Gas vs Electric Hedge Trimmer. Stihl, Black & Decker Review

Check out how a $70 Black & Decker electric hedge trimmer compares to a $400 professional Stihl hedge trimmer. This video gives a in-depth comparison between the two. Thanks for checking out my video and if you find it useful, please give it a ‘Thumbs Up’. Thanks!

MY FOLLOW-UP VIDEO- Gas vs Battery Hedge Trimmer-


Epixgamer says:

What is the intro music

Tony Whitaker says:

What about 3/4″ think stems???

k9mick121 says:

Stihl is the way to go. Chain saw, blower, weed trimmer and hedge trimmer. You get what u pay for! I have the hedge trimmer also. That thing is awesome. It cuts through tree branches while using it to clear ATV trails!!! I love it.

Cedrick Moore says:

Ha Ha Ha

I know almost everyone has cut the cord.

Evan bermudez says:

i love the noise the hs46 c and the the 56 c engines makes when at full throttle sounds so beautiful, i have the 46 and it is a workhorse

vegass04 says:

You forgot to mention one crucial thing.. The weight.. I have both the gas and the electric (the electric is a bit pricier pro model) and when you have to cut for an hour or two you’ll find yourself ditching the gas and not minding the cord behind you. I usually cut the upper part with gas and sides with electric, no way i could do it all with a gas trimmer, unless I was pumped up…Think about it..

Sandbag1300 says:

Weight is very important as is power. Since my hedges are thin branched and about 75 yards long in total and 4 feet tall I go with the lightest tool which happens to be corded electric. Corded electric is about half the weight at 6.5lbs compared to gasoline driven at 11.5lbs.

Victor Blanco says:

Gas powered mo’bettah…

stevemtc1 says:

A stihl electric is fine fo most the motor is heavy

Steampipe says:

Or you can just get a lithium ion battery one and call it a day. They blow away all of these. Dealing with gasoline is a pain.

Noahnoasn Doesgaming says:


0TruckMafk ☢TM™"... The BigMean CommentSection BadAss says:

lol is someone gonna say he’s funded by big oil? LMAO!!! Good video, bud.  I love Stihl

Bob Brawley says:

Well you are a guy and for you , get the $400 . For me I’m using a echo trimmer with a sickle bar attachment the weight is arm breaking. so , so show us using the $400 rig with one hand. Is it
the lite enough to do so?

Joey Smith says:

Lol $70 vs $400

Eric's lawn care tips says:

Subscribe to my channel I subscribed to yours

Katie Graham says:

I have used my dads Black and Decker U162 13″ hedge trimmer since I he got it when I was in high school. I am 62. I sharpen it every couple of uses and it still runs great and trims the bushes perfectly.

TedTalksClash says:

I have about 55 box woods, a large holly bush and a few other various bushes. Do you think it’s worth it for me to buy a gas Stihl trimmer? about 1/3 or more are a decent distance from my house. This is only my second spring of living in this house but its on a family farm and my Granddad built it so it’s safe to say i’m not moving anytime soon.

stickstone Vidal says:

I rather pull and go .good video

Francisco O. says:

Electric/battery power is the way of the future,. So many ideas i have about this.

Carlos Jackal says:

Thanks Mark! – Gas all the way!

Ja son says:

56v battery powered echo, worx, or ego.

Carolyn Henri says:

A consideration for me is the weight of the machine. I can’t hold a trimmer up high to trim larger bushes for very long… What would be your recommendation for the best electric trimmer out there these days?

himakgam says:

Wow.. captain obvious made a video about $400 gas trimmer cutting a little faster than $70 electric basic trimmer

yves potvin says:

theres   battery powered  ones now also  Ryobi 40 volt   and one thing  u  forgot to mention is  weight the  sthill much better but a lot heavier im a pro  arborist   there is also  bosh electric ones  that are  really   good and last

Sang Ur Tune says:

Is the Electric Decker a professional grade like the gas?

black mazzy says:

It depends on what your needs are. I was about to get a gas-powered trimmer but then went with corded electric. why? My use is around the house within a 100-foot of an outlet, so the electric works best. It is also quieter.

The gas-powered is good if you can’t access an outlet. Professionals use the gas-power for that reason.

In terms of cutting ability, electric and gas-power cut on par with each other. Spend the money based on your need. Professional grade doesn’t necessarily mean it is best for your needs.

Patrick Buckley says:

Stihl definitely wins in my book; cut through that boxwood like butter and i’m sure would cut through small branches with ease as well. Good video, thanks man!

Ed glauner says:

pull and go

Kurt Wilkinson says:

I would not touch either. You can see that the electric grabs on the cutting sweep indicating it is under powered and does not rev high enough to cut smoothly. It may have cut smoothly when brand new and the blades were at there sharpest but i doubt it. Even the professional electric trimmers are underpowered and yes they will do the job but would do better with double the power at least. Dont go near any rechargeable option because they are even less powered and produce less cutting blade revolutions. The only thing they have going for them is they are light. The petrol would have produced a clean cut when new and as long as used on boxwood or other thin stemmed plants would keep going for a long time(with occasional resharpening). The main problem with it is the weight and lack of reach resulting in back strain over any extended use. This would depend on size and shape of whatever was being trimmed its accessibility and the posture required to do the job. The nose protector will get caught(in growth) in some situations and would be the first thing i would remove.

ProtectAus says:


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