EGO 56v Cordless Hedge Trimmer HT2400 / HT2401

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geboyz says:

I like this guys

Kurt Wilkinson says:

Couple of things to consider. This is a brand new machine and the blades are razor sharp as well as the battery at its maximum. This is as good as it gets. Any piece of crap cheap hedge trimmer will cut what was cut in this video. The true test for a trimmer is under load cutting a dense hedge. If it is able to cut smoothly in this situation it should be ok. Having said that the presenter did a great job doing the video so respect. I am a professional hedge trimmer and would never use this machine or similar design whether battery or gas powered. An articulated head hedge trimmer is all I would use.

Love2boat92 says:

Really sweet machine. Its always nice to not drag around a cord or smell those fumes. I’m still a little skeptical about battery powered equipment though. I’m so used to gas everything.

Steve T7000 says:

**SAFETY ALERT** cringed at 1:52Careful my brother, don’t want to ruin those jeans ;)Thanks for the review, I just got one and love it.

christschool says:

How much were you paid for this review?

RMU550 says:

I would have liked to see it used fast on a denser hedge.

Mike Z says:

Man this hedger did really well Daniel and wow U have a huge driveway I’m jealous 😉 the ego line looks great I just haven’t pulled the trigger to get into a battery line yet I’m looking at either the Ego and Dewalt hopefully U can get UR hands on some of the Dewalt line. Thanks Daniel!!

MP Dope says:

Nice video I beginning I think that it will not have much power but when I saw how well it works I was very surprised of the power and I think that it lasts a long time notably that no one uses it every day and because 
EGO make a high quality stuff so I think that it is worth getting and how long you got a runtime of it

Brandon Wallace says:

Ego owes you some money, brother. Thanks to your thorough reviews, I purchased a couple pieces from the lineup, and am about to order my third it looks like… Thanks for taking the time to make these great reviews!

Mike L. says:

Great review and demonstration.  Excellent run time and the 24″ blade is a major plus.

DieselRiver says:

Nice to see more and more cordless lawn care products coming out. I wonder how long until Milwaukee gets in on it

Ronnie Dinecola says:

Will you be doing any reviews on any of the Milwaukee hand tools buy any chance? I have a few and think they are well built. I would like a comparision between them and like knipex, wera, klien etc. Love the videos! Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask 🙂

Bukky Adeshiyan says:

Thank you so much for this review. We just got one and can’t wait to use it

feka88nk says:

how its weight ? how hours may baterry?

Jeff Huguelet says:

Ok, so what is the final verdict – Does it have as much power as gas trimmers like the Echo HC152 or the Sthil HS 46?  Other than run time, noise level, mixing gas, carb maintenance, etc.. that everyone mentions in their video, how is its actual cutting performance compare to a gas hedge trimmer?  Can I get the actual trimming done as fast as I can with a gas trimmer?  Gas and battery trimmers seem to weigh about the same – is there a fatigue factor?

jbw5485 says:

this thing is a beast. I was extremely impressed with it. charged from fully dead battery in roughly 45 minutes. it didn’t slow down once. cut right through everything I threw at it. PLENTY of POWER!!!

Eric DuPlantier says:

Like always great review. I saw the echo cordless at HD but still not sure if I’m ready to make the switch and want to see if anyone complains with any battery issues first because I still think they won’t last very long just sitting around all winter and some in the summer.

beebop shopbop says:

I love ego products. I have their mower, weed eater and now hedge trimmer. I wish they made a battery operated gf ☹️

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