Karcher K2 Full Control Home Power Washer

I needed to do some patio cleaning and it was far cheaper to buy a pressure washer than pay to get the work done. I spent a week looking at the options and settled for the Karcher K2 from Screwfix. I had owned a Karcher machine years ago and it gave great service and so it was an easy decision.

I paid the full advertised price from Screwfix and am a very pleased customer. It has proved to be a very popular video and I told Karcher about it – it would be nice if they replied to my email !!


Gill R says:

Excellent review, thank you.

Thomas Neogi says:

Very well presented, informative and unbiased. Thank you Sir

Sam says:

Haven’t had as much luck with mine. I got the K3 Premium Full Control model, and couldn’t be more disappointed. After paying £300, for the unit with the same accessories as the K2 home I set the unit up following the instructions on this video (which is very helpful by the way, one of the best K2 reviews on youtube) and draining the air out. Once I started washing, I was a bit disappointed that even with the dirt blaster attachment, it could not remove light dirt. It then started “revving up” and as it did this, the pressure dropped. To solve it I would have to let go of the trigger for about 20 seconds then carry on, only to have it happen again every 2 or 3 minutes. It was like it had a blockage or something. I also had a problem with the hose popping off every few minutes which resulted in some long walks going backwards and forward to the water supply and pressure washer. I really am disappointed. I had a really old karcher before this and that was great. Really strong wheels and body, and never had any problems with the hose coming off and spurting water everywhere, or any problems with the motor. I never even bothered to drain the air out or anything on that one. Just plugged the water in and turned it on and it worked fantastically. Sadly, the hose connector cracked in the winter so had to get another one.

susan wightman says:

wow thankyou, very good review well presented im off to buy one .

Nope Noway says:

Perfect review

Marc Yu says:

Should have used the first wand, the dirtblaster. The patio would have been done in “half the time” – a claim made by Karcher that through my experience has borne out to be correct.

ThatGuyDarron says:

Man like Peter tho lol. Thanks for the detailed review, I’m a young guy but I get a lot of satisfaction from using products like these. Very efficient product and great review, I’m now happy I made this purchase 🙂

Ian Linden says:

Very informative video, thanks for the post

5mattcolour says:

This has to be the best pressure washer review out there! Very informative and weirdly relaxing.

Eric Walker says:

Where do you put the detergent, the instruction leaflet and the video don’t show you

Gstu Gstu says:

Missed the bit where you connected the detergent. Just opened my K2 and there is no evidence of anything.

UK Tony says:

Excellent review and extremely informative.

Krishna Kumar says:

“Woooowwww” not got the product, that’s for the amazingly detailed review that you have done for the product. Wow.
Never ever had seen any review so so good. Thank you so much.

Holly Hamilton says:

Thanks for the concise educational video.

Rob Thornton says:

I bought this yesterday for my decking and, after watching your video Peter, I’m actually looking forward to getting out there. How sad is that? 🙂 Excellent and informative video. Thanks for posting it.

Mathew Varghese says:

highly informative. give price details of each model is also appriciated

Ramiro Camelo says:

What a great video! Thank you I needed to learn some basics before using my new presure washer. Well done !!!

Makeup440plus says:

My husband I purchased one of these. It is now MINE I love it, I have chronic arthritis and cleaning is difficult to say the least. I am unable to clean the exterior of the house or the driveway in a day, however that is simply because my body fails me. This cleaner however does not. I have cleaned part of the front of the house, the mail box, and part of the driveway I haven’t touched the universal cleaner yet as I simply haven’t needed to. I am going to be using it again today for the third day in a row, I am looking around the exterior of the house and in my head adding it to my list of things I am cleaning next! I love it, it is incredibly light and so easy to put together and use I would recommend it to anyone and everyone

TheKubikjan says:

Great video – thanks!

Richard Guy says:

Top review. The David Attenborough documentry of pressure washers.

Mike Waldt says:

A superb overview Peter, thanks for taking the time to make this video, it has been immensely helpful.

Debs Law says:

Great review, thanks very much

David Park says:

Fantastic review. Thanks

Bob Sian says:

Great video, I’m going to get one now.

Terence Lee Chris says:


mark palmos says:

Absolutely fabulous instructions. Every detail just enough, not too much or little… well done chap!!
(I bought one today)

Gian Jacinto says:

Hi Peter, it was a good review and a lot helpful for me deciding which brand to purchase soon. However, would you recommend Karcher vs to other brands especially compared to bosch when it comes to quality?

Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 says:

Great review. Found online offer on K3 Car And Home and picked that one up.

Rifat Hussain says:

thank you, sir 🙂

Kamal Sharma says:

Good review. Did it as well on the smaller patio flags and did it manage to get all the weeds etc out?

Marianne Wolf says:

Fantastic review. Very pleasant gentleman. I loved how you were looking for things to clean. I’m going to get mine in a couple of days: can’t wait to find things to clean including my bike, storage boxes that are so dirty and have been piled up in the garden for 4 years. The dirtiest the better haha!

Merseybeat64 says:

one of the best video reviews on youtube. thank you.

P DC says:

Hard to find a good narrator on these videos, but you are great. Thanks.

David says:

Detritus, great word., thanks for the review.

Alex Sawyer says:

Great video, was debating buying one, and you’ve absolutely sold it to me! Splendid work, keep it up old chap!

Mark Thompson says:

Great video! One question, can you use this power washer with a water butt and a suction hose?

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