Ryobi 18v ONE+ 1/2″ Hammer Drill P214 / P1812

Get the Ryobi P1812 Hammer Drill Kit at Home Depot here — http://goo.gl/6OHxiE

Full Written Article here — http://www.realtoolreviews.com/ryobi-18v-one-12-hammer-drill-p214-p1812/

** Bare tool (P214) not available at this time! The kit is the only way to get it! **


Hilbert Eichel The Unteroffizier says:

That drill looks like my standard drill but with a handle

JJ J says:

Great Review Man

Boyd Tsosie says:

can’t knock a ryobi at all. great tools for those of us who are on a budget. my old set lasted 5 years, finally upgraded to the +1 set. can’t complain. great review and video

TmAn0517 says:

wonder how it’d do with the 4ah battery

Sean McLaughlin says:

Great drill the price made me guess if it was worth getting something better but exceeds expectations

banditman0000 says:

Love ryobi i have a ton of there tools and they all work great!!

Osvaldo Padilla says:

Well done…. Great information. Thanks

Steve Merritt says:

These are great tools that you do not mind letting the neighbors borrow!

Collin DeSota says:

you should review the brush-less Ryobi hammer drill. its much more powerful.

Tim Wainz says:

The bit holder doesn’t work on mine you put it in there to lose it

Jake Angelini says:

Ever think about reviewing more of this line? Thinking about buying the new hammer drill.

bloodystephen920 says:

premium???? like Milwaukee lol

luddaman924wsi says:

+Real Tool Reviews what is your personal favorite drill?

omar mondragon says:

Can you do a review on their brushless model.

vince King says:

My Ryobi multi drill is good apart from the hammer function. I don’t use it at full speed in fear of overheating the bit(I have a sprayer know). How much pressure should you put on a multi hammer drill please. Mine isn’t as powerful as yours.

Wild Goose says:

Great review! That’s some pretty impressive runtime from a compact battery. No doubt with normal use and two batteries you could run all day. I’m also impressed that it drilled that big hole with relative ease and quite quickly. Given the price and the range of tools, Roybi is hard to beat for even the serious diyer.

George S says:

Nice job

GigaDonk says:

Can I use this to drill into some persons house when they’re not home and fill it snakes?

Bogdan Aktamakov says:

Could you do a review on Ryobi cordless SDS vs hammer drill? Would be awesome! Thanks in advance!


I’m sure you get this a lot but when can we see a shop tour?

nicholas rizzuto says:

I bought one of these things for cost reasons and it’s served me well.

rpardz says:

Great review – that little magnetic tray is a fantastic idea

Davo Larranga says:

Great review.

C S says:

I got this drill for $50 after all
discounts at home Depot

Leonel Alanis says:

Enjoyed your review. Exactly what I was looking for before I go to purchase a new drill.

Ruben Rivera says:

4 those of u thumb downers I used this drill beyond home owner like black and decker used 4 home in commercial contractor use and it held up really well (i-m-h-o). others beg 2 differ/ even the 3 speed impact and yeah it held up like makita DeWalt bosch and like. never knock

T n says:

cool review

Jonathan Trotter says:

Great video! What brand are those gloves?

Rock44260 says:

Great Review – Waiting to see a review of the new Ryobi P237 Impact that just came out. I was a Dewalt/Hitachi only contractor until I purchased a Ryobi cordless combo to leave at the houses Im flipping, so that I could keep my pro tools on the service truck. But by chance I ended up picking up another Ryobi cordless tool every other time I stopped at H Depot because of the price and tool selection. (LED light, Fan, SDS, etc.) But now – me and my crew prefer the Ryobi – and we use them every single day (Mostly with 4ah Batteries). We find ourselves laughing every day at how great they are at the price. Ryobi = great tools. No complaints here.

TheJohn8765 says:

What’s your personal opinion of the Ryobi when it’s stacked up against an equivalently priced Ridgid? They’re both made by TTI and probably share some internals, even if they’re made on different lines.

Graham Siberry says:

I do all of my own renos and do side jobs so I personally use milwaukee and mostly the fuel line but it blows me away the value that ryobi offers. If I was just a weekend warrior hands down I would go with ryobi! Thanks for another great review!


WOW very impressive review.!!

djchino says:

you are the best tool reviewer in youtube with out a doubt. thanks for the review. not the tool I was looking for but stayed for the review anyways.

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