Karcher K5 Premium full control – The best pressure washer around?

When it comes to cleaning your car, your patio, bikes or driveway, few things get the job done as well as a pressure washer. Specifically, one made by Karcher. The latest range continues that trend of offering great performance in a versatility while also adding a neat new feature to the trigger handle.

We tried out the Karcher K5 Premium Full Control home pressure washer, and were mightily impressed by its performance.

Available for £329 on Amazon – http://amzn.to/29Dpimu
Non Premium model is £299 – http://amzn.to/29yBu2k

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the one and only says:

Overpriced rubbish

Leeallicat says:

Very useful video, i have just bought one and on setting up i found the screws for the handle are ineffective and just pull straight out of the extendable rods does any one have any idea how to solve this problem? Thanks

Керам Камила says:


Tibor Horváth says:

Ez még gagyi kategoria

Joe Van Seeters says:

I’m interested in the HOSE REEL assembly shown at the beginning of this video. Can anyone tell me what make/model of hose assembly and hose this is? I assume it may be a european model as I have not seen anything similar in the USA where I live. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

David Harrison says:

Do you HAVE TO use the bottle of cleaning fluid supplied? Will the unit work if you use another make? Can you just pour any make of cleaning liquid on this?

Lord Lucan says:

I ordered one from Walmart (I live in the USA). When we took it out of the box, there was a little plastic-covered screw in the box. There was no mention of it in the instructions to put it together. After it was assembled, I discovered this screw was shrouded in plastic because it had broken off from the back at the bottom, where the two bits of the machine are held together. It looks like the machine (or mayeb a person) had screwed the screw in so tight that it had sheared off the internal bit that the screw goes into to. So it was returned. I’m still deciding if I want another one or not.

Dr. Doc Gaming says:

Kranzle is the best, sorry mate.

Andy Hayes says:

What is the pump made out of? I used to be a Karcher fields service tech and pumps were either aluminium or brass then. From my experience give the aluminium ones a wide berth.

Screwyouguysimgoinghome says:

can i remove graffiti from the walls?

Bob Ball says:

Had to dislike for crocs.

TRG says:

Its just a toy for light work only.

Jordan Frankel - The Security Sensei says:

The unit is 2000 PSI not 400 PSI as stated by the narrator. Visit the company website to verify.

teknofil007 says:

Hei, I bouth this but when I get it It was dammage in plastic so I send It back. Nexst one loooks good but when I begin to Wash water goright in to air. Littel metall pice whoo hold this rubber slange to machine was not there. So 2 New Karcher K5 full controll With somthing wrong. Therfore 3 time I order this Nilfisk-ALTO E 145.3-10 H X-TRA! I got It yesterday and Its fantastic. Nilfisk use metall In their pomp! Bouth same price and take up to 500 liter water a houer With up to 145 Bar. I had a Karcher k2 before whoo work great. I think I was very unlucky whoo get 2 New Karcher With somthing wrong.

Unknown says:

They do a K2 version which I might purchase.

ghicicines says:

they started to manufacturing them in turkey and now they are full of plastic. i had one k5 and i had a lot of problems because the plastic components crack down very easy. now i use a lavor vertigo 28 plus and is excelent. all the important components are made of bras.

Dan Jesse says:

I like the look of the disc attachement thing…how well will it work on patches where my van has “marked it’s territory”?!

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