Best Home Pressure Washer – Simpson Review

Doc has years of pressure washing experience and in this video he reviews the Simpson 3200 psi pressure washer he bought for his home use. This pressure washer is compact, lightweight, and has a ton of cleaning power. Remember to visit the website for all the links to accessories he shows.


nicholas price says:

Do you recommend any other pressure washer that has the idle down feature to make it quieter? I know gas pressure washers are loud but wondering if there is a good one that is quieter.

Matt Uptain says:

Are u going to do fence pressure wash and stain video?

Joe T says:

Can you regulate the pressure or is it 3200 all the time?

Richard Charles says:

Just getting into Roof washing and house washing… saw alot of videos of more expensive setups .. would this machine be able to pump enough chemicals to do a house or roof…appreciate the great videos ..just subscribe to your channel.. What model is this pressure washer?

warren okano says:

Aloha Doc

Awesome video on the Pressure Washer. Purchase on on about a year ago really love. It’s a GX 200 Honda engine pressure washer. Just bought a surface washer from Amazon.Just love this pressure washer

anthony mccreary says:

I bought quick dis connects for all my water hoses. Makes life a bit easier. Just get two or three female ends for your hoses. Then get as many male ends for pressure washer, hose end sprayer and any other nozzles.i havnt had any issues .

Double A says:

I use Tru Fuel in all my outdoor equipment. It’s sold at Lowe’s and Home Depot the premixed for edger, etc. has no ethanol in it so the shelf life is two years. For my mower and power washer I buy 5 gallons through a local outdoor equipment dealer. Since I have used it in my mower it starts on the first crank consistently. It’s a little pricey but worth it for me to save the headache of dealing with ethanol gas.

jokers Ride MP4L says:

will this model be strong enough to clean concrete around my pool?…thank you for another great vid

Jacob Carroll says:

Thanks man, I just turned 16 and ice been looking into pressure washing for a job. Your channel has helped so dang much! I appreciate it a lot, I can tell you have experience, you cut the crap, and SHOW us how to do it. Thank you.

MR FEDZ says:

Great pre-startup tips in your first video, very helpful!

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