Tool Review: Harbor Freight’s Bauer 20 Volt Hammer Drill

I test out the Bauer 20 Volt battery powered hammer drill in this video and I am not impressed.


Herb Wag says:

Thanks for this review.

fourtysix4646 says:

When it cuts out that is an overload protection feature that is common on even name brand drills these days.

kush roller says:

Do a review on the Bauer 1/4in impact man!

Ammo Man says:

Your using the wimpy 1.5 AH battery on the Bauer.
You’ll do better with the 3.0 AH battery they offer.

T C says:

You use the cut off end of a pipe for a hole saw?

David Fournier says:

Amen brother be real lucky to get a year out of any bauer product with out having to change the brushes its deff a home owners product, way to expensive. Be better off going with black and decker over bauer. Thanks for the vid

Angel Leon says:

I got the regular drill when they first came out and I haven’t had any issues at all. Some people say not enough power, batteries don’t last, they burn out easy but I must be doing something different cuz mine works really good

suicide snowman says:

I think you are suppose to use low torque setting for hole saws and peck so it clears out the chips. It shuts off to protect it’s self.

joshua morse says:

Did your parents have any kids that lived? I watched it to end, just for the laughter

mixwell1983 says:

Put drill in speed mode 1 and get a decent bit thats not dull and itll do just fine.

Just picked up the drill today (not hammer drill) and ran some 3″ deck screws to test it. Way better than the warrior which is about = to my bnd. Gona try some spade bits and whole saw bits another day. Maybe I’ll make a video.

There arent many videos showing these drills in action.

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