KARCHER Electric Pressure Washer Review K5.740 X-Series

KARCHER AMAZON LINK: http://amzn.to/2tB7TmU

Check out my review of the new Karcher X-Series K5.740 electric pressure washer. This is a 2000 psi washer that can handle the cleanup around the house. Since it’s electric, it’s relatively quiet compared to gas units. and doesn’t run when the trigger isn’t pulled. Thanks for checking out my video, please comment and subscribe!



Bill Levesque says:

Very nice video Mark. I am sold on this model. Looks like a sold performer.

RP says:

Mabey they will invent one you can adjust the water pressure 1000 to 2000 psi I would like to wash out flower pots to. Still not sure to gas power or not. I would like a rubber hose to you can get sears gas power for 246.00 one less cord to deal with take camping hang it in tree or over a trailer have a shower!..

Ashley Thomas says:

Hi, what’s the different between the K5.540 and the K5.740 X Series?

pprq55 says:

i own one of these  and  i use it to wash mi car and i filled the detergent bottle with car shampoo but i dont know how to keep the shampoo flowing  continiously 

Archman.E says:

I m considering getting one, but there are so many reviews on Amazon saying the quality of this is poor. Have you experienced any problem yet?

jerry o connor says:

Just a tip the hose connecting to the lance should come out through the hole under the detergent regulator ,it makes unwinding a lot easier,I also had mine like yours until I copped it,good review by the way ,,thumbs up

Al Audet says:

Thanks for review its actually helped me decide not to buy one. There is just way too many plastic components on it and like you said in the video, a little brittle. This thing is selling for $300CAN at Canadian Tire on sale and that feels like a lot of money for something I can see breaking. Also, I had a Simoniz stand up model like this and the hoses were a pain to deal with. Thumbs up on the review, appreciate it.

Michael Bowyer says:

i want to power one of these with a generator, any idea how much amperage or wattage it draws?

Tim Quicksell says:

Great video, I’m sold Bass Pro has a Sale Feb 12th Karcher 1800 psi for $160 it is called Follow Me Electric Washer

Devil Dog says:

I was looking at the AR Blue Clean AR390SS and the Karcher K5 Premium, the Karcher has a water cooled induction motor (brushless) vs the AR’s universal (brushed), the Karcher also has a axial cam pump vs the AR’s wobble pump, once a wobble pump goes bad it’s a wrap.

Needless to say I now own a Karcher K5 Premium.


Good job … i appreciate your hard work on this video. , very informative as well.

travisamc says:

Thanks for the video and also cleaning something that was visibly dirty. I’m looking at Karcher for my 1st pressure washer, I’ll likely be getting their new K2000. It’s about the same specs as your K5 model but has the motor and detergent tanks down low for more stability. I think I’ll pass on SunJoe since they seem to guess on their numbers, most users say the psi & GPM is about 30% less than advertised.

Justin Jiang says:

I am wondering after two years what happened for this model of karcher. Is this still working fine? Is this still worthy of buying? Cheers

Northerndj says:

Oh you have to let the air out after you connect your hose before powering the unit up just press the trigger until water runs smooth and not just turn the unit on.
(It’s in the instruction manual)


nilfisk p150.2 will spank this thing

Christopher Almeida says:

How’s the pressure washer performing now that you’ve had it over a year?

David Opasik says:

Flip flops while pressure cleaning?  Whoa.  What are you thinking (or not thinking).

Fransico Lopez says:

can you change the hose ?

paul vaca says:

I am planning to get this pressure washer. You made my decision much easier. Thank you! Pablo Los Angeles, CA

Rap Feleo says:

BTW the detergent tank, can you use an aftermarket detergent like a Turtle Wax Ice wash and wax premium care?

Archman.E says:

For dat detergent, you are supposed to squeeze the bottle to fill up the small volume with measurement, then uncap dat and pour it in to the washer detergent bottle =) 

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