Ryobi P214 / P1812 18V One+ Hammer Drill Review

Review of the Ryobi 18 Volt One + cordless hammer drill driver P1812 features and performance

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This is their newest 18 volt hammer drill with 600 in lbs of max torque

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mateollios 67 says:

Just bought the drill yesterday and found if you keep the torque setting under 8 and switch on drill setting you can hardly here the electric brake .

knockmyfeeling says:

on;y have one question .does this drill driver light stay on for 5 – 10 seconds? when presh botton?. if not i would definitely not going to buy it..

Aktivly on the road says:

I just bought this Ryobi 18 volt drill at Home Depot. It was on sale for $99. I have not used it yet. But it looks and feels great. Thanks for the review 🙂

Forester226 says:

Excellent review mate. Have you got the Ryobi brushless hammer drill on your list to review?
Also, out of interest, what would be your two most recommended power tool brands (Milwaukee & Makita?) and where does Ryobi rank against the other competitors?

patmsb1 says:

I paid $100.00 plus tax.

coolvideo28 says:

I just got it at Home Depot for $99

John D Pappas says:

I’ve been comparing all the different impact and hammer drills recently, and find your reviews spot on! In fact, as a result of this and others you’ve done on the Ryobi One+ line, I’m heading out today to pick one up…as I’ve also owned older Ryobi drill/drivers that worked perfectly fine for my needs, and already have 4 of the One+ batteries.

if you had a link for earning some credit or discount, I’d be happy to purchase it through your link….

MrEdSnapshot says:

Just bought this little beauty! EXCELLENT REVIEW!!! I have enjoyed to other Ryobi cordless drills in the past, one was a 12-volt and the second one was an 18 volt. But this beauty is probably going to be around for a long time. I loved my 12 volt but it just wasn’t enough juice to last job I was working on in the 18 volt was a multi kit with screw gun and compact circular saw. Those are used until the batteries died… Ryobi is oftentimes considered DIY but honestly, I think this one can easily and confidently be placed next to the higher costing names and hold its own in performance and durability. I got mine for $99 at HD which I think is the same price I paid for the 12-volt many many years ago so if nothing else, this baby blows the 12-volt out of the water! one thing that I’ve always wanted that this one has is a built-in light and although it is located down by the battery and not up by the clutch area it is angled up and still illuminates the work area where you are drilling very well. Great video and great description of everything!

Slave Of Souls says:

Hey dude awsome reviews =)I’m a big fun. Have you tried already RYOBI Brushless hammer drill?? In Europe it calls:R18DDBL dunno bout America.I’m considering to buy one of RYOBI drills for now I’m considering P1812)in Europe It’s R18PD) and the new brushless RYOBI hammer drill R18DDBL.Unfortunately In Europe both of theese models are almost same prices but as far i know brushless technology is still not tested enough.Any advices will be apriciated!! Thanks in advance.Best regards and keep up a good work ! ! !

Edison says:

I have that Ryobi Hammer Drill. P1812

Rohit Pathak says:

Sorry if I sound silly, but if I have this hammer drill then do I need regular drill or impact driver? Just trying to avoid redundant tools if possible

Jeremy Neill says:

Hey Ryobi- because of Javier I will be buying this drill. Perfect review as usual and exactly what I needed to know- the specs, chuck wobble sitch, and the stats. You tool companies need to put Javier on your payrolls because we get our info from independent reviewers like my main man J!!! His quality of video production is currently the best on the net. I look forward to everyone.

Hamza Lateef says:

hey xavier do you know how many blows or bpm it has thanks

GRASS898 says:

hey boss. I appreciate your videos. Would recommend this drill over the Ryobi 750 lb brushless version (p1813 i believe) ? you mentioned in that video that the 750 seemed more powerful but the safety kept kicking in. I can see where that could be real irritating. curious about your recommendation. and thanks again

C S says:

I just bought this drill at home depot. $99 less $25. amazing for a $75 drill. This was a fantastic review. thanks

crosier 357 says:

Where have Al your videos gone, and why do you disable comments on the couple of new ones you put up?

TechTick says:

The only proper review on ryobi cordless drill. Nice work and thanks for the review!

Rosa Collazos says:

Currently on sale for $99. Amazing deal!

xV3T3R4N GAM3Rx says:

Will you be reviewing anymore ryobi 18v tools ?

Hamza Lateef says:

xavier nice review can you do a tool battle with the xph06 vs the milwaukee 2702-20 thanks

sam 210 says:

I meant brand

1hjehje says:

Nice drill .. thank you for the review!

MustacheVerra says:

Great review as usual. Thanks.

Edited: Just want to point out that the music was too loud at time and i had a hard time hearing what you were saying. Very useful review none the less.

Jon E. Groove says:

Great review! Thanks!!!

Wilbert Mora says:

buen trabajo javier como siempre me gusta el taladro es mi proxima compra

Ian Ide says:

As always, love your reviews man. Just wanted to let you know that your time is appreciated.

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