Is a $100 Pressure Washer Worth the Buy?

In today’s vlog we get a pressure washer and wash some cars with it! Was it worth the $100?

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arnoni11 says:

yeah…. comes to detailing cars dont come to this guy

Corey Bg says:

God shitty detailing videos(if you can even call it that) are cringy

Anthony S. says:

Claying the paint picks up contaminants but it also marrs the surface. There is no way around it no matter how light you rub the clay or how much lubrication you use. That is why professional detailers machine polish after claying.

Cole Stewart says:

Who else saw the clay bar and thought of ChrisFix

C Cartoons says:

Chris fix would be proud

Nikolay Bashev says:

Get to the fucking title i dont want to see your shitty vlog

keeefins says:

That stretch hose has a little tube inside of it that expands and doesn’t allow too much pressure through. New hose may give a little more pressure, just a thought?

frank rodriguez says:

The pressure washer us decent for the price.
I used that pressure washer a gew times when i didnt want to use a ton of water….besides that….a gas engine pressure washer can do some damage if not used right.

Randy Phan says:

Keep it up, been watching your videos since you started ☺

Miguel Moreno says:

Buy better clay bar (3M Perfect it Clay bar) and wax (Collinnite Wax 915)

Grahm Hornsby says:


Orbis non Sufficit says:

Is this what the Americans call ‘a douche bag’

c0olking says:

replace the bitch

I'm Zoid says:

@1;29 I haven’t seen those racecar buggies since i was little lol omfg.

Sterling Archer says:

I think u can get a wider spray tip for the ryobi

Craig Schultz says:

What??? You read the destructions? A REAL Man doesn’t read destructions! It just confuses us! 🙂

Seriously though, I went with a ~$100 electric pressure washer to use with a foam cannon on my car and if I run my electric unit and my gas powered unit at the roughly the same flow rate, I can’t tell the difference between the foam each produce.

Granted, my gas washer can be run at a higher flow rate of water, which is what drives the foam cannons but other than the cool-factor of slightly more foam, the car comes out as clean and as free of swirls either way.

If I want to blast paint off of the side of my house, I’ll use a gas pressure washer but the convenience of an electric means I can use it for more of the year because I can actually wash my car in my garage in the winter using a foam cannon without having to worry about asphyxiating myself from exhaust fumes. And, its a LOT quieter.

Get yourself a foam cannon to go with your pressure washer, you’ll be glad you did.

Jay Kim says:

Shitty car

Charlie Leddin says:

Ahh back when he still had the Subaru

Brandon Smith says:

Pressure washers are really good on cars u just bought the worst pressure washer u might as well use a hose over that

HxC_Fragman Hype says:

You turds dont really understand a thing fo you? Thats an awesome deal for 100 bucks. It was working mint. You act like you have a fucking lambo dude. “it doesnt cover as much as a nice one does”. no shit kid. You get what you pay for and this is under priced for what it does for sure. These things last years and get tons and tons of decently hard jobs done fast around my house, fast. When you have more of a responsibility like a house and property other than just a vehicle you appreciate the huge jumpstart machines like this can do for you, at an affordable price. Honestly your review was low class. You obviously dont understand anything about pressure washing and didnt mention a thing about what people who know how to pressure wash want ton hear. Just my opinion. Have a good one dude.

Brian Smith says:

Nine minutes of nothing and one minute about the pressure washer.

Sterling Archer says:

How in the hell did u find workers to help u at home depot?!?!?!? U go in my home depot and the workers run and hide!!! Lmao

Flynn Joy says:

you forgot to clean the wheel wells

xTGx Phyzix says:

Came here to see if a 100 dollar pressure washer is worth it not your boring ass day. I don’t get why everybody thinks they can vlog their lives aren’t even that interesting. Pressure washing starts at 6:15

TurboGuard says:

10 bux says he fucks his sister

Kyle Hooker says:

Home Depot is probably the best.

Will Mann says:

My phone is literally worth more than his car, i fuckin hate thos shitty imprezas

Mr. Popo says:

i intentionally park beside the douches like you that park all the way at the end of lots.

Scooby Snacks says:

OK I saw what it is thanks

High Diamond says:

Those Jeep wheels weren’t plastidipped. Some jeeps come with black stock wheels

Ken S says:

Great video, but bro you have a garage, use the garage as coverage to wax the car.

TheDennisShow says:

Hey guys chrisfi- nvm

Manu El says:

I’ll subscribe because you shouted out ChrisFix, and you make dope content as well.


Thats about the worst polisher you can get. Could cause more harm than good, all noobs should get a Dual Action Polisher.

Selwyn Abraham says:

Bro shut the Fuck up and get to pressure Washing.

mega0876 says:

stupid little kids and their dumb ugly trash cars

Daryl Hodson says:

Mi-T-M Choremaster FTW.


And no foam cannon? WTF

Gloria Colon says:

Video is crack

Gideon Dela Cruz says:

Well its too bad you didn’t enjoy the pressure washer. You just really got a bad one. What i got (just purchased like 14 hours ago) is the Kawasaki HPW-302 not so popular pressure washer but it worth every penny. Got it for $64. Got everything in there. The hose, soap reservoir and etc. The point is its for light to medium use. Its worth it. 🙂

BandomBeviews says:

If im shipping anything to or from china, china post is half price of USPS.

Scooby Snacks says:

great job but what was that little bar that you used with the spray wax(meguires)? is that some kind of wax? because I’ve never seen that before. it did a great job.

YoBoi Michael says:

This point rip forza

Hanzo Shimada says:

Did you use soapy wooder

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