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Link to the junk:
Amazon Buy or Junk – We all have different budgets and wants for tools!  No matter what your budget is, we want the tool to last longer than the second use.  With the invent of Amazon, we have all been introduced to many new companies who do not have to deal with a return rate in a store or fight for shelf space.  These companies can change names overnight and even sell the same tools under multiple names.

If that is not bad enough, these companies find people willing to give them a 5-star review if they send them a free tool.  So, Amazon Reviews are not real?  Yeah, there was a legal issue over that a few years ago and it “should” have stopped.  Did it?  Hell no.  But the good news is the people who are fooled into buying the junk are speaking out with 1-star reviews.  Pay attention to bad reviews and if you buy stuff, please leave reviews as it helps all of us.

High Pressure Washer
High Pressure Washer must be a similar term to “Hot Water Heater”.  This pressure washer is full of marketing BS claiming 3,000 PSI and showing a rated PSI of 2,200.  The gallons per minute are rated with the soap nozzle.  There is so much junk and poor English in the manual that it is hard to read.  If I can make one suggestion, stay a long way from these pressure washers as they are total garbage.

Watch the video for my rant.  Leave a comment.  Make America Great Again.  Help your Neighbor. But Do NOT buy one of these!


SuperCheese088 says:

I wouldn’t mind a “shit product” batch video. Get 5 or 6 products in one video that are shit.

rschandran says:

Good review on really “BAAAD” product which is useful only once in a while. I value the ones on good value products. I myself have bought a few items (Keen work shoes, Dewalt 16″ cordless chainsaw) that are great value after you reviewed and recommended them. Don’t waste your valuable time on the majority poor quality and shitty items which are many out there

Armando Gonzalez says:

Thanks a lot I almost bought this piece of shit

John Doe says:


Russ Webster says:

Thanks for the warning Brian. #WORKSHOPADDICT

Bill Rundell says:

Do not trust workshop addict.
The 3000 psi pressure washer is an average
2300 psi washer at a terrific price of under $100.

James Stimpson says:

Has anyone here tried or know of Jet USA? Seen a jet washer on eBay and has 67 great reviews. I’m always dubious when they’re all great reviews.

Valter says:

PERFECT power wash.I had to clean my 15 years old porches to prepare them for staining. I worried about this power wash because price was so low to offer so much. But I was so suprised. It cleaned old wood so good that locked like new.It cleans without much effort. It is so powerfull that peels wood if you don”t watch it. It is small, light, easy to operate.I wonder why people rent those huge power washers which are heavy,expensive. This litlle monster does much better effortless job for little money than its complicated expensive big brothers. Many neighbors come and wonder how quality is this power washer and price is so low. For that reason they bought it even they said before they did not need it


Lmao! Tell us how you really feel!

Paul MvN says:

People who are considering purchasing this stuff would appreciate knowing it’s crap before spending money on it. Why wouldn’t you want to educate them?

dphotos says:

I was looking at this and all the reviews were 5 stars. To me that is questionable plus I have never seen a 3000 psi electric washer and one at that price before and there are only 2 reviews of this model on YouTube. Its is sold under 5 to 6 different names. I decided to pass on this washer. Looks like junk to me.

Danny H. says:

The Home Depot seeds program encourages its members to be honest in their reviews ! I’ve posted some that weren’t positive and haven’t been dropped from the program ! Just saying! And really is it any different than what your doing , getting free stuff for reviewing them ?

alan j Hornung says:

VERY GREAT REVIEWS ! I tell people too check out your site for tool reviews all the time , I have the GREENWORKS 1600 psi love it and works great with the well it well write on wood .

Paul Bomar says:

I thought this item looked suspicious, but couldn’t find any legit sounding reviews until yours. I think this is useful.

Bruce Yeany says:

While I usually enjoy your reviews, I was wondering what you were smoking when you did this one. I have this little unit and having used several electrics over the years find it to more powerful with a better flow rate than any I have used so far. I use a gas powered one for big jobs but find it cumbersome and a pain to deal with the gas and moving it about in confined areas. I find this one to be small, very portable, easy to use, and if you look around you can find them listed for about the $100, at that price I’ll put up with the it not having a handy place to wrap the cord or the hose.

Bill Rundell says:

This pressure washer is equal to most electric
pressure washers of 2300 psi. Price under $ 100.
For an upgraded model you would have to buy
a gas washer. This video is not fully truthful. Thumps down on Workshopaddict.

JOEL E says:

I bought that garbage 2600 psi $103.00
Waiting on reply for return. Lasted less than 1 month.

Caleb Schoonover says:

3:50 best part of the video, thanks for giving a shit. Too many reviewers out there being bought, thanks for being truthful.

Slim56 says:

I like reviews like this. The junk out there should be shown for what it is.

Qua Phan says:

That can am vehicle looks tactical…
Honous review Brian!!

John Salazar says:

I used to be a top Amazon reviewer. I quit about two years ago because of all the people giving Chinese crap five stars. I’ve asked Amazon to stop giving my email out, yet to this day I still get about 4-7 emails daily asking if I will review something. Sometimes they even offer to pay $5 for reviews.

Don’t trust Amazon reviews. And I mean NONE of them should be trusted. I have even witnessed where an item with 200 poor reviews goes offline for 30 days and then suddenly comes back online with 50 five star reviews added to it. Which basically means that they just gave away 50 units for free and now their 3-star item suddenly gets bumped not only up to 5 stars but also shows up as a “Top Amazon seller” all because they gave those 50 people coupon codes to buy them and boosts their ranking in the category.

Oh and yes, coupon codes means that their reviews show up as legitimate purchases on teh amazon site.


Bob Lewen says:

We need more of these types of honest reviews on YouTube, Brian. Thats what makes #workshopaddict so valuable to subscribers. thank you!

Charles Holland says:

Love the review. It’s good to see some anger about shit like this!

HifiVega says:

Good lookin out!

Martin Janulík says:

totally agree… buy cheaply pay twice

Valter says:

Reason for negative comments about this product could be competition but this power wash is PERFECT. Not only one bad thing obout it

Andy Malloy says:

That thing on amazon has a 5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ review! WTF???

Charles Holland says:

But yeah I prefer reviews on the good stuff. But this is cool every now and again!

Steven Hernandez says:

Is it good enough for a car wash? Just wana wash and foam cannon my car. Not interested in side project uses.

Jacob Filla says:

great vid keep up the great content

John Joseph says:

I watch and subscribe to your channel because you have integrity, you’re not afraid to call out anyone no matter their brand name or reputation. I also do not think it’s your job to hold the hand of anyone who is dumb enough to fall for unrealistic specs and unheard of brand names at a stupid price.
Having said that, perhaps a monthly or so vid would be useful where you do a quick appraisal of anything we should be aware of scam-wise if only for comedy value!
Also, my wife says there should be more Jeff and maybe his own channel, tell him I could cut him a good deal on a used 1975 model in reasonable condition.

Joel Talbot says:

Thanks for your honesty. As I am retired I don’t have a lot of disposable income. It reviews like this that that allow me to make educated purchases. I have wasted thousands of dollars in my life by buying inexpensive tools and then going out and buying the tool I should have purchased in the first place. I have also found that some purchases from Amazon can’t be returned because “Amazon” is not an authorized dealer for that specific product. Most tools I buy cost enough to where the vendor provides free shipping, which Amazon provides as long as you are a “Prime” member. Amazon charges me tax where the other “authorized vendors” usually don’t. Thanks again for helping us out and be sure to post more videos on products we shouldn’t buy.

45NUTS says:

Bought some led retrofit bulbs ( ), i love them , leave the tools crap for Chucke2009 or Wranglerstar to review , and leave the E bay and Amazon crap off this channel

Jose Sanchez says:

Indeed you are right,just show us what is good because no one has time for crappy tools or equipment.

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