Milwaukee M18 Hedge Trimmer Review, Gas Vs. Electric

Today I share with you my thoughts on battery powered hedge trimmers and why I do not like gas hedge trimmers!

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E.D.K. Landscaping says:

I like the stihl professional hedge trimmers like the 82t and the 87. But seems like the Milwaukee fits your needs!

Extensive Gardens says:

wrong .. gas hedge trimmers are the best.. sorry blake .. i like to smell the petrol fumes AND LIFT THESE HEAVY TRIMMERS.. if its hard work.. you will push yourself to do it.. easy work.. mAke you negATIVE AND LAZY

Leo's Landscape says:

I use gas because I do a lot trimming

Page Barnett says:

I’m surprised that you actually wear that tee shirt at a customers house !
Looks extremely unprofessional ! Just my opinion

Brent Meister says:

Gas all the way… if you do commercial- battery won’t hold up.

Ricardo Mendoza says:

your that guy from cut and clean

Jeff White says:

Its around $22 to have hedge trimmers sharpened

Tri-City Property Maintenance says:

No problems with my gas hedge trimmer. One advantage using a cordless trimmer is no fumes!

Flash Lawn Service says:

Can you make some more drone mowing videos?

Jeff Ewing says:

Blake you know that we stand behind you.In south central Nebraska the kids always grab the Milwaukee 18v but we have gas in the trucks 18 year old 4h kids are the best employees.The Lawn Ranger Lawn service,bladen,Nebraska.since1971

Mitchell Cooper says:

I use kobalt battery chainsaw and hedge trimmers. I really like them never had anything they couldn’t do so far.

Chris Jones says:

i have both i love the battery powered ones for the properties you cant start mowing till 9 am so just knock out some triming before u crank up the power equipment

Jesús H. Vázquez says:

new drinking game: everytime Blake puts his hand on the blades

Scott K says:

You gotta inform them that they need to make that a rotating handle js.

Jake Kaneo says:

Solo is best I’m loving it I have been on and off solo I had been out to 2 guys and me then on guy got a better job and I was happy for him and other guy got hooked on drugs and had to fire him couldn’t loss company over having a kid working for me

I run a corded trimmer for srubs

Christian M says:

I have the same echo hedge trimmer you did. I had mine for 2 years and I haven’t had the same problem you had. Now, it could be because I do use mine at list once or twice a week as opposed to you only using them maybe in the spring and fall. Hear in Puerto Rico I do have to trim my customers hedges at list once a month, some cases twice a month

Scout's Outdoor Services SOS says:

I have the same trimmer and I love it. The battery last forever with the hedge trimmer but only get about 3 yards done when using the string trimmer. Battery powered stuff def has it’s niche uses.

Chris M says:

I used Dewalt for years but about 1 year ago my batteries just started having charging issues, one after another went bad. I purchace the Milwaukee 18v fuel drill, screw gun. Then went all out with LED light, rachet, impact wrench, saw-saw and one of my favorites (grease gun)! I have tractor with 4-in-1 loader and backhoe which is loaded with grease zerks, don’t mine greasing at all with that 18v Milwaukee. Like it so much that I purchased a second one for boat and trailer since I use different grease. So far the Milwaukee cordless 18v fuel and 12v tools have been awesome.

kevinboo2000 says:

Number one on all gas powered equipment you have to avoid any ethanol gasoline, ethanol will destroy small engines. When you are storing equipment for the winter you have to put gas stabilizer in the gas and also should run any remaining gas out of the carbs. Chances are you left un treated gas in your trimmers and the carb got gunked up

Greco Lawn says:


Richard Nachreiner says:

I’ve been wanting to look into battery powered. Maybe this fall I might pick something up.


I use battery power hedge trimmers stihl…..will never use gas hedge trimmers again! Good video

D'Nario Walton says:

Nice job on the hedge trimmer

Joe Meow says:

I like battery powered hedge trimmers stihl hla85.

mccool24 says:

I tell you what. If Milwaukee sends me one I’ll use it too. But if you had to go buy one or the other and didn’t have all the drills and lights I bet you would choose a gas first to make sure when you get those thick shrubs over grown you would be confident you could handle the task.

Will Robinson says:

I use Stihl HSA 66 , AP 300 battery , AL 500 charger. The battery lasts a crazy long time and the charger will recharge the battery in a half hour.
I have gas powered trimmers but they stink and the noise is obnoxious.

mccool24 says:

But yeah dude. The hell with battery hedge trimmers. You obviously got those for free lmao. There is no way a battery hedge trimmer can beat my gasoline ones. Maybe for around your own house on some new shrubs. Other than that they need to stay put. May as well get you a battery operated weedeater and stand on mower since gas ain’t no good. Battery backpack blower too. Lol. Hell may as well start towing with a Prius while you’re at it ha!

Jim Farris says:

Just get to the point my gosh

Noah Goodman says:

I had a Stihl gas powered hedge trimmer and had nothing but problems with it, then I switch to the Dewalt hedge trimmers and I love it


Can someone tell me how much the GIE EXPO cost

corey hhughey says:

Hey man just go get a mil file from the parts store and sharpen the trimmer blades it’s very simple and easy.

Josh's Lawn Maintenance LLC says:

You should contact greenworks would like to see what you think about their battery equipment. Good topic

PCGonline says:

gas for tons of hedges. a simple property shape up then electric

personally i use the km131r with the articulating head

Brandon Tubek says:

Very good points bro! Going to have to try these Milwaukee trimmers and give them a chance!

Frankie Gambino says:

When was the last time you bought a piece of equipment with your own money?

mccool24 says:

Sounds like you used ethanol. May as well put sugar and tar in the tank…

Clear Cut Lawn Care and Snow removal says:

Nice voice crack Blake

logdon17 says:

Just like a gun, always treat it like it is “loaded”. You keep putting your hand on the blades with a charged battery hooked up. One jolt of power and you can lose fingers.

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