Ryobi P214 18v Hammer Drill Review

I received this Hammer Drill for free to evaluate.
This Hammer Drill is quite a bit beefier than my other Ryobi drills. It has an all metal chuck which is nice, and it has a light on the front, which none of my other Ryobi drills have.
It can take a full 1/2″ drill bit, so I can use anything I want with it. It has plenty of torque to get the job done. The addition of a handle is nice, since the drill has enough power to rip itself out of your hands. I am not a big fan of the handle consisting of three pieces though.
The drill has all the features you would expect in a Hammer drill, but I don’t know why they made the markings on the drill so difficult to read. Contrasting colors would have been nice.
I really like this drill. I have an M18 fuel, and I couldn’t really notice any difference in power between the two.


Wild Goose says:

I got a handle with my Milwaukee. It clamps to the metal portion between the mode selector and the gear switch.

No Hippie BBQ & Cooking says:

very nice comparison between the two

Chris DIYer says:

1/2″ drive hammer drill…would dig having one. I do the DeWalt 20v system…but, that Ryobi looks pretty awesome. Looks like you are having fun! That torque looks like it could rip your hands off or break your wrists. Those T25 deck screws (self drilling) are the best.

sam iam says:

There really is a huge difference between drilling or cutting with the grain vs against it. performing your test using the end grain is really a useless test.

Sparky Mahoney says:

Great review, FF, thanks for that. As a DIYer I love the Ryobi line for what it does for the price point. And a lot of the guys in my fam are carpenters and they agree. It’s not what they’d use as tradesmen, but for the average home owner doing average home owner projects it’s the way to go. I’m just waiting for them to finally get the 18v random orbit sander up here. Do a review on those when they’re available, thanks!

rdm1518 says:

now I going to get me one of these , good video

TheKilog69 says:

I got the Ryobi like that a month or so ago Love it. I think I use it every day I also love the light. U can run that drill all day on the big battery I just had to reattach over 75 ft of fence the wind knocked loose I wore out before the drill did & yes that new metal chuck is a great improvement over the blue models.

Craig Mitchell says:

How long would a drill like the Ryobi last for ? I got a low budget Black and decker a while back and the hammer function stopped working after 2 years of light/occasional use  :/

Evodio65 says:

You did not mention that you can use the Ryobi batteries on any Ryobi tool.

Stinky Cheese says:

While it is nice to compare the two doing random tasks, the other point of comparison is lacking. The Milwaukee with its brushless motor, should make more efficient use of the battery for more work between charges and/or fewer battery recharges so the battery lasts a longer amount of time before needing replaced. A standard test would be # of holes drilled per charge, a head to head comparison of the two, providing both have batteries of roughly the same age (& recharge cycles) to make the test fair.

Additionally being brushless, no brushes or replacement motor to buy later on. Granted, this may not be so much of an issue given the low ~ $50 bare tool price for the Ryobi, BUT every time a tool breaks if you don’t have a replacement with you, the job stops.

Nalu Rash says:

I just got some Ryobi tools, taking the advantage of the holiday sales. I think they really stepped up their game with the new green tools. I really like the different tools they have on the battery platform and the price can’t be beat. Thanks for the comparison.

BetaBaumi says:

I have the Ryobi Brushless drill, i am loving it. You must test it! Torque is amazing!

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