Harbor Freight Portland Pressure Washer

This is a good product for mold removal but not for cleaning up oil spots on the driveway as you will see. I bought it on a parking lot sale for $79+tax.


Joseph Leister says:

Bought one a few days ago…..just used it this morning, not bad except the nozzle is lousy….either pencil thin or a fan spray…but I guess overall it will do for 79 dollars…

PHANTOM 808 says:

trust me it works great if you was to put some Degreaser on the floor first let it sit there for a few minutes that $100 Harbor Freight power wash will work fine

surveyguyor says:

never seen any pressure washer get up oil spots. The oil has penetrated and stuck down-in. On this pressure washer from harbor freight, it appears it only goes about 1 inch wide to really work. no chance in doing a 4″ wide swath of concrete or moss off of the house.

Hector Torres says:

Can this pressure washer be used to clean vehicles? Right now i am debating on this one or the Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer. Any suggestions?

Al Bounds says:

Actually I am impressed with this little pressure washer. I have used it in gutters and on siding and on concrete patio surfaces and it has worked very well. No, it is not an industrial grade pressure washer but what it does for the price is great.

70carlton says:

put TSP powder down wet it a little and cover it with a plastic trash bag for two days
then pressure wash it that oil is into the porous concrete and has to be drawn out]

Jacob BAMBAM says:

thx for the vid. HF has easter sunday 25% off coupon. guess what I am buying

Ski Z says:

Hold that wand at a 90 degree angle man. You can’t hold it sideways and expect it to clean the oil spot!

BIGGBULLxxx says:

can you put soap or a chemical cleaner in it to wash with

Ivan Amaya says:

I just bought one, did my 2 car driveway, side of the house two story ,shingles and sidewalk,didn’t let it rest and it worked great I’m impressed would recommend it to anyone. I did 1side of my wood fence and it’s powerful enough. Also it remove oil stains from my driveway.

Scott Sansom says:

You have to use Very hot water and/or treat those oil spots to get it clean. Simple green or a citrus foaming degreaser. A 2500psi washer with cold water and no chemical wouldn’t touch it either.

Doug Persson says:

Thanks for the review. I was thinking of buying this product to clean moss off of the sidewalk and it appears at least good for that.

hollowpoint45acp says:

were you able to get the spots up with another, more powerful, washer?

Donnie Harris says:

I’m bout to go buy this it looks like its too much pressure to wash my cars

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