Gas Power Equipment VS Battery Power Equipment, Stihl HS 45 VS Dewalt 40 Volt Hedge Trimmer

Gas Power Equipment VS Battery Power Equipment, Stihl HS 45 VS Dewalt 40 Volt Hedge Trimmer


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Lithium Man says:

Lithium Ion is the way to go. I have all battery operated equipment. Lawn mower,weed eater,blower,edger,hedge trimmer & a pole saw.

Luke Walker says:

How long does the battery last? That is the biggest thing that has kept me from electric because on big jobs I’m concerned about how much time I can get out of it.
Great video as usual!

Green Lawn Care says:

I bought the dewalt at the beginning of the season. My gas trimmer hasn’t been started since. I love it. Quiet, no mixing gas, starts every time. Charge lasts as long as I need it to.

Hazardra Lawn Care says:

Dewalt and Milwaukee has gotten a lot of love this year in the lawn care community but I would like to see Kobalt get some as well. I personally like Kobalt power tools as much as Dewalt

Happilyretiredmark says:

Cold weather zapped battery on a drill i had and batteries are expensive. I just can’t go with battery stuff yet.

Noah Goodman says:

I have both of them and I would choose the Dewalt over the Stihl any day

Greg Linn says:

Yep, im now useing battery equipment because im doing part time lawn care…i love makita’s battery power, i can do over 3 to 5 small yards on makitas new 18×2 volt system….love it so much, and everything so damb light weight too!!!! Have a merry x-mas to u Brian!

Darren's Mowing says:

peace out bro.. yo yo yo.. and Merry Xmas 😉

Shane Bretey says:

I suggest find a good battery repair guy in your area. I have a good one, bought a Milwaukee impact 18Volt wrench tool, battery, charger and case for $100. Batteries are cheap if you go to a good battery place.

samz1069 says:

You never even touched on how clean electric is! Breathe in that two-stroke mix with gas for 40 years is it your health or something!

TnShooter0083 says:

I prefer the battery powered Kobalt 40v I use this year.
No gas to stop and fill up. Quiter on residential sites. And easy enough to keep charged.
I only use the gas on super heavy thick stuff. Or jobs that require extended periods of times where I can’t charge a battery.

Chris Potter says:

I paid 200 for my DeWalt and it didn’t come with a battery and DeWalt wants 200 for a battery without a charger now I say f*** DeWalt pieces of s*** f*** Steel you’re not a real professional until you buy RedMax just because steel makes good chainsaws doesn’t mean they make good everything else

Rich Theory says:

Whenever I hear someone complaining about starting a 2 stroke It’s usually human error involved with the premix,  wrong ratio, wrong oil or both!

Mast Lawn Care says:

I have that same DeWalt trimmer and also have the handheld blower that way I have two batteries. I actually use the little blower quite a bit and like it when I’m just blowing off a sidewalk or a small area instead of using my backpack blower. So far they’ve been good but we’ll have to see how long they last

JD Tractor says:

I agree with you on the replacement battery topic. They will burn out, eventually, and they are expensive to replace. If you don’t use it much, battery all the time. But for professionals, I’ll stick with my Stihl:)

Braden Ballard says:

Gas all the way I’ve had batteries that I have to replace all the time so I went back to gas I guess it’s just bad luck

Calvin Thomas says:

Brian great video. I don’t think electric would last for a few years. Motors or battery’s would break down. Petrol power for me. All the best. Calvin

logdon17 says:

You had me until the replacement cost of the battery. If the replacement battery was $50, I am going electric, otherwise no shot I’m leaving Stihl.

Dale Nienow says:

I love my stihl’s

Adam Wright says:

Where did you get that jacket?

Kelly's Cut says:

I went with the Kobalt 40v from Lowes. I saw it on Lawncare for Life. 150.00 vs the 300.00 echo gas powered i hsd my eye on. Light weight and has a quality cut. Love it.

Lawn Commander says:

First off good comparison. These companies are pushing the battery thing hard (you seen it, that was all there was at GIE)but what no body is talking about is the mining and manufacturing of these batteries the carbon footprint is 100 times more than gas plus disposal WHEN they go bad, and they have to be charged and that electricity comes from somewhere

Steven Calice says:

Thinking about Snow. What about Snow blower s

adam wilkerson says:


Derek M says:

Can’t do a gas vs electric. Video..
Go check out your stihl deal for the electric battery operated products. For the real vs. Test

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