The best pressure washer for washing cars! In this video, I will show you the best electric pressure washer for washing cars: the Kränzle 1122TST (1122TST is the North American model, it’s also known as the 1152TST in Europe).

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The Kränzle 1122TST is an electric pressure washer, producing 1,400 PSI at 2.1 GPM. It’s perfect for industrial and commercial use; perfect for the professional or enthusiast who does auto detailing. The powerful water output also makes this one of the best pressure washers for foam cannons.

What distinguishes this Kränzle unit from the competition are the unique capabilities of the Kränzle pump and the uncompromising German quality. The Kränzle pump can run dry and bypass longer than its rivals, as proven in independent laboratory tests, making it more durable and reliable than the competition.

The K1122TST is equipped with a Kränzle AZL industrial grade pump with built-in easy start and auto on/off gun-jet control. It is powered by a Kränzle 110 volt, 15 amp TEFC electric motor with 35′ cord and ground fault interrupter (GFI). This pressure washer self primes and is freeze proof. Featuring a steel frame with a plastic cover that holds accessories and hose reel, this pressure washer provides a convenient and powerful cleaning package.

The K1122TST comes with all the accessories you need to include: professional gun-jet lance, 50′ wire braided hose on hose reel, gauge, safety coupler screw connections, industrial Vario-jet (high pressure wash/soap) nozzle, and for difficult to clean dirt, a hard hitting Dirt Killer turbo nozzle.

This power washer provides a lot of cleaning power in a small, convenient package.

Measures: 40-inches length by 13-inches width by 17-inches height. Weight: 80 pounds. Metal and plastic finish.

Key Features
▪ Advanced Kränzle pump design gives multi-hour bypass and run-dry capability preventing accidental pump damage
▪ Dirt Killer turbo nozzle doubles cleaning efficiency
▪ Auto on/off control at gun jet reduces wear and tear on pump
▪ Built-in easy-start feature saves motor life
▪ Vario-jet nozzle combines the function of four flat tip nozzles in one easy-to-use package
▪ 50-feet wire braided hose on hose reel with safety couplers
▪ TEFC 1600 RPM electric 110V, 15A motor with GFI can be plugged in anywhere

►Visit the official Kranzle USA website:
►Visit the global Kranzle website here:

►For the full Mosmatic swiveling sprayer and wand solution with MTM PF22 foam cannon, visit Obsessed Garage:

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Tim Coll says:

Pan – just ordered one from OG and have a ceramic coated car. What car soap do you recommend for the foam cannon? Thank you in advance.

Luc Vallières says:

2000$ (Can) + the kit from math, everyday folks don’t have that money, sorry.

tricky dicky says:

I have the K7 model here in the UK. If I ever get to move to Florida (fingers crossed) then I’ll definitely be looking to get the model shown in this film. They are great bits of kit!!

TrailersGamesCars says:

Okay but what about the people that can’t afford 1,000 for a power washer lol

Travis Adcock says:

Hey pan will this unit pull from a water tank?

Vandit Mangukiya says:

hi, Pan I just bought Kranzle 7/122, which is awesome. it has 420 litre per minute. is it enough for car wash and making foam with foam cannon?

Maximino Jaimes says:

Hi pan, I was wondering if you knew the watts on the kranzle ?I’m trying to see if my generator would be able to run it.

kasparov9 says:

Hi Pan,

I think it produces way more than 1400psi, the box shows 130bar, im assuming that’s operating pressure. Which makes it 1885psi machine.

And watching you use it, it looks quite powerful in line with around 1885psi.

bincepilot says:

Great vid as always!!!! Does the Kranzle hose from the unit come with a compatible end for the Mosmatic spray gun or do you need to change it to an MTM one? Cheers. Oh, and I don’t know whether to praise you or curse you as i have now spent a fortune on detailing stuff after discovering your channel!!!

MDJAK says:

I have this pressure washer. It is awesome. I gotta change the oil in it though. Great job as always sir.

DonCorleone2890 says:

0:25 Hell yeah xD

Gepetto VX says:

Hello Pan, what is the difference between this electric pressure washer and other one? I know yours is a great pressure washer, but if I buy a cheaper one would I have any problem for washing my car?

respinoza89 says:

I wish I could hear how it sounds. I live in an apartment and neighbors wouldn’t like something too loud

Charles Cao says:

Nice BMW

Mike M says:

So whish pressure washer you recommend for deitalling business???

Wily Kingpin says:

Very nice. I’m about to pull the trigger on this same setup. People don’t understand that products like this will likely last a lifetime, that’s where the price for high quality comes in. Personally I’ve been through 4-5 electric pressure washers over the past decade. That money, as well as frustration with low quality tools, adds up

Brandon Andreadakis says:

Hi Pan, hope you are well!!! I took my unit to the US distributor for Kranzle today to figure out the issue with the foam cannons tripping the circuit breaker. Note to anyone thinking of purchasing this unit…it NEEDS a dedicated breaker, 15 amp but 20 is even better. Also, even with the upgraded system from Obsessed Garage, the orrifice in the foam cannons is too small, thus causing amperage to jump and trip the breaker. Over time this will burn up the capacitors. Atlantic Pressure Washing simply replaced a tiny orrifice on the foam cannons and they were actually more powerful but drew much fewer amperage. I’m not an electrician but something about back pressure. I am still getting a dedicated 20 or 40 amp outlet run for just the power washer, but I am glad to learn it is not a fault with the unit or something that couldn’t be fixed. Even if you don’t have a problem, switching the orrifice out brings a welcomed pressure increase to the foam cannons. Also, unless you have a 20 amp dedicated breaker, you may still be slowly damaging your capacitors, even if no symptoms. They were so specific they even said instead of the 4.0 tip, it should be like 4.2, but 4.0 won’t cause damage it’s such a small difference and in this case will give you a more focused stream. I learned a lot about pressure washers today, even that they could be set to have low PSI but tremendous GPM for commercial car washes to rinse cars faster. They actually build a house brand unit with Kranzle pumps, as they are the best and what you pay for. I was going to get a wall mounted Kranzle unit next but they informed me they are being discontinued in exchange for a unit that can be wall or cart mounted. I’ll probably have them make me a super powerful electric unit that draws from my swimming pool for summer cleaning of my stone house and walkways with low well water pressure. The big Kranzle pumps are still on and off but take longer to toggle.

Kaipeternicolas says:

Nice. But your girlfriend/wife gonna be pissed 😉

Markus Kordes says:

Hello Pan,

I’m watching all your videos out of Germany.Here the price will be around 650 € for the Kraenzle.I got the 1152 TST.

Do you wash your car with 1100 psi?



Glenn Wilder says:

lol $2000, I don’t need “top of the line” stuff

Toby Higginbotham says:

Great washer, but overkill for car washing. 1500 psi is all you need.

Alex Felix says:

This is your opinion sir. but i am starting a Mobile detailing company. i was told to buy a gas commercial pressure washer. witch one do you think i should get. Brand/psi/gpm i will cary a 125g tank Aswell. your opinion matters to me since i want to do this because your videos inspired me too. Thank you and no pressure.

Walter Ortega says:

Good evening pan. Is it okay to use a pressure washer for every wash on my car that’s not ever really dirty I wash it every 2 weeks and would 1400 psi hurt the paint?

Danny Mistry says:

Very good video

Lars Dahl says:

Sweet Lord, I just had to click play, didn’t I… Now I just have to find the cash. Do you have a link where I can get the complete Mosmatic accessory kit as shown so I don’t have to hunt around for parts (should I ever find the cash and convince my better half that it’s a must-have)? Thanks.

Sattar Yousefi says:

so expensive

brock_02 says:

Hey Pan, I just ordered the Krazle, and I want the same setup as you. How do I option it on the Obsessed Garage site?

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