Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer 2726-21HD

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer 2726-21HD is a durable, power, well designed cordless hedge trimmer. On the outside, its a no-frills tool, while on the inside, you have the performance of the well-proven and highly engineered sawzall mechanism working for you.


John Bailey says:

These work very well on maintained shrubs. If the shrubs are thick and over grown then they struggle. But if you keep the shrubs trimmed regularly then they work very well . We use them all the time but still use the gas hedge trimmers when needed.

TheWinwin4all says:

great review, as usual ))
Any news on M18 chainsaw? 😉

William Butler says:

Were you using 3/4″ or 3/8″ dowels for testing?

bhepp344 says:

So can this trimmer match up with the performance of a gas unit? Can it hold up to commercial use? I’m trying to decide if I should invest in one. Any ones feed back will be great!

Oak Lumberjack says:

How does Milwakee compare to Ryobi? Reason I ask is that Ryobi has the trimmer, 40v battery, and charger for $69.99 at HD.. Is Milwakee really worth the extra $229??

awtobot says:

Subscribed. Been waiting for some reviews on this new line. Any chance of a review on the string trimmer?

Love2boat92 says:

I’d still love to see Milwaukee come out with heated pants. Very cool stuff. A cordless chainsaw would be really cool too.

Sam Huff says:

I have five of the M18 2.0 batteries…how long do you think the run time would be with a 2.0?

A.S Enfield says:

Excellent review. Subscribed. Thanks

Chris says:

can u review the m18 grease gun

HifiCentret says:

IMHO the hedgetrimmer has one big flaw – weight. I was looking into a cordless hedge trimmer as my hedge isn’t that big to mess with a gas powered one but big enough to be annoyed by the cord and small enough be be done on a charge or two with a battery powered one. However I also wanted a lighter hedge trimmer than my 15y+ old Makita I got when I bought the house. It’s quite heavy on the arms/back doing large parts of the hedge as you have to lift it quite high. Well…. The Milwaukee is even very noticeably heavier than my old corded one. So I went with the Bosch AHS 50-20 instead. Much lighter. May not be quite as strong but since it’s not a beech hedge I have it’s of no significance. If only Milwaukee would make a slightly less powerful but might lighter version of it it would be perfect.

Got2Learn says:

Can’t wait to get mine, my string trimmer broke last year and I didn’t buy one just cuz I wanted to get the M18 one this year, cheers and nice video Rob, keep up the hard work !

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