ECHO 2420 Hedge Trimmer Review – What Are My Thoughts On It?

Hey gang, wanted to take a few minutes and finally get to my review on the ECHO 2420 hedge trimmer. As most of you guys know, we were sent this item for review and demo, for being a part of the ECHO UAG (User Advisory Group) in 2017.

I will have to say, the timing couldn’t be better. I was in the market for a new hedge trimmer, and I was already eyeing the ECHO HC-152. I talked things over with Jason Ambro who knows his ECHO equipment, and he told me to grab the 2420 instead, and I’m glad I did.

This thing has a 21.2 cc engine, and a 24″ cutting blade. The 2420 also has a front facing exhaust, anti-vibration springs, and a rotating handle. This one retails for $500. I believe you can make a ton of money pruning and hedge trimming, and although it’s a couple bucks for one of these, there’s no doubt in my mind that a few decent sized jobs can pay this off in no time.

If you guys have any questions on the equipment, comment down below. Love to hear your guys thoughts. Do any of you currently run an ECHO 2420, or are in the market for one soon? Shoot me a comment down below if so!

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Richard's Property maintenance says:

I bought a husqvarna 122hd about 5 years ago great machine. it also has the exhaust out the front very cool design. but I do still live my echo products maybe because I only live about 2 hrs away from them lol. great review

markthomasbuilder says:

Hey Brian, great review! I own a Stihl HS-56C. I’ll have to go look at it and see what the exhaust setup is and see it’s pointing down.

Toro Todd says:

I run the echo SRM 225

MrFOSKEY5152 says:

I have a hc-150 that I’ve used for about 7 or 8 years..still running great

Brian's Lawn Maintenance says:

Hey guys, do you currently run the 2420 or any other Echo hedge trimmers? Comment below, love to hear what you guys run.

Mowtown NI says:

I have 2 Maruyama trimmers, excellent machines, very similar to Shindiawa, though I do fancy the Echo single sided trimmer with 40″ blade.

Ambro's Landscaping Inc. says:

Great video man, glad you went with that trimmer

JAMRV kids says:

For $20.00 more would you get the 3020 hedge trimmer? Thank you.

Andy Davis says:

Spray wD40 on the blades when your done , it will clean up them and keep sharper

Beach River Landscapes says:

I wanna add one if those soon as I can

Corrie Dunstan says:

I have this hedge trimmer it’s great I always use rather this or my stihl trimmers. The handle twists round on this model.

MrFOSKEY5152 says:

I did pinch my thigh once while hedge’t do it

Rufus LC says:

Great video Brian! I’m probably about to pickup an echo polesaw!

AndysLawnCare andOutdoorAdventures says:

Sweet hedge trimmer. I only have 3 bushes, and only have an electric black and Decker. I’m within 50 feet of an outlet. Not worth buying a gas one for me. If I was in your position, I would buy the 2420. Solid built unit. Echo makes great machines

Rell Monger says:

i never thought about U can cut your leg. Kool thanks

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