Landscaping Employee Trap Reviews – Milwaukee FUEL M18 Hedge Trimmers vs Stihl HS45

Landscaping Employee Trap Review
let’s find out how good the Milwaukee M18 fuel hedge trimmers perform in comparison to the Stihl hs45.

Milwaukee Tool Youtube Playlist:

Stanley Genadek Milwaukee Tool Expo:

We do a lot of landscaping and shrub trimming in ornamental tree trimming and I’m convinced that these new hedge trimmers from Milwaukee tool are going to permanently replace our gas powered hedge shears for normal everyday use


az native says:

fuel tank looks dark….
looks a couple years old..
sounds good. I seen them in HD..
will it cut thru a 1 inch branch??
agree smelling like a piece of shit ..
not good

Adams Lawn Service says:

Nice review

David Ray - Lakeland Lawn says:

Is the battery powered unit heavier than the stihl?

Mario Navarro says:

what would you charge for that full property?

Rydal1 says:

stepping it up dude?

Rufus LC says:

Since when do you wear gloves? Haha one handed .Great video!

Jimmy v says:


Animalmother85 says:

you and Trey Gowdy have the same hairstyle(that’s a good thing, because he kicks ass).

Mario Navarro says:

bro!! where’s the ear protection!? what’s the point of making a million if half of it will go back into medical bills

M Murph says:

still holding up? been thinking about adding one of these.

Paul L says:

I’m getting me self that tool yaaaaaa. Getting a 130 foot hedge installed in 2 weeks. Thanks for the vid.

BL0HARD says:

This guy doesn’t know what he is talking about. The 5.0Ah battery isn’t defined as the battery used for flash lights, it’s the battery the powers every Milwaukee 18v tool like drills, impact drivers, rotary hammers, cable crimpers, angle grinders, torches and dozens of other tools. Did he notice the 9.0Ah battery is a high demand battery that is intended to be used in Milwaukee high demand 18v tools like the hedge trimmer, whipper snipper, mitre saw, blower and large rotary hammer drill. I’m guessing the hedge trimmer didn’t feel down on power because his 18V 5.0Ah battery was going flat since Lithium battery powered tools don’t fade when they are going flat but just stop. Instead because he never bothered to charge the 18V 9.0Ah battery which would have allowed the tool to have more power. (I didn’t realise this until watching a review on impact drivers that having a battery with more amp hours gives more power not just run time over batteries with less amp hours even though the voltages are the same). The smaller port on the charger is for Milwaukee M12 batteries not to charge flashlights????? (unless you have a M12 flashlight…)

HeY LisTeN says:

hey keith, can u show how it cuts pampas grass when you get the chance?

Art ocha says:

how thick of a branch can you cut with that?

Rydal1 says:

nice drop test mate, does it last more than one bush?

WH says:

Thanks much.  I think you just sold me on them.  I haven’t been asked to trim a hedge yet but can see it coming . Got and hedge trimming , instructional videos to recommend ?  I think I get the jest just by watching but if you have any pointers I’m all ears , err well , eyes in this case !  LOL..    Thanks !

The Lawn Care Nut says:

$300 for the tool + Battery seems excessive! I’ll take gas-powered all day long at that price point and use it to slice through thick branch hedge rows. Seeing the Milwauk on Taxus yews isn’t really much of a test either to be honest. I do find it interesting that these “contractor grade” battery tools are coming out now. I’ll call it now and say they never really gain wide-spread acceptance as replacements for gas trimmers but do find small niche markets in areas where noise is a factor or accessibility. Still, I think these companies are making a mistake leaving behind the homeowner segment by overpricing themselves. Time will tell. Lastly – is it ok to admit I was hoping for some cut-up finger action?

bhepp344 says:

So can the Milwaukee last enough to do a entire house? Can they hold up to heavy commercial use? Is the cut as nice as stihl? I like the hs 56-c. The hs 45 is nice but I’ve gone threw a bunch of um. 169$ is much better then $300+. I’m just looking for a professionals opinion. Thanks!

Draden Moore says:

They believe in you

HeY LisTeN says:

??? reupload?? buy why?? WHYYYY?!?!?!?!? lol i thought it was a new vid =/

Sams Lawncare says:

hey keith I’ve been doing landscaping for 5 years about now I got my license and I’ve been going out every week with flyers and it’s paying off I’m getting enormous jobs for at least me and what I’m used to but I just got a big job and in the clients back yard she wants to extend it but she has so much brush and wants it removed should I charge hourly for the brush or should I give her a set price for the area cut its not enormous probably 30 feet by 30 and the brush is about 2 to 3 inches high ?

Maui Landscape & Lawn says:

Charge that fucker up and do another video full power I wanna see../

jmalczak says:

Time to add one to the arsenal!

DicksTaxidermy says:

My Stihl hs45 is the best trimmers I have ever owned.


LCmcpherson says:

i’m buying that trimmer.. thanks man

adrian alonzo says:

hi off subject you mentioned you ask for reviews via email and text how do you get the link to send via text message?

Wess Reiley says:

I cringed so hard right before you ALMOST put you’re hands on the blade. But none the less they look like they work great Keith. You can always buy a few extra batt and a 2nd chargers

Upscale Lawn Care Monroe says:

Great work with the trimmer, but will it hold up in the lawn business

James Lee Jr says:

doing window washing again

Kuhlyedascope69 says:

steel not stihl

Rydal1 says:

dat gangsta music bro

G14 says:

Keith nice vid. Where did you get the background music from? What’s the track?

Simon Bækgaard Olsen says:

Try cutting a real hedge – not just trimming — does it work ??

Adan Molina says:

Why do they send u stuff…did u sign up with them

Mario Saenz Landscaping Services says:

electric is the future

Tony Montana says:

Charge the battery then make a review. They gave it to u for free at least give them a proper review

Matts Lawn care says:

What model is this

mowguy fudd says:

perfect for the amount of time I use a hedge trimmer

Tony's Lawn care says:

great vid still liking em?

Luis Millan says:

very good machine just cut my finger with mine

Jake C says:

I’m from the uk mate and I have both the same hedge trimmers as you showed in the video, I found the same thing, it was less strain on your arms and shoulders, if you haven’t already give them a go on a ladder and you’ll really see the difference, but truthfully i know the stihl has a much cleaner cut, loving the vids mate

Exquisite Lawn Service says:

it doesn’t make enough noise! lol I think Id loose business you’d do a hedge trimming job and the neighbors would never even know you were there! haha I mean think how many times a neighbor comes out and says hey when you get done here can you do this or that and how much?….ok let’s go ahead

em forty says:

gas is dead too heavy too smokey too shaky hard start get rid of that gas crap and go electric on hedging

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