would have bought it sooner!

There are very few gas pressure washers on the market, at least at this price, which boast the amount of power that the Ryobi 2800-PSI 2.3GPM Honda Power Control Gas Pressure Washer offers.
Perhaps the key feature of this particular pressure washer is the inclusion of the Honda engine. As you may well know, Honda manufactures some pretty fabulous engines. In fact, many of the top pressure washers on the market actually boast Honda engines. It is incredibly rare to find a pressure washer at this price include one, however. Most of them boast generic motors which don’t last any time at all. That is not an issue you are going to need to worry about with the Ryobi. In fact, Ryobi are so confident that they have produced a high quality product, you get a three-year warranty with it.
In addition to this, this particular washer has been designed for heavy use (without the traditional price tag). Sure, you wouldn’t want to be using this day-in, day-out, but regular usage (perhaps cleaning the working environment every couple of days) should be fine for the Ryobi gas pressure washer. It has a fantastically strong frame, and you won’t be breaking that any time soon.
The unit is fairly compact too. The detergent tank is actually included on the unit. Many other pressure washers on the market, even the more expensive ones, tend to have detergent tanks and hoses which need to be carried along with the unit. This is a lot of hassle. An on-board tank means you only need to remember to bring the actual pressure washer and the hose! All of the accessories have their own storage space on the unit too, which means even fewer things that you actually need to bring along!
As mentioned at the start, this is a pretty powerful pressure washer. In fact, at 2800 PSI, it is going to be too powerful for some of the more basic tasks. Have no fear though, you have complete control over the pressure of the unit. This makes the Ryobi 2800 incredibly versatile. If you want to clean a vehicle with it, you should be fine. If you need it for a higher powered job, for example cleaning graffiti from the side of the building, it should be pretty great for that too!
In short, with the Ryobi 2800 you are going to be getting yourself a pretty decent pressure washer for not a whole lot of cash at all. It is going to be suitable for both light trade use, as well as casual DIY tasks. If you are looking for a cheap, yet high-powered, pressure washer, then I have absolutely no hesitations in recommending this unit. It really is fantastic! Just make sure you purchase some top quality detergent to go along with it, that way you will really be able to get the most of out of your brand new pressure washer!


Kingsol says:

I just got one and I really like it…

joe watson says:

Good washer but the hose it comes with is garbage.

Crisp Cuts Landscaping says:

I’m gonna buy one of these.

Louis Wong says:

I want to ask that machine have absorbent with water?

Crisp Cuts Landscaping says:

Briggs and Stratton pressure washers have been known to stop working without reason during use because they use plastic camshafts. Good call on going with a Honda.

Sara Llewellyn says:

Used this for the first time today at the place I work… It’s like a magic wand. Chewing gum? snap on the red tip and watch it disappear. (one piece even flew across the parking lot…drew a lot of laughs)

vyger63 says:

bought one of these 6 weeks ago. I used it twice and now it won’t start . I checked everything and could not get it to start. I took the jet out and cleaned it but that did nothing. Strange thing is that I pulled this damn thing over 20x and the plug when I took it out was bone dry. Took it back to Home Depot and they said since it was over 30 days they would not replace it but I could leave it at the tool section where they fix small engines. I asked them how long and they said I would have to wait 4 to 6 weeks. Can you believe it !!! It has a Honda engine and I bought it under the assumption that these are the best as far as reliability. Well something that works for about two hours total and then doesn’t start is not reliable….

3rd Coast Yaker says:

What’s the pressure hose connection size? 1/2″ or 3/4″?

Afterbytes says:

I believe the GCV Honda line uses plastic parts for the camshaft and gearing. Basically a Honda engine to compete with a lot of the other cheap low quality stuff in order to compete in price. I’ve been advised the only Honda engine to get for a pressure washer for durability is the GX line and not the GCV line.

james Yu says:

is there anyone try to move this thing ? what a genius to design this

Parker says:

I don’t know why, but this is so sexual… Especially when I need to buy one soon. lol…

Teen Ricer says:

Wat kind of gas does it use?

reginaldjr100 says:

If you want to clean walk ways, patio etc
I remember a nice surface cleaner attachment

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