Ryobi D620H 5/8 in” Hammer Drill “Review”

I bought this form HD for a great price and works really well, I would suggest to anyone that needs a Hammer Drill but doesn’t use one all the time.

Powerful For the price I have used this with Tapcon, and Bosch Blue Daredevils. It works Great, and I like the Speed adjustment on it. I have used to for general masonry and Drilling into lime stone.


Mainstreet USA says:

I also have this drill. It is a very powerful drill, and with metal gears and bearings, it is also a very durable drill. Excellent contractor grade tool, especially for the price. That being said, Ryobi lists this as a “5/8 inch hammer drill”, because it is rated to drill a 5/8″ hole in concrete. It does not have a 5/8″ chuck. It has a 1/2″ chuck. Just a clarification.

elevatorman013 says:

How the hell do you work with that sloppy ass bench

pcproff says:

I was going to go Milwaukee but saw your video and you saved me $120

cbrooke16 says:

This was very helpful, thanks for this!

handyboy2000 says:

This drill is a complete piece of crap. It will not drill into hard concrete. One star.

lebnen143 says:

andrew wan to ask you im was looking for a drill to the roof its out of sement betong to hang up a bunching bag you think this drill have the power to do so ?

Alejandro R says:

Buen taladro . Lo use para concreto , para metal y se la rifo el taladrito . Tiene para velocidades variables . Reversible y rotomartillo.

Executive Action says:

I can’t help but to comment on this drill.   Firstly, I’m 50yrs old and have used a few dozen drills in my time.  This particular drill is the most awkward drill I have ever come up against.   Yes, the price is right but the prospective buyer should maybe go down to home depot and check out the feel of it in your hands and try to envision the chores you’d like to use this for.   Then try the feel of another comparably priced drill. 

Here’s my assessment:   All the weight of this drill is foreward of the drill handle which makes it want to fall forward, you might presume you can just hold the handle firmly to steady it however the drill button is going to restrict one or two fingers from holding this drill up when drilling laterally.   I debated returning this and probably would have if I could drive.   This requires the use of a chuck to tighten the bits but seems to hold the bits well.   As for the adjustable speeds….well, it could be a tad more smoother but again, for the price I guess we can’t complain compared to the 2 or 3 other makers our country has a choice of nowadays.

On a scale of 1-10
Price   9
Quality 8
Overall misc. gripes   2

kneedeep says:

For the money it is a deal 🙂

Alan Norcott says:

Hi great video,you made me go out ans duy this drill 🙂 One question and I know it sounds dumb so forgive me. To select hammer drill mode is it when the selector is over the hammer icon and the drill icon is visible or is it vice versa when it is over the drill icon and the hammer icon is visible. I have never used a hammer drill so I can’t tell by feel when it is engaged. Thank you

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