Awesome Ryobi ONE+ 18V Hedge Trimmer – OHT1855R – 380

Awesome excuse to go get a new Ryobi toy,, uhh Tool, when my old Hedge Trimmer, stopped moving. so the Ryobi ONE+ 18V Hedge Trimmer – OHT1855R moved in 🙂

Link to Ryobi OHT1855R ONE+ Cordless Hedge Trimmer with HedgeSweep, 18 V (Body Only) : But It is crazy expensive???

Ryobi same thing, but a lot chaper:

Link to Ryobi 18v Batterys:
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Roy Sage says:

May be a good idea to remove the extension ladder just whilst you trim the hedge. If the hedge trimmer blades accidentally strike the ladder it could do some real damage to the trimmer. I have a Dewalt trimmer but that’s got a mains cord. When it dies I’ll buy the Ryobi one as I have four 5ah batteries. I use them in a Ryobi blower and in winter they go flat fairly quickly.

Al Campbell says:

Morten, you know what. I`m watching the blade of your trimmer and all I could think is that it would make a great High frequency high gain Yagi antenna for long distance WIFI and other snooping. LOL

Matt Herdel says:

That looks like fun. Shame I don’t have any big hedges, so I’ll probably buy the smaller Ryobi trimmer instead.

Slottsfjellet says:

Thanks for a good video !I might buy this one, as I have some other Ryobi tools.
You mention some cheaper 18V batteries that almost fit Ryobi (with a rubber band 🙂 ).
Where do you buy these batteries and what are they called?

Eivind Bergheim says:

øreklokker danske type det er smart å ha på beskytte hørselen litt

Eye Toldyoosso says:

when did you cut it ?

Kim Loane says:

Brilliant video. Very helpful. Thank you.

Jo Nelson says:

“Do these just fit fingers? Damn…” hahahaha

grumpy-whale says:

yay pfsense sad but I like watching vids about that just setup my own virtual machine. has a few issues so looking forward to seeing your video on subject

ShadowBanned says:

Ha ha, that’s one way of clearing up your clippings.

MrHarmbringer says:

“that’s really a finger cutter… why not put in a battery and test that out”. I love these videos.

physiques says:

Thank you good review can I suggest using a rake for the bulk of your trimmings instead of running them over with your mower. I think it would be faster and save the edge on your mower blade. Next video sharpening the mower blade 😉

Pål Arne Johansen says:

I looked into the model delivered with battery. Thats another model that only does 16 mm and 50 cm length. You probably did the best purchase

Kurt Wilkinson says:

Rubbish. Severely underpowered. It probably seems alright now while blades are sharp and new but it’s all downhill from here

Thomas Träger says:

You need more Power 😀 use a Makita DUH651Z

Alex Quant says:


thingyee1118 says:

Looks good. I had an older hedge trimmer catch fire in my hands once.

Jacob Horgan says:

Is it good enough to shave with? Also the cat is disappointed you didn’t catch a bird

Kim Shannon says:

Thank you. Very informative, I am doing some research on what would be a good cordless trimmer to buy. Well done, I enjoyed your video very much, awesome mower too!!

Simon Hopper says:

if u would oil ur blades it will last a lot longer. and not heat up the blades as much.

gravitygear says:

Hi Morten, great video again.

I was wondering if you have or plan on getting more Ryobi One+ outdoor tools like the blower, mower and or string trimmer? I’m in a position where I got invested into the One+ system.

JT Techman says:

Do you use proxmox on any of your servers?

Poli TeCHal87 says:

I love you and your videos, keep em coming and I’ll keep watching

Lord Xelous says:

high speed mowing… you spoil us!

grumpy-whale says:

tiny donation your way thanks for the upcoming video

thingyee1118 says:

Looks like Morten is having too much fun 😀 there will be no hedge left.

Vince King says:

Wow. it is not a saw by the way

PhreshFunk says:

18 waltz.

Hedge Trimmer says:

Thanks for sharing with us.
this is a facebook page for best hedge trimmer reviews

grumpy-whale says:

I will continue viewing but if I wanted to see gardening I would watch BBC world service,! back to servers please.

Carsten Hansen says:

I guess you are on holiday and it is prerecorded because it might be a bit late 🙂

Remember to do the outside as well 🙂

I hope you can keep the PlayHouse anyway!

thingyee1118 says:

Looks like Morton is having too much fun 😀 there will be no hedge left.

Paul Komarek says:

how long that little battery lasted? I’m thinking to get 4ah lithium plus battery for that trimmer.

frozenwalkway says:

good video. the one you bought the trigger mechanism are different. i have the one you linked to amazon. the one i have rotates so u can do angle cuts very easy. the trigger does not have the forward saftey. it has a switch saftey on on the handle. just letting you know have a nice day

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