Greenworks 2000 psi Electric Pressure Washer Review

Greenworks 2000 psi Electric Pressure Washer Review. $199.99 @ Lowe’s.
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George Carabine says:

… and yes I’ve done all the trouble shooting.

Tomas Av. says:

how you use soup tank?? do you have to fill there true soap or with watter? mine doesnt release any soup…. maybe because i put soup + water in the tank.

Eddieallen says:

I just got one of these second hand because it didn’t work but turns out the power switch was bad. I changed the switch and it took off working.

zestydude87 says:

Great review…. i used mine on a deck today. Great for vinyl siding. Good for wood decking. Not very good on concrete but overall a solid performer.

Angel Sharum says:

Roy says I gotta get on a ladder with soapy water in a bucket and scrub our house. 🙂

Dara Nguon says:

nice view bro. thank you.
Today I was at l Lawe’s and thinking about to get this or Troybuild 2800 psi. Workgreen 2000psi now on sale for $169. but I was afraid not enought pressure to remove molds on my deck and fence. So everything work good for you or just ok?

kwduhon says:

I have some paint splatters from rinsing a brush, do you think this would be able to remove that? 
Its a small area but still noticeable.

agentd36 says:

Does anyone know if the soap feature creates a foam spray for car washing, or do you need to purchase a separate snow foam cleaning gun attachment? Thanks

George Carabine says:

I’ve used mine twice and now I can’t get the power to come on. Any ideas about what might be causing the trouble.

R Dixon says:



I purchased the same unit last winter. Here are a few tips i did to customize it. Upgraded to pneumatic wheels-(Harbor Freight, $4.99 each + some hardware store bolts, nuts, washers), Quick connect brass water hose fitting so no more having to unscrew the water hose: Use teflon tape on absolutely all garden hose/wand & hose connections & eliminate water leaks/drips. The hose wind up spool works great for winding up the power cord-(lay the GFCI control box across the spool and wind it up-(so the spool winder is not totally useless. I use the arm intended to coil the electric cord to coil the wand hose and clamped a “L” shaped bracket to the bottom of the frame so that I could coil the hose from top to bottom. No unhooking & hooking up the hose/wand connector to the unit every time you want to store it. It will wear out-(plastic threads, cross threaded, leaks if you continual mess with that. Bottom line: Rolls smoothly & easily, quick hook up & disconnect to water supply, fast & simple power cord storage and wand/hose storage.

Matt Bram says:

Could you ziptie the hose to the handle before reeling to keep it from pinching?

Jon Amodeo says:

Helpful review, thank you for giving us one. Looks good , I bought one and will try it out. Some helpful comments form you readers as well.

R Dixon says:

how is it holding up?

Jim Schuka says:

Nice review. Very helpful. Had the smaller one and took it back to purchase this one. Thanks for taking the time to put it on here.

Steve Rulison says:

I’m glad that you mentioned the issue with the hose real. I was thinking that I there must be an easy way to make the real work and I’m just not seeing it. Guess I’ll just do the same thing that you are and just wind it up and hang it off to the side.

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