Karcher Pressure Washer Review

This cranks out the water pressure at 1750PSI. Enough for most jobs around the house. Definitely a nice tool to have on hand.


M NOUFAL says:

it’s k1 or 2?

HeyMimi DIY says:

Huh.  Why did I never think to use my pressure washer to clean the floor mats? I’m gonna try it.  I’ll bet the pressure washer + shopvac combo will work better than my Hoover carpet cleaner.

Chris Teixeira says:

Hi mate, just got a quick (and silly) question. Where does the water go if you leave the tap on from the inlet, but you aren’t using the pressure washer? Cheers

aliitp says:

nice toy for adults !…

Gaitrie ChaitsingG says:

dat jongetje kan niks

tacptaco1 says:

Will this provide a heated temperature of water, or is it only whatever temperature it is from the main connection?Also, is it powerful enough to clean concrete driveways/brick?

Tony HESCH says:

I have had r my water blaster for 8 years I just fired it up for another summer and it works like it did when I bought it.
Its a winner Tony Hesch Colfax ca

lar4305 says:

What was the point of this demonstration if you fast forward the video?

Maggie Stafsnes says:

I just borrowed this from my friends who had used it about 3 times. As I was power washing a deck, the connection from the washer to the nozzle kept blasting off as soon as I turned the water and the power on. It seems that the plastic threads were too warn to hold under pressure. I called to see about having it repaired and was told that this was usually so expensive that it was cheaper to buy a new one. That’s pretty expensive for four decks!!!

Selim Lazen says:

I almost got elctroshocked using this tool

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