DeWalt 20v Max Hedge Trimmer Review (Thick Brush)


Kyle Kekic says:

I have one, it is a great tool. So much nicer than having to mix oil and gas, do the other gas engine things. The battery life on the 5Ah battery is very good; I was able to do 6 evergreen hedges and 2 rhododendron bushes at my house easily on one charge.

D. Commisso says:

Hi, I am thinking about getting this trimmer and one of the 20v blowers. Do you still recommend these products? The 40v system is a little too expensive for me now. I figured the 20v would be fine. How long do you find the batteries last? thank you

Technics Guy says:

Hey great vid, I have the UK/EU 18V. I also made a little video but didn’t show it in action
Does yours defiantly have a variable speed trigger? mine is just on or off.
I dont think the hedge cutters are brushless, the motor looks normal and dewalt always put loads of brushless stickers on it if it is
i am also looking forward to seeing the milwaukee line up next spring

tyau1234 says:

Whoah, safety bro… wear gloves and longer pants bro.

Swishdawg Gaming says:

What camera do you use, that thing is a freaking tank.

Mow's Lawn & Iron says:

Pretty thick stuff for a electric trimmer. It did good!

CARL B Gedeon and Gabino Diaz lawn care service says:

I like this

Joe Glassbrenner says:

swinging that like an ax. let it cut.

Grass Daddy says:

I got to use one of these for a whole 3 seconds! The battery died, the guy who let me use it forgot to charge them after he used it lol

D. Commisso says:

Could you trim the same bush using the Stijl and dewalt to compare how both of them preform. Thanks. I either want to get the dewalt or the hs45.

Benjamin Bodnar says:

I’d like to see how it performs when the whole blade (or nearly the whole blade) is under stress at once. Boxwoods, loropetalum, cleyera, thornless hollies (ilex), yews, or spirea would all be good plants to use as a proving grounds. I have used hedge trimmers in the past that were razor sharp when brand new, but they just knawed away at shrubs, leaving a very ragged appearance. The design of the trimming tines was flawed. The hallmark of a competent hedge trimmer is a crisp cut no matter what is being trimmed. I’m sure you are aware of this–I’m just saying. Also, what is the blade comprised of? Cheaper steel, or a quality steel with a higher boron/carbon content? These are all things to factor into the price of the unit to determine if it is a good value.

Tyler Stump says:

Hey it would be cool if you did a battle off between the dewalt hedge trimmer and your stihl 56. That would be cool!!!!

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