Harbor Freight Pacific Hydrostar Electric Pressure Washer Review Pressure Washer Demo

This video provides an initial review of the Harbor Freight Pacific Hydrostar Electric Pressure Washer. This pressure washer sells for as little as $78 when on sale at Harbor Freight. I’ve used it for a number of tasks including cleaning vinyl siding, ATVs, concrete slabs and more. Below is the description from the Harbor Freight website.


This electric pressure washer can get up to 1650 PSI to power-clean walls, yard equipment, and vehicles easily! Lightweight and portable, this pressure washer features a pressure hose over 13 ft. 8 in. long so you can reach tougher areas and 5 in. diameter wheels for smooth transport. This is a great pressure washer for any auto garage or shop that wants to clean larger items quickly!

– Name 1650 PSI 1.25 GPM Electric Pressure Washer
– SKU 69488
– Brand Pacific Hydrostar
– Amperage (amps) 13
– Maximum pressure (PSI) 1650 PSI
– Maximum speed (rpm) 18,700 RPM
– Power cord (ft.) 35 ft.
– Hose Length 13 ft. 8 in.
– Product Height 31 in.
– Product Length 10 in.
– Product Width 10 in.
– Shipping Weight 20.25 lb.
– Accessories Included Spray gun, soap dispenser, extension nozzle, high pressure hose


Bashafacein says:

Awesome change to the channel and love the intro, Way to go Mark!!

L.A DiNiro says:

Mine would knock the paint right off that awesome 4 wheeler. It’s gas powered and HELL to start. So I am wondering if this would be strong enough to knock paint off a deck or something?

umefunasone together says:

oh god im so dizzy

David Williams says:


tre cookin says:

can you make a video using the soap bottle please ?

Alberto Perez says:

Awesome review

Alejandro Valdovinos says:

any1 knows how far in the air it gushes on jet stream mode?

R Dixon says:

is it still working?

David Williams says:

mine seems to have much more pressure than yours, and nozzle can be adjusted to a smaller soray that will cut you if you accidentally go across your bare foot.

cycloneyou says:

Sucks get a better pressure washer, I got one for a day the hose is too short the better ones have a longer hose and more accessories. There is a 10% restocking fee unless it is broke.

Paul Griffin says:

Is yours still running? Mine quit yesterday. It was in it’s 2nd year.

David Williams says:

how do you take off the spray attachments. push in turn to attach, real easy, but can’t get them off now?

david corpus says:

Take off the last part of the wand at the discharge and give the handle a squeeze. A tiny arc of water comes out. Is there even really a pump in this thing? A true comparison of this would be against a $20.00 wand that attaches to a hose. I returned mine the day after purchase and got them to waive their re-stocking fee. Total waste of time and effort.

Cheerios says:

I need to know how to put the nozzle on the soap bottle. I’ve watched 3 videos so far and nobody has used it

Carlos Lizarraga says:

I used once last year to clean my deck… I tried to used las week… didn’t work… warranty expired… so is garbage now…

Candi Soda says:

Hmmm buy something for 3x the cost of that and finish the job in 1/3 of the time and the last 2/3 of the time go have fun :)..

In my opinion, a better pressure washer may be a better investment :)..

Wayne Hodge says:

i just got one and its good. but i was also wondering where can i get parts for it just incase a hose go bad?

02fastaudis4 says:

It actually works great. saves water while washing my truck. just an important too: don’t use the fine stream because it WILL take off car paint..had to make a quick stop at the parts shop and buy some matching paint.

Infandous Ktenology says:

I live in country with huge trees close to my house. House of only two years old but the stuff grows like crazy on the house and other surfaces. Yes, bleach helps a ton. But I tried a rather expensive electric pressure washer. Nope. Not even a 1/8th as good as my gas powered washer. In order to get an effective electric washer…you would have to buy a commercial grade unit that costs well over $2000.00. Electric power equipment has come a long way over the last 10 years…sadly consumer grade electric power washers have not. People that have decks to wash, siding to clean, and pretty much anything else …for now, stick to a gas unit. Maybe down the road the technology will allow a better priced powerful consumer grade unit. Of your looking for a toy, get an electric washer 🙂

Calvin Stiff says:

Couldn’t pay me to use this thing again. Bought it, used it once, worked ok… Went to use it again and it would shoot water inconsistently- pulsing then not working at all. Just took a sledgehammer to it, and it’s the best experience I have had with this pile of shit. If you enjoy pissing away $100 go ahead and buy it.

Lorinda wilson says:

you didn’t show how to assemble. I have a little spring and I don’t know where it goes

Atom West says:

it works great for cleaning off my girlfriend

Stan Skaggs says:

Does anyone know where to get parts for this washer? I bought one and the plastic switch on the motor that shuts off the motor when you are not pushing the trigger actually broke off while I was using it. I need to find someone who has parts for this thing. Has anyone else had this issue? The symptoms are that it will not turn off when not being triggered, and water spews out of the back of the washer constantly.


by changing the tip I would use it to spray bleach

Adil K. says:

Hey Mark,
Would you recommend this for washing cars or should i go with something with more pressure?

Madeleine Fuchs says:

I just bought this cleaner today. Do you still have the pressure washer and is it still working? Thanks

Marshall H. says:

Is this thing worth buying?

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