Pressure Washer Buying Guide | Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports tests gas and electric pressure washers to see how well they can remove tough stains and debris. Plus, we have some important safety recommendations.

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HydeMyJekyll says:

Since when is saying the term “pounds per square inch” considered a science lesson?

Manny Prego says:

so we shouldn’t own drills, reciprocating saws, or just tools in general! this is so PC moronic! based on your in depth expert testing! lol! you idiots are a joke!

Matthew Jackson says:

Really? No 0′? I often have to use that tip along with an extending want with a ladder to do the north side of my house, its still hard to get enough pressure to clean it (using gas). like a gun, you should be practicing trigger discipline.

Micro 100 says:

Wait wait??? I ONLY point my pressure washer at my pets!

Dani Jani says:

can you tell me company name plz

MeBoostaS30z says:

Man, I wonder what kind of horror stories surround using the 0 degree.

Robert Simpson says:

Your garden hose with a good spray nozzle can damn near do anything the little cheap pressure washers can do. The secret is pre-treating the surface with the right SOAP product. Your car wash pre-treats and then mostly just rinses off what the soap has done. No gadget seller is going to tell you about pre-treating. They expect you to clean your deck with a 3/4″ wide stream of water. Did you PAINT your deck with a 3/4″ brush? Think about it.

EETechs says:

Here we go again… You guys never learn do you? You keep spreading the same misinformation over and over that electric is not as strong as gas. Again…why are we comparing 120 volt models to gas powered models???? You might as well compare a weed wacker engine to them. Jeez. A 220 volt model pressure washer has power levels that rival those of the gas powered ones.

Tombstone is the perk you need To survive says:

I have nothing else to do

JoshGrami says:

You guys are a bunch of safety sallies… The 0º nozzles are perfect for things where only the highest power can get the job done. You wouldn’t be using that to clean a whole driveway — it would take forever.

Crisp Cuts Landscaping says:

Ummm, a knife is dangerous too!

dcmilne1 says:

You’re insane. I have an existing pressure washer with a zero degree nozzle on it and it is brilliant. I also voluntarily sit on a tank of explosive liquid which propels me places at 70mph or more, start fires in the fireplaces of my house, and use implements called “knives” which will chop a carrot better than a zero degree nozzle will …. America. Pro Gun and Anti Nozzle. Right ….

Tomasz Haba says:

WRONG, the power measurement of a pressure washer does not only rely on PSI. I’m surprised by you ConsumerReports.
The power is measured in Cleaning Units CU = PSI x Gallons Per Minute GPM. With reporting like this you’re making me not want to renew my yearly membership.

JaArRyi FleshBlood says:

If you can’t store a gas one in the garage then WERE ARE YOU SOPUST TO PUT TI!?

Albert Tran says:

Wow, i did not know how strong some of these are

omgimgfut says:

why should I never use an electric pressure washer with an extension cord?

Michael Baumann says:

I live in calfornia…. the “0” here is illegal…. they say it’s to powerful and tactical to use…. sucks!!!

svik says:

what a nanny piece of shit …. “0 degree should not be sold to consumers ….throw the red nozzle away …blah blah” …what????

vijay vardhan says:

i wash 5 cars and 5 bikes per day which pressure washer i should buy home garden or professional….which is best for commercial????bosh or karcher in india…..which are the best model no’s?????please give me your advice

Under Pressure - Power Washing LLc says:


Wasin Intasarn says:

0 degree is dangerous, also your chef knife can cut your head off! why you still use it?

Lady's Things says:

My kitchen shears can cut a carrot better than that, shall I throw them away too?

thundercamel says:

What a bunch of nannies Consumer Reports are! 0 degree nozzles are dangerous, so you want us to THROW THEM AWAY?! Why not just be careful. I’m sure the toughest jobs need them. What’s wrong with an extension cord; they draw that close to 15 amps? PSI is a measure of pressure, not power.

alaskanalain says:

I don’t see how this is a buying guide. I still don’t know which one to buy

sylvain Simard says:

loser they are !

Noushad H says:

your phone no .branch please

Josef Bittner says:

PSI is NOT a measure of “Power”. It’s a measure of pressure (Pounds per square inch).

WV591 says:

Nozzle police

Big$MoneyBoss says:

Wait guys why they say never use an cord with it

bpcuno says:

Well that’s 4:38 of my life I won’t get back. Throw away the 0 degree nozzle? Must be a Democrat doing the review. Might as well come take my guns away too. Those are also dangerous 🙂

JaArRyi FleshBlood says:

I have it in my garage and I’m not diying

technology productions 2017 says:

or you could use a fire hose

John Long says:

Stupid. An idiot can cut his hand off with a table saw no different than rip his skin off with a pressure washer. The rest of us need to get the job done and should not have to sacrifice the power we need for the sake of idiots.

6977warrior says:

Ok, a zero degree can cut the end of a workboot if held there a while with intense exactness. But who on earth would keep the jet on their boot? It may swipe across in 1/2 second at most and cause NO DAMAGE. But everyone just throw away their zero degree nozzles. LOL.

Richard keith says:

never use an extension cord? bullshit

Owen Minnis says:

This whole organization is the biggest bunch of fear-mongering nannies I’ve ever come across. If their stance on 0 degree tips surprises you, you should hear their stance on ATVs, (to surmise: The entire power sports industry is pure evil and should be banished from existence). I dropped my subscription when I came to the realization that their reviews have little to nothing to do durability or longevity of products which is always one of my primary concerns in this day and age of cheap plastic crap that we live in.

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