Ryobi One+ 18V Cordless Brushless Hammer Drill Review

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2rRxlSi
Home Depot: https://www.homedepot.com/p/300225309

Ryobi’s model P251 (bare tool) or P1813 (4Ah kit) cordless brushless 18V hammer drill offers pretty good performance for the price. It’s got plenty of torque and a 1/2″ chuck for just about all DIY tasks a homeowner might face, and can handle masonry drilling too.


Demetri Microutscos says:

Ryobi equals rookie.

Phil Johnson says:

I have the old blue Ryobi hammer drill. Looks like this would be an upgrade, but probably not enough of one for me to invest in, as I only really need the hammer function infrequently. I’m in the same boat with a lot of their new brushless tools-they look good, but not enough of an improvement to justify replacing my perfectly serviceable older models, since I’m not using them on a regular basis.

ichiban2point0 says:

It’s an okay hammer drill but I may upgrade to the Milwaukee brushless hammer drill in the near future.

tensazero says:

This drill let’s go of my pocket hole drill bit. I recommend the drill/driver with hex chuck for that. One trick to locking it good is putting it into clutch mode and hold the chuck to tighten. Its OK at best, but heavy for the specs. However, it does do the job once you use a good bit.

Do people still use the clutch? Since we have impacts that is. I think that space can be used for more gearing power or removed for more compact designs.

History Rambler Mark says:

Nice review. I just bought that drill, battery and charger kit with the 3 speed brushless impact driver for $140.

Steve Evans says:

I have this tool and have been using it about a month for small home projects. I agree with everything that you said. I was actually shopping for a battery powered belt sander, after running over eating the cord (again) in my newest corded sander. The Ryobi had tag that it was free if you purchased the brushless drill. The attaching handle is really poorly thought out and I’m wondering how not to loose the parts when they are detached. The handle does not seem to and any utility.

** ** says:

I got the a year old hammer drill (green ) brushed one that I hardly use it got smoked. I had blue older ryobi cut out it smoked too….My 18v sprayer die too….I’ve Dewalt impact drill I’m using it so hard that the tool got very hot to the touch but it never smoke and working perfectly….I’m done ✅ with ryobi….

proudamericanrobman says:

Ryobi is honestly the best light duty/dyi-er tool set you can get. Part of the thing that makes it that is there low cost per tools/batteries and they have a well rounded tool options.

Ramit Inyah says:

Nice review, thanks. It’s difficult to keep up with the latest models of these tools, especially when manufacturers & stores seem to do their best to obscure the differences. This model isn’t even on Ryobi’s site, they have the p214 as the latest model, which has 200rpm less, and 150 less in/lb torque.

It’d be interesting to see those two models compared to see if these ratings actually make any practical difference.

edit: Actually I found a review from a year back comparing it to the older p214 model. Interestingly he had issues with the overload protection stopping the drill during drilling at higher speed setting as you experience at 2:05 with the 4Ah battery. The older p214 drilled those holes at higher speed without any problem, but torque on the lower speed setting was higher & performed better on the new p251. Quite interesting!

edit 2: apparently the issue may be more due to the brushless motor in the new p251 model rather than overload protection. Brushless motors tend to cut off if put under excessive stress, whereas brushed motors power through. Seems like the brushless motor really needs to new digital HP battery to handle these excessive loads properly. It may need the feedback from the digital battery to detect and deal with it.

Link to said review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1NKBaNPPXc

Daniel Gomez says:

I have the blue hammer drill and this one but right now the ridgid is a batter deal than this ryobi for the holidays for 50 dollars more you get the impact and a free tool and a ridgid brushless hammer drill with2 1.5ah batteries for $79 dollars and lifetime warranty with ridgid great review

Mr Panda says:

Would the m12 drill be better than this?

Pro1er says:

LOL, I just watched a video where the guy said he can’t stand you. I like your videos Nate, they are fairly comprehensive and you are not afraid to point out the bad as well as the good.

Cordell Willis says:

I love an honest review. Thank you. I have Ryobi tools that I love and was considering this hammer drill to replace my corded Makita, but I think I will pass on this. You pointed out issues I didn’t consider such as the handle. I don’t really need a hammer drill but I figured why not…. but not anymore. Again, thanks for the clear and honest review. It was fair.

Pro1er says:

I agree with everything you said and would like to add that the thing I dislike the most is that you can not position the handle where you want it since it does not rotate. Also, Ryobi says the chuck is all metal, well except for the plastic part at the base ;-p
I drilled out a stump with it about a month ago and it did work pretty well with the 6Ah battery. Home Depot has some _incredible_ deals on this drill when purchased as a package.

As a side note, have you noticed that Ryobi has been raising the prices of their tools?

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