Echo HC-2420 Hedge Trimmer Review | Pros & Cons #Echoking


It’s finally here! In this video we give you guys the highlights of all this trimmer has to offer you. Going over the pros and cons and of course adding some amazing footage along side it. Enjoy another video of what I would personally call the best Echo trimmer they have! Ambro’s Landscaping – Always Original


Equipment shown in the video:

**Echo HC-2420 Hedge Trimmer –…

Price: $499.99

HC-2420 Specifications:

-Engine Displacement (cc) – 21.2
-Carburetor – Rotary
-Cutter Type – Double-Sided, Double-Reciprocating
-Starting System – i-30™
-Dry Weight (lbs) – 11.5
-Fuel Capacity (fl. oz.) – 12.5
-Consumer Warranty – 5 years
-See-Through Fuel Tank – Standard
-Commercial Warranty – 2 years
-Blade Length (in) – 24


-21.2 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine – for outstanding performance play video
-24″ double-sided, double-reciprocating RazorEdge™ blades – precision ground and laser cut for long-lasting sharpness play video
-5-position rotating rear handle for a variety of cutting positions play video
-Commercial-duty air filtration system for long engine life
-i-30™ starting system for reduced effort starting play video
-Tool-less air filter cover for easy access
-Vibration-reduction system isolates front and rear handles from the engine and gear case for operator comfort play video



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artmart says:

I had so many problems with that 152 that i will never buy another one…

John Philip says:

nice video bro..seems like the people who dis like your echo videos r jealous cause of the tools u getting lmao

Kurt Wilkinson says:

Really nice videos every time. Any new trimmer is going to cut like a dream at the start whilst super sharp. As the blades get blunt and sloppy with use then it is not as much fun. A resharpen will help but it’s never the same as a new machine due to the play between the blades from wear and tear. I personally would never use a designated hedge trimmer like this due to their poor weight distribution and limited reach(I generally trim hedges 7hrs a day 5 days a week). I only use short and long shafted powerheads with an articulated head attachment. I much prefer to make the machine do the work than my back. What’s more if you are starting out a multi tool is a more versatile and cheaper option compared to a decent quality brushcutter and hedge trimmer bought separately.

SuperDave21 says:

What is the price range of this trimmer Please? Thanks….!

Cutting Edge Landscaping says:

It looks very professional

Beach River Landscapes says:

looking at these too

CSF Contractors says:

Why do echo send loads of people stuff to test

Michael Orrico says:

Absolute amazing videos. Quality. Shots. One of the best on YouTube. Love your videos. Especially riding shotgun

N&C lawn care says:

Hey nice video is it too late to hand out flyers for lawn care and also if you cut a persons grass and they are not at home how can you get paid

jerry gomez says:

hey man would you recommend me this one or the shiwanwan trimmer for best landscape? , thanks

Beach River Landscapes says:

nice…. I’ve been considering one of those just haven’t decided yet. killer review bro

Sullivan Lawn Care says:

Get a Stihl!

Chad Sample says:

why would i buy it if i have to keep chsnging the spark plug every time i use it

Superior Lawn Care says:

nice machine
good review. i have the echo hc 152. i love my hedge trimmer.

Groundskeeper, LLC says:

Nice machine but I’m in same boat those kill my back and I use the SHC models.

B&B Lawn Care says:

Sweet video!

Hey what kind of slider do you use?

Ja son says:

i’m using the echo 58v battery powered hedge trimmer. battery is the only way to go for hedge trimming now days.

Four Seasons Landscaping says:

What do you do when you have to double cut lawns because the grass is long and leaves bunches of cut grass.  Do you charge extra?

Grass Daddy says:

that handle does look nice..

Mow Better Lawn Service says:

looks so much fun to use on those pine hedges lol. Nice video

Lucky Landscaping says:

Awsome Review!!

D and J Gardening Lawn and Hedge Care says:

Hi, we use an echo single sided (blade) hedge cutter and although it is quite heavy it does a great job. We also use sthil tools and to be fair both makes do the job they are designed to do very well .

Jeff's landscaping Lawn care says:

How much is it

Sev Rog says:

For that price its better to get the shc-225. Way better and easier to use then this style, no back breaking because you can reach bottom with out banding, same with reach. Short enough to use on small shrubs and long enough to use on 6 foot bushes… Holding shc is much more comfortable on your hands in the end of the day. Love your videos! Keep it up!

Franklin Jarrett says:

First off let me begin by saying be saying you are doing an amazing job making your videos and I see your future heading towards video production. Now I must ask there is nothing you would change about a machine that according to you only has a 30 minute sparkplug life after 2 failed plugs. While I highly doubt that was Echos design intent and you probably got a lemon I know I would take pretty big issue with it. This would of been a con deal killer for me and you brush it off as what appears that you are hoping Echo will just keep sending you free stuff, your reputaion is more important than a couple free items. I love your videos probaly your reviews the most as you put a lot of time into the production and it shows I am just starting to take issue with the relability of the reviewers claims. Keep making great videos as you have a great future head of you.

Cutting Edge Landscaping says:

How much? Also how did you get it for free?

danielbrown inc says:


Brandon Shreve says:

that creepy smile at the end of every sentence drive anyone else crazy?

Michael Cantrell says:

Sprak plug hehe nice review keep them coming and thank you for taking the time to enlighten us!

Michael Orrico says:

Love all of your videos. Expecially riding shotgun. Absolutely amazing quality video and some amazing shots. I love echo and am using echo to start of my lawn and landscape company.

Brock Thomson says:

With a spark plug that looks like that you can just use some emery cloth and clean out the gap.

Greg Jordan says:

those trimmeres look preatty similar to my stihl trimmers i like them alot but the stihl are like 12 lbs or something haha so there a little heaver but really nice i like them

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