Check out my comparison video of the Stihl HS 56C Gas Hedge Trimmer to the Worx 56V Hedge Trimmer WG291. Please comment down below with your preference.


Ryan Hunt says:

Sthil are best

Krupp Ratte says:

I already prefer Gas as opposed to Battery or Corded Electric tools, good video, I’m sharing that. Heck, I got a Stihl FS-90R weed whacker, I can just replace the trimmer heads, got a weed trimmer head and a hedge trimmer head, you can cut trees the size of your thumb with the gas Hedge trimmers and with the Hedge trimmer attachment for a weed trimmer, the Stihl Trimmers have a wider gap in the teeth than the Trimmer attachment for the weed trimmers, but with the attachment, you can do a 12 foot tall hedge, without a ladder, if your 6′ and can trim with one hand for more than an hour at a time, as far as the normal person, it works good though.

Scott's Lawn Mowing says:

Why does the Stihl cost $400 my Echo hc152 cost only $300 I personally only use Gas Echo equipment, but you have to buy the real high end Stihl ones for them to work out for you fine, I bought a MS 180 Chainsaw worst piece of equipment ever after 1 year it doesn’t even work right and been in the shop 2x none of my Echo equipment has ever been in the shop at some point I may use the Stihl FS 90’s or 100’s trimmers but as far as buying low end you get what you pay for.

Priority Cutz Lawn Care | Lawn Treatment, Lawn Cutting, Lawn Service,Lawn Care company says:

i like both

captain chaos says:

i use echo gas hedge trimmers love them

Priority Cutz Lawn Care | Lawn Treatment, Lawn Cutting, Lawn Service,Lawn Care company says:

One of the biggest difference is the teeth gap. On the gas power your teeth gap gives you better cutting vs the electric with a lesser gap for cutting

james campbell says:

battery just got one  ready to use it

David Buckley says:

good video very helpful thanks

kdwb32 says:

I would lean toward the battery powered for home use. If I was a landscaping contractor or did commercial work, maybe the gas for quicker work and the fact of no charge needed. I do like them both. Very good comparison video.

Brent Hill says:

EGO 56V versus Stihl would be a better challenge. The EGO hedge trimmer will run circles around that Worx.

em forty says:

cordless electrics today outsell any gas makes, there are so many competition in the cordless arena that will make your head spin and its not going to be pretty for the manufactures as i’m almost sure there will be a price collapse with so many competing brands that you’ve never made cordless products not mentioning know brands making their own.

I came from the gas arena and will never go back to gas. I’ve seen in a very short time the improvements on cordless and each time you turn around a new and better and cheaper unit comes out. there is no future in gas models gas from 50 years ago is the same as gas models today nothing new just a new part number and nothing exciting, Now all gas manufacturers have their own cordless versions because they exactly know where the future is going and where the market is. gas is dead

Rory B says:

Why are you using a cheap electric/battery powered cutter and a top end petrol one this is not how a comparison works

vzmpiro 109 says:

For me Stihl is life, no matter the price, a stihl tool you will keep it for life

John Bailey says:

We have 2 stihl hedge trimmers and 1 shindaiwa and 1 18volt milwaukee. I always grab the shindaiwa love it the girls go for the milwaukee. We do just over 300 lawns a week so glad most of them are small yards. We do have a few large ones but things work out very well.

Steven Lee says:

Thanks for the great review. After trying the cordless Milwaukee M18 Hedge trimmer. I’m done with gas. It’s the only tool to compare to a Stihl class and compares well in my opinion for half the price.

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