Black And Decker Cordless Hedge Trimmer Review

I did an unboxing of this cordless battery powered hedge trimmer in the spring of last year – and now, here, finally, is the review of it.
Best price on one here

Here is the horrible unboxing I did of this product – if you can sit through this you are my hero:


Jake The Lawn Kid says:

When showing footage from Indiana, I realized me in the corner of the frame just trying to get a behind the scenes glimpse, good times we had

Croz 1007 says:

I have the corded version and it is a beast. It pretty much cuts anything. It is a much better product than the B&D Cordless drill set I got years ago.

Me says:

birthday is coming up and now I know what to all for, chaps. thank you sir.

Mirko Meinl says:

2:32 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Anthony Papa says:

This trimmer works great. I got the corded version for $49. Good tip on spraying the blade.

Jake The Lawn Kid says:

I was wondering “what about the worx trimmer?” Then I realized that’s it’s sitting in my garage

Gravel Back Mechanic says:

You’re so angry when you can’t find stuff! At least you didn’t throw the wreath over the fence so your neighbor would have to deal with it. Those Echo chaps are pretty sharp looking, I would definitely sport those every chance I had. Looking forward to your weed control video.

LuckieThePit says:

Skip to 4:14 if you wanna skip to when the Hedge trimmer actually gets used.

EuroYard says:

Was hoping you’d do some palm tree pruning while at the beach 😉

mmacejko929 says:

Thanks for the review. I was hoping you were gonna finish the review of this trimmer. Looks like a winner!

Gixer750pilot says:

Hi Allyn, been watching you for the past couple of weeks and I can’t wait to put your tips into practice here in the UK, once the rain stops and the spring arrives . I have a couple of questions, it’s been so mild this winter here in the UK I’ve not stopped cutting my lawn, I think I last had to cut it xmas even and I’ve not cut it since purely down to it being so wet. Is it ok to cut this late in the winter or should I leave it?
Question 2. When you applied the weed killer in your new front lawn, you used a piece of board to define a line between your property and the gap between your neighbour( think you called it an escarpment) can I ask why you don’t give that front part the same treatment ? Especially with those support cables in the lawn it would make it look bigger. Thanks for your time reading this

jeff 6472 says:

67° chilly? Rember back in indiana 27 °

Darkdragen928 says:

do you remember what types of shrubs you had at your old place they looked full and im looking for something like that

Dario Gomez says:

I was about to buy the echo 58v hedge trimmer but it weighed about 20lbs. plus it costs $269. so I went with this unit that only weighs around 7lbs. glad I went with this unit.

Reys Landscaping says:

Nice video

yowmemperor says:

You forgot step 2 in care. After than Blaster, light the blade on fire and then run it… at least that’s what I imagine should be in the instructions…

Aidan Garrod says:

no way am I wearing traps, what if a hot girl walks by… my chances would be severely diminished. I have the B&D Battery strimmer GLC3630 it was good but I had to buy multiple heads as the thin plastic wore out v quickly and eventually the head itself f**ked and it won’t catch string anymore so I got me a Stihl 55 multitool nice and light with the strimmer attachment KM-MB working good so far. Also the battery didn’t charge in the cold over winter I had to take it inside to warm up. Oh and not sure if the power was really there either but for cutting grass it was fine.

icawn says:

i also have the B&D hedge trimmer, blower, and weedwacker. i love all the interchangeable B&D 20v tools. the drill & driver are a terrific value. your blower looks like the 40v version though.

Eric's lawn care tips says:

Hi LCN when do u think you could send me couple of LCN stickers the big one and couple of small ones thx

Latoya Williams says:

What kind of leaf blower do you have? Was there a video? I need a nice small gas powered one.

Sal Ad says:

I was wondering, I have the Honda GX25 for commercial use but it does get cumbersome and painful in tight spots due to the weight. I think I may get this as a secondary. Do you think it will last man?

Flash Lawn Service says:

did yours come with a charger. I might buy one.

Chowdy Chopz says:

St Pete Has A Great 4th of July fireworks display… I was there back in like 2008

sid sidney says:

looks like a pruner i could actually use! ones i have seen are too heavy and bulky for me to operate. good price too!

StarMan says:

Seeing you in those blaze orange chaps brought two words to mind. Village People! Ha, ha.

Dave Woodson says:

another great video. I bought one of those this year as well, but I don’t wear the chaps. I am in Indiana and I don’t care about my life. So, I don’t care about safety as much….

Pet Rock's Garage says:

Great video. Those chaps are a good look for you. I think they make you look taller. 😉

P Wor says:

Too bad I just ran across your youtube channel . I live just north of Tiberon . Could of had some in person tutoring!

Ulysses says:

Its 10 degrees in Milwaukee right now, I let my wife talk me out of a job in st pete, I could deal with 67 right now with no hesitation. We probably could’ve been neighbors.

ggyn876 says:

Hi Allyn, could you please check your direct message on instagram. Thanks.

Eric's lawn care tips says:

Lawn care but when do u take your Christmas lights off

P Wor says:

By the way, I have this trimmer and my wife uses it . It works great and saves me a lot of electric cord repair !

Wayne Essar says:

Cool tool!
I need to use a combination cleaner and solvent on my trimmer because I use it on pitchy or resinous shrubs.

Something 2LookAt says:

Small world, I just reviewed the 40 volt model. Same thing, crazy light. I did 2 full trim jobs, 24 min and 40 min and both times still had plenty of power left. Light enough to trim with your arm straight out. I love it. Goes toe-to-toe with my gas trimmer.
Well so much for the Magnolia wreath. lol. You’re a trip.

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