Cheap Power Washer

checking out a power washer we got for $80!



Chemical Guys Soap:

Foam Cannon:


Ed low says:


Jim F says:

I would like your opinion on this foam cannon please. MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon 33 fl. oz (1Liter) Bottle Snow Foam Lance With 1/4” Quick Connector Foam Blaster, 5 Pressure Washer Nozzles for Cleaning

wes harrington says:

Hff is the price of is a training man and be here for ya and I will be able stick my kids for the first one up next week looks to have to do it all right and I want you all the 5666th that I have a chance with her husband and her mom and the pill I will get to see you soon and gas and possibly the most you can get

Raul Almanzar says:

I got the same pressure washer, it’s great. I got a 25ft pressure washer line extender with the coupler, I now have a 50ft pressure washer line which is now great to work with. I use Oxyclean car wash solution and it works and smells great. Thank you for such a great video, carry on brothers….. The 50ft line costs $90 !!!! I’m good with my line extender. It cost me $30.

Dgozz122 says:

I don’t think this guy knows much of anything

Guillermo Carranza says:

This is the 1500 psi pressure washer my dude .

aboalmlk aboalrhman says:

Can i leave it outside on hot weather?

GA D says:

Thats a good foam.

Attack Abu says:

Nice man and also your car

Nick Unger says:

Socks and sandals come on bro

pedro moreno says:

I have the same pressure washer but the only thing I upgraded was the hose instead of twenty foot I bought a twenty five foot which I found it alot better for myself. Reason for the longer hose was because my vehicle is bigger the a POS car

The Beast says:

Are you guys from visalia or Bakersfield the area looks familiar

Glenn Ko says:

You should get a car blower dryer. That will really make drying your car much easier and an actual touchless wash.
If you use micorfiber on your drying it will leave mini scratches in the paint.
The dryer cuts drying time by at least 50 percent as what would be the same as using a traditional microfiber towel.

Arvin Boi says:

What gives it a thick foam? The shampoo or the instrument?

ForeignBorn Patriot says:

for the price the amount of soap is very good…

That one says:

Are you bay area Buggs?

aboalmlk aboalrhman says:

How to dry a car?

Antonio Moya says:

Y used the 25°…… All wrong beginners level lol

Angel Alejo says:

I think the harbor freight onebis better

SAB8 says:

foam bottle connects where nozzle attachment goes. It will fit. FYI

Ben Carr says:

just got one going to try it on siding …will see

ImAbraham says:

The one that it comes with isn’t a foam cannon. It’s soapy water. Says it in the instructions

claddagh1000 says:

where did u get that cannon?

tincup33 says:

You realize that the foam cannon it comes with attaches to the same place that the wand attaches to on the handle…right?

ellobillo999 says:

Great video next time show more the item and not yor face…

Walid H says:

Toooooooo much your face

Knight Rider says:

Only things I saw were 2 freaking faces and one guy wearing socks and sandals.
Next time review the product. No need to see your face.

UreaSmith says:

I got that one for 77 bucks, free shipping from Amazon. Handy little toy, done a few car washes with it.

Mr Logical says:

Am I weird for thinking 5:26 Is so satisfying? MUST BE A GUY THING.

goofy vasquez says:

So in the video it’s 1600 psi and on amazon it’s 1500 psi? So it’s not the same?

Enzo Fxx says:

Open a car wash bro

Antonio Cruz says:

The one that came with the pressure washer isn’t a foam cannon it’s just a soap applicator

Unkwn Official says:

I’m not even gonna scrub my body anymore I’m just gonna spray it on and rinse.

wer rere says:

Of you don’t scrab it…it’s NEVER WILL BA CLEAN..!!!!

Jim F says:

Great video! I just wnr and bought one from Lowes and ordered the foam cannon and soap that you recommended. Thanks!

Jeff says:

2:00 that’s a soap dispenser not a foam cannon

oo123ist says:

It’s not bad

Gman 207 says:

That foam cannon ia great I bought mine at the chemical guys store for $98 I had bought a pressure washer called power stroke at walmart for 245 somewhere there but also had to buy a new wand becuase the wand that came with it … Didnt move back to take off the spray nozzle tip

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