Greenworks 1600psi Power Washer “Review”

Today, I take you guys along as I test out my new Greenworks 1600psi pressure washer and share a few thoughts as I use it to was the PTs! Thanks for watching, and enjoy!
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Thanks again for watching, you rock!!

God bless,
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Cynthia ENDLESS says:

music? I’m digging it.

Gnius says:

Do you still have this power washer? Is it durable and good?

Guillermo Camacho says:

Thanks for the review!!

Charlie B says:

PT Cruisers? Lol. Good video

bsharpdatdude says:

i cant trust someone with 2, TWO PT LOSERS

Daniel Aguilera says:

Does anyone know if this would be compatible with the Adam’s Polishes Foam Cannon??? I’m thinking about using that one, as the foam dispenser that came with this model really sucks. . . Someone please help?

Eric Oberhaus says:

Great video, thanks for the review.

Harvey Davies says:

Are the pt cruiser comfy when you sit in it

yscb1 says:

What kind of garden hose attachment do you need?

Christopher Vargas says:

Does anyone have water leaking where the water hose connects to the pressure washer? I tried to tighten it up but nothing.

OJD1902 says:

Your car is still looking good

scoobtoober29 says:

Was this sponsored? Your money or given to you.

‍1marcelfilms says:

i could use one of these for my geo metro

OJD1902 says:

Chris fix has a video about super cleaning a car and his power washer looks like the same thing. you should check it out, he uses a foam canon on it

Brandon Plank says:

The fact you have a PT Loser GT you have lost all credibility.

Hotdog Eddie says:

Like your videos , keep them coming. Just a question about your pressure washer, We live in a cold area, do you think that pump would freeze if you took the hose off to drain the water out? My old one has the pump on the bottom and would self drain itself with the hoses removed…..

Brandon Sambat says:

Finally a real world demonstration of a pressure washer I am looking to use at home. Thank you for the direct and honest review, found it very helpful.

The Shade Tree Fix-it Man says:

Pretty neat!

Dimitri Sainis says:

I bought and used this pressure washer on my car last week and it didn’t seem to do a great job. When i used it on my car, when i would spray a spot down, i would then slide my finger across where i sprayed and it would remove it, but my pressure washer couldn’t ? Why ?

AZ.K says:

I thought you were actually gonna wash the car. You just rinsed it off. :/

Quick Sipper says:

4:30 too much pressure, stripped paint to black.

Diane D says:

Thanks!!! You just saved my day. I have the same one and I just tried to use it and I didn’t know why it wouldn’t spray wide, then you explained what those little white knobs were on the side. LOL

ASWANG7 says:

What kind of Foam did u use to clean ur Car? TY

k1ngcarlos says:

what attachment did you get for the foam gun

Bruce Balistreri says:

Good video, but you might want to rename it to “pressure washer” (not power washer). Thank you!

Puschieau says:

Completely random question that doesn’t have to do with anything whatsoever-
Do you have a favorite type of Mustang or dream car? Any specific likes?

MrAlternation says:

just bought it used but it did not come with hose or gun. do u know a replacement ?

dustoff499 says:

I’d be afraid that the quick release nozzle would shoot off and dent my car… has anyone heard of that happening?

Ken says:

I noticed you used an extension cord. There’s a warning not to use that with this washer. I assume you didn’t have any trouble?

Nan Will says:

Hi. I have the 1600 psi I’ve used it once and now it’s been about 8mnths since i used it . Had no problem for about a hour pressure cleaning the house then when i Had to change to a different section the pressure cleaner would not start again. Know it’s been 2 weeks and without the water on it started. So i got it already to finish thehouse and as soon as i open up the hose cbd them formed it on our stopped running.. Ugh. An ideas why it’s stopping?

Libbie Moore says:

Great video, plus you’re a nice fellow; God bless and thanks!!!

amit85 says:

One thumbs up for you, sir, because this video is very timely for me. I’m shopping for a pressure washer and I’m looking at the Sun Joe SPX3000 ($140 on Amazon) which is about 2000 PSI and a Craftsman 1600 PSI ($100) and everyone raves about the Sun Joe but I wonder if I actually need to spend that much (and whether I need 2K PSI) if I’m going to be cleaning my car or the siding on my house.

Your chair looked really clean after you washed it. Have you used it on anything else? Like really dirty outdoor vehicles or getting mold/mildew off your house, if you have any?


Alexander Leader says:

Great video!! Thanks so much for your time!

Daniel Victor says:

is a power wash better than washings ur car by hand? dont you waste more water

massa0003 says:

Спасибо за видео обзор, после вашего видео решил покупать Greenworks G3, в России она стоит 105$.

FullThrottleChevy says:

Looks like it works good

Arturo Sanchez says:

Is it loud ?

Corey Marshall says:

Awesome! I want to get me one, one day. God’s willing.

W B says:

Thank you. Very helpful. However, my soap holder attachment produces no real spray. Soapy water gushes out, but it’s not a spray and certainly not any kind of strong spray.

 I usually screw things up, but I thought I followed directions pretty carefully. Is there a nozzle inside the black cone at the tip of the soap holder?

And the stronger spray tip has only a wide spray, right? No single-stream spray from the longer tip that has no soap dish?

Hayley Wise says:

Thank you so much for this review! I truly appreciate it! 🙂

Craig Rogerson says:

*Great product,>>> **** it except for one thing, hose is a little short. but other then that great product.*

Matt Josephson says:

Thanks for this review. Will this washer handle tree sap? I’m going to purchase one this weekend!

El Chapo701 says:

What kind of attachment did you put for the foam gun

CriMson BlaiNzz says:

I bought a pressure washer and it just has the plastic twist on things. I’m wanting a foam cannon what do you recommend the gun is all plastic

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