The BEST STIHL & ECHO Hedge Trimmers? Side By Side Comparison ► Which Did We Like Better?

Today Brandon and I did a pruning job for one of his customers, and we brought out the ECHO 2420 and the STIHL HS56 hedge trimmers. We had a lot of work to do and in this video we showed the side by side comparison of the two popular hedge trimmers.

The ECHO and the STIHL are both really good units. This wasn’t a video where we wanted to pit them against each other, but more so share with you guys the 2 most popular hedge trimmers that we see out by us.

I had the pleasure of using the STIHL HS 56c about 2 years ago when I did some clean ups for a friend, and was super impressed with it. I also have owned the ECHO 2402 now for about 2 seasons, and know that thing is a beast as well.

Shoutout over the years to ECHO for sending us out the 2420, and for STIHL to send us out the HS56c to share both with you guys. I don’t think you can go wrong with either unit personally.

Brandon and I just wanted to share with you guys a little pruning action, and also share some helpful pruning tips and advice as we go in to fall. Have you guys used either the ECHO-2420 or the STIHL HS56? Let us know and comment down below which one you guys like and why!

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Aldominati 2k says:

Bro I cut yards as a lil side hustle and Brian my fav blogger lol I watch this for fun not really for learning

Rufus LC says:

Yes Brian no shaving in November Lol

Ultimate Lawn Care Tyler Albrecht says:

I usually charge by the job I would only recommend charging by the job if you’ve been doing this for a while because its easy to undercut yourself

J.C. Lawn Service says:

I’ve been pricing on an hourly rate. Minimum of 2 hours. I also add in a debris haul off. It’s been working out for me so far. I like the articulating handle. Sounds like a good idea. I’m concerned more moving parts more chances of failure. I’ll have to check out that Stihl HS56.

Pascual Castillo says:

Ill give you a offer you dont tell me how much your gonna pay me take or leave plenty off money to be made an cheap is not what im in business for remember

Caleb Spicer says:

I do my quotes in 2 ways either $40.00 Australian per hour or one price for the job so if that job takes 2 hours or 6 hours its the one price.

Sam Winglewich says:

I’m a fan of charging per job. It’s easy when I have apartments or commercial jobs and they can’t verify my hours. I can’t stand being watched and questioned about “were you really here for THAAAAT long” when i charge per hr.

Hall's Pro Lawn Mowing Service says:

Actors gonna act, players gonna play, haters gonna hate, bromanse and beards….LOL!!! Bromance is the combination of two words, “brother” and “romance”. It describes the unique male bonding found between “brothers from another mother”.

Lucas Durham MTB says:

Easier to make big money by the job, people want to pay $15 an hour for professional work and it’s just unrealistic

Eric Lenzi says:

Love stihl hedge trimmers,need to do push blower comparison little wonder vs billygoat vs scag

RoStAr24TeLeVisIoN says:

I price per bush tiny 2$ med 4$ mature boxwoods lets say 4×4 20$ if it’s a bunch and very over grown I charge a 30$ cleanup fee on top of the job and I’ll add 5$ for the bags so they’re not coming out of my pocket regular trimonthly maintenance comes out pretty cheap though since it’s just trimming. Always depends on the job but Yea per bush.

super20dan says:

use a snapper hivac 21 on those clippings and you wont have to rake them up. huge work saver.

Michael Turner says:

I use a stihl hs45 for small tight spots and stihl hl 94k for just about everything i prune…. and i charge by the job not by the hrs

Grassology4610 says:

Brandon is getting more comfortable with the camera I noticed,you guys rock.Tell Brandon I love when he name the plant or shrub he’s working on.I have a Echo HC 165 hedge trimmer had it for 5 years and I love it. I usually charge $75 per hour if it’s more than 4 large shrub and a dump fee but every job is different.I like your hat where can I purchase one ? Thanks for the video

d hamby says:

I like an adjustable angle pole hedge trimmer.

Jason B. says:

Hey Guys! Do you do any Selective Pruning after your done taking off the new growth? I always have have my hand pruners in my pocket and when I’m done I will reach into the bush and trim out some branches so the sunlight can get into the bush. Helps prevent the dead stuff on the inside and just the green on the out side!

italian fighter says:

I price per job, never per hour. You get more excepted jobs that way and people get funny about hourly rates. They don’t understand the business end and just compare your hourly rate to theirs. It usually works out to $80-$100 an hour. My system is to price per item based on size and growth. If there’s a large bulk, I’ll soften the price somewhat.

JWN Lawn Care says:

I would go for the Stihl just because that’s what I have the best dealer support for and parts as well as the HS46 I am looking at is the lightest I have ever felt. Currently running a cheaper 4-stroke which is like holding a box of bricks its so heavy and a somewhat lighter 2-stroke which is good for diosmas etc. which need the faster tip speed. We charge by the job for hedging too.

Rob & Marisela Francis says:

I wouldn’t buy either one. Shindaiwa is the Boss!

Gilbert Silva says:

I’m from Arizona and I charge per shrub.

super20dan says:

never liked stihl hedge trimmers and echos are junk. I use redmax and maruyama hedge trimmers

Chris says:

What kind of work pants does Brandon wear? Been looking for a good pair.

back woods country Hallgren says:

Stihl pole trimmer are best on the market

John Thomas says:

I love the echo because the lower end model has double bypass blades and the Sthil does not but I use Sthil for everything else
And I charge $45- $60 per hour shrub flowerbed cleanup

JronmanBuilds says:

Do battery powered hedge trimmers or even other battery powered ope have a place in a professional lawn care company? I hardly see any guys using battery ope on the job. Some battery units I have used perform quite well.

Red Rock Maintenance says:

I use a Sthil HS46c and love it. Works really good. For hedges, I charge by the job. I’ve seen guys do it by the bush.

Rufus LC says:

I like both you can’t go wrong either way.


Love the videos brother hope to see ya at the GIE… I’ve got a hc152 echo nothing to fancy since I rarely do trimming but occasionally do it, but my only complaint with it is I think it could be built better mainly talking about the plastic handle. I’ve replaced 2 handles on the unit since I bought it. Definitely a pain to do, but other than that love my echo equipment and will he more than likely switching to all echo for next year. Thanks for all the great videos and hope to see yall at the GIE have a blessed one brother.


Dave says:

shindawa i use edge cutter

CJ T says:

Why do all landscapers trim bushes to look like lollipops? Just wondering? I was taught to trim wider at bottom, taper to top.

Perry Schmoll says:

$10 a bush for bushes like the size that you are doing on this video. A little less for smaller ones and a little more for bigger ones. For hedges, $1 for knee-high, $2 for waist-high, $3 for shoulder-high times the linear feet of the length of the hedge. Occasionally you will get a taller hedge that would $4 a linear foot. I am currently using a Echo hedge trimmer.

Dave Allen says:

I’ll take a good well made lithium battery electric hedge trimmer thank you. Lighter, and almost no noise.

Joe Meow says:

Brian, next time you do a competition with hedge trimmers, you should also include a battery powered unit. Stihl makes several good ones. They are lighter, cleaner air quality and do a great job.

Kenneth Adams says:

i just give customers a price not by the hour.

Jesus A O says:

I use Shindaiwa HT232. I have never used Echo or Stihl trimmers. Have been thinking of trying them out. Thanks for the review.

James Shanks says:

Hi Brian. Jim Shanks here from J.S.G.S N.Ireland. I do enjoy your videos. Both Trimmers are good, but relatively speaking the Rotational Handle is essential when pruning ornamental trees, shrubs etc. Regards Jim from J.S.G.S

Dandy Lawn and Maintenance says:

Your right most dont like to hear a hourly rate. I charge by the bush but in the end I will get my hour rate.

Rufus LC says:

Just our hourly rate with machines running plus debris removal. but we always do it by the job our numbers are felt secret.

Kelvo Vally says:

I’ve told customers hourly rates before. It almost always back fires. Even at 90/hr for two guys which is piss poor for my area and people have conniption fits. I will almost always stay with per job not per hour.

robert demaree says:

Maruyama best hedge trimmers hands down

aos aos says:

If they get mulch after Hedges ill with mow too I’ll throw it in for one hundred but if they just want hedge only it’s two hundred and up all depends on how often I am paid to come on property basically I need a dollar a minute no matter what is the bottom line.. Plus I basically include mow with hedge and possible gutter all package price to keep busy year round great video

Randy Bodaly says:

charge by the Job . know your abilities and take your time in figuring out a price !! dont low ball

grasshopper Crews says:

Echo , pruning is hourly rate for most , those on fixed incomes and over 65 get a 10% discount , but that’s just us ,

What's Up Guy Garage says:

Depends on the situation. Too many variables. $65 just to have the machine in my hand, then from there on up. I use a poulan pro (pp2822) as my prior machine was stolen out of truck bed approx 4 years ago. All my tools basically live outside in the elements and by some standards are abused severely. Case point it got left in a wheelbarrow during a nasty storm wheelbarrow filled up so did the trimmer. Didn’t need it for a week or so I bet you can imagine what happened. Only thing that has been replaced on it in all that time is a primer bulb and that was just done about one week ago! I think in the end the reason why I have a PP is because of my more expensive unit being taken from me buy an unsavory individual if you get my meaning.

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