Review: PowerStroke 3100 PSI Pressure Washer w/ Subaru Electric Start Engine

UPDATE: Loose Battery Terminals? Watch my 2 minute loose battery terminal fix video.

Features: EA190V Subaru Engine, 2.4 Gallons Per Minute, 1 Gallon Onboard Detergent Tank

Assembly video with general thoughts and setup tips.


Chris Le says:

Put on some safety glasses next time.

kaiviti2013 says:

How good of a job does it do washing of the pavement and driveway ? Is the pressure sufficient enough ?
Also can a foam bottle attachment e.g foam canon attach to it to wash cars ?

Elio Torres says:

Buy in Costco… Pressure washer subaru.. Exellent Equipment…

Keith Scott says:

I just bought this unit from COSCO last night. put it together today and letting it charge now. I didn’t realize it was that loud. lol

Tony Forrest says:

nice car, why in the hell would you use a power washer to wash your car.

rafaelquilmes says:

good video !!
Can you tell me if you use gas? and how long the battery charged one you see

john adams says:

Better check the oil again

Luis Ramirez says:

And what kind of oil should I buy for the engine

striker1211 says:

I’m glad mine isn’t the only one that doesn’t start easily. Good video.

talonf50 says:

I think you have to check the oil 2 more times right.

Marii Marii says:

fyi careful with muffler burns bad. other wise great pressure washer highly recommend.

Kennedy Smith says:

What color is yours

Joseph Mihalak says:

I own this model, unfortunately. I bought it thinking the Subaru engine would be as good as their cars. Not even close. The engine won’t stay running. I called the service number for Powerstroke. After 15 minutes I find out they just assemble the units and DO NOT SERVICE THE ENGINES. So rather than have one place to go, you’ll have 2, one place for the pump and another for the engine. The battery is undersized for the unit. You’ll only get about 5 tries to start. The charger plug holder’s screws will shake loose after about 10 minutes of running. The original spark plug had a large chunk of the insulator broken off. You cannot adjust the psi of the spray as on other brands. I hope Costco will give me a refund.

metallitech says:

We’ve been Sad-Keanued, lol.

Tazman1966 says:

Can you turn the soap off to rinse with just water or do you have to run it out of soap? If it can be turned off…how?

Kennedy Smith says:

I have one

Robert Hogan says:

Thanks !

Dan M says:

Nice Review, One question, can you tell me if you can adjust the throttle down to a lower position. I would want to throttle down a bit so it wouldn’t be at such a high PSI if I used it on my car. The thing looks like it would blow molding off. LOL, thanks!

Kennedy Smith says:

It is Grover Blue lol!

Jason says:

sweet review love me some good review videos mate!

Luis Ramirez says:

How do you make the soap come out

Anything Adrenaline says:

How has it been holding up sense you bought it?
Does electric start work still?
Any broken pieces?

Clifford Williams says:

worst review i have ever reviewed.

Corey&Ryan pranks says:

Hi – have you change the oil yet since you had your pressure washer?  I need some instructions!  Thanks

Charles Cho says:

What do you think about the noise level of the engine? How would you compare lets say to a Honda or Briggs mower engine?

Ed Janes says:

how often is it necessary to lube the pump? Thanks for posting this informative piece

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