Ryobi sds drill review

This is a review of the Ryobi R18SDS-0 sds drill. Its not a good review and im just sharing my experiences with the drill.

I do like ryobi tools and I was about to make a video about how much I like them and there one+ battery system for there tools but im not sure I can make that video now with the experiances iv had with there newer tools? maybe I will still make the video because I still like the other tools.


Pro1er says:

I thought one of Ryobi’s One+ selling points was that the battery will cut power to the tool if either the battery or the tool is over taxed.

neil j says:

had one for over a year ,it works fine .you have to be sensible what youre asking it to do .Anyone can burn out an 18v tool wether it’s makita or ryobi.mine gets used for drilling red/ brown plugs etc , knocking tiles off in a bathroom.if you’re thinking you can drill 15mm holes through cavity brickwork or whatever ..then it’s gonna burn out.

Nige Mullins says:

+1 david shallbetter and ken dickson

Scott D says:

Never bought Ryobi so not a fan anyway but they seem ok for what they are aimed at. Here in Australia they are pretty specific about being for light DIY work. I think the warranty is even aimed that way. FWIW I have cordless for lighter work but anything heavy and I would get the extension leads out.

QuitePear192103 says:

I love Ryobi. I admit, i use a variety of cordless drills for my personal shop. Bosch, Hitachi, Bostitch. But all i use is Ryobi . Ryobi cordless Random Orbital, Cordless saw, etc. I only use Ryobi cordless on the job site. The only thing that isnt Ryobi on the job site is my Circ saw, which is Ridgid corded. It was free, can’t complain. I love Ryobi. Keep in mind, Ridgid, Milwaukee, and Ryobi are made by the same parent company. Think about it like Stanley Black and Decker. You have your basic starters Black and Decker which is Ryobi. Then you advance to Porter-Cable which is Ridgid, you use it for handyman services. DeWALT is Milwaukee. You use it on a construction site. It doesn’t matter the brand. What matters is how well it’s taken care of. Everyone has a preference. If you like what you have then go on. My friend is a DeWALT lover. I still respect him. I get a lot of shit for bringing Ryobi on the job site. Power tools are power tools.

James Gobrecht says:

I love mine! I’ve even driven ground rods with it!

Cheng Liu says:

That’s too bad. I had the older rotary hammer drill and it worked great. I drilled over 15 1/4” holes 6” deep and it worked just fine although it took 2 batteries. I am surprised about your experience with the circular saw. I have one just like that and it has worked great, even when I was using it regularly all day. I think you may have just gotton a lemon with that one.

david shallbetter says:

I couldn’t disagree more. After seeing this SDS drill, I researched it (a bunch!) before buying. I use it primarily for drilling concrete for tap-cons, but also do a lot of drilling bigger holes for sleeve & wedge anchors, as well as using it in chipping hammer mode with both narrow & wide chisels to clean concrete. I love this drill. Sorry you had such a miserable experience with it.

123 123 says:

use like 6 times at least never smoke…

cassiya100 says:

OK.. My van was broken into by some tea leaf stole everything, I needed cordless tools for my work and decided to go with Ryobi as I was on a tight budget.. Bad mistake, The angle grinder fresh out the box burnt out after 20 min use. The impact driver didn’t have the power to drive home the 4 inch screws yet on the box it claim to have 230nm of torque (bullshit) The drill driver spins to slow, Only the jigsaw actually worked I have now move on to Hitachi brushless tools. Ryobi is simply not for pro tradesman.

Ruben Rivera says:

i have no issues with my tools in past they were junk and now they have come a long way (2 me) I just got the 3 speed impact and might get the brushless 1 so 4 money ( 2 me) they r worth it

Flaggyt says:

I think it’s for the best if you hire someone to do your diy stuff. Somehow I get the feeling you are having trouble using the tools and don’t have a feeling for when a tool reaches it’s limitations and yes they all have limitations dependingon price range.

123 123 says:

I had one 3 months now…never had a problem

mrangry65 says:

I’ve had my SDS drill for a while and it’s never caused me an issue and I use it fairly regularly.

Ken Dickson says:

I have a number of Ryobi 18V tools and I’ve not had any issue with any of them.  At 0:50 you show the drill smoking with a chuck adapter fitted.  Why are you using a chuck adapter in an SDS drill?  If you’re not drilling masonry, use a normal drill, if you are drilling masonry use an SDS drill.  If you don’t you are liable to break the drill, maybe burn it out.  At 1:10 you show the drill with an SDS bit that must be 600mm long.  That is liable to overload the drill.  If you are going to do something like that, accept a £130 SDS battery drill is not the tool to use.  I’m not sure it’s the tools at fault here.

Marvin Eid says:

You got a bad batch, I have this SDS drill and its fucking beast! Don’t talk shit about it because you personally had a bad experience with it! Fuck boy!

Kleo 84 says:

Thumbs down. This SDS Drill isn’t made for the extreme work you’re putting it through, That’s why it burns up. This SDS is for a basic DIYer. Small fixes around the house. If you want an SDS that’s heavy duty, get a Boschh.

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