Review on the Ryobi Electric 2000psi power washer

Picked this up from Home Depot a few months ago. I’ve been working the living day lights out of this pressure washer. So far she holds up and works great.


C Thorn says:

A good rule of thumb for your gas powered tools if you don’t use them that often put super unleaded fuel and maybe a little bit of fuel stabilizer. when you finally turn off the gas valve do it while it’s running and let it run out of gas.

chris pevey says:

He was about to say shit at 6:12 . nice save

Brandon Wilkins says:

Im subscribing off the strength of this video alone. Good shit!

Dominique Hardie says:

Goodbye dry coil.

chris pevey says:

Haha. Very professional. Nice review brother.

Heavens Gate says:

why did my pressure washer bog down during washing? I have the ryobi, please help

cybervidDD1023 says:

I just used mine for the first time today but after about 3 hours of working fine, now it won’t pressurize.  Suggestions??BTW, like the singing 🙂 Nice touch!

Victor Rodriguez says:

Due .. have u seen the others here on YouTube ?? I think there is something wrong with that.. looks really slow ..

Dirt Nasty says:

Looks weak…I’m sure it works great for little things but driveways and bigger projects I wouldn’t recommend it. As for the whole gas powered tools gunking up that’s just lack of maintenance. Run an ounce or two of Seafoam in your gas tools and it will stabilize the fuel and keep the engine clean. When you’re storing for a long time drain the tank or switch the fuel valve to off and run the machine till it runs out of gas. These are little five minute tips that make gas machine last a lifetime. Haven’t had to replace a gas tool yet and they are all going on 10+ years old.

norraptor says:

whats the difference between the 2,000 and the 1700 psi models? other than 300 psi lol

Wendell says:


isitebuild says:

I’l glad you pointed out how a gas machine would gunk up when left my gas lawn mower. Is this machine powerful enough to clean up a concrete driveway? And can you get simple clean detergent from home depot as well?

Raymond Santos says:

Hi clifford.. is 2k psi the best for me? All I want is to clean to floors at my backyard and clean my car. Is 2k psi what you recommend best for me or want me to go 1700psi or lower?

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