Ryobi 18V Brushless Hammer Drill Kit (Affordable Power)

Ryobi’s 18V brushless hammer drill kit can power through cinderblock, brick and porcelain tile…plus it’s affordable at $149
Ryobi 18V Hammer Drill Kit (P1812) http://amzn.to/2mLTb6a
(affiliate link)…this P1812 kit is the older version of the P1813

We tested Ryobi’s 18V brushless hammer drill kit using a Tapcon drill bit, Bosch 1″ masonry bit and Milwaukee 1 1/4″ carbide hole saw. Watch the video to see the performance of the hammer drill.

From Ryobi-

-Brushless motor provides 50% longer runtime and extended tool life when compared to brushed motors

-Powerful design produces up to 750 in-lbs torque

-24-position clutch and 2-speed gearbox for high speed or high torque performance needs

-1/2 in. all-metal, keyless, ratcheting chuck for increased strength and durability

-Clutch override for quick mode changes

-Drill mode for drilling holes in wood, plastic and metal

-Drive mode: for driving screws and bolts

-Hammer mode: for drilling holes in masonry and concrete

-LED light illuminates the work area and remains on for a time after trigger is released

-Belt clip mounts to both sides of drill for convenience

-Auxiliary handle assembly included for accuracy while drilling

-New and improved GRIPZONE with microtexture for optimum grip and user comfort

-MAGTRAY magnetic holder for convenient storage of screws and bits

-Dual chemistry charger features IntelliPort technology, which conserves energy when not charging battery, protects battery cells and maximizes battery life

-High capacity 4Ah lithium+ battery features extreme weather performance and an on-board fuel gauge to check your charge

-Kit includes: P251 brushless hammer drill, P108 4Ah high capacity lithium+ battery, P117 dual chemistry charger, screwdriver bit, auxiliary handle assembly, tool bag and operator’s manual


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TurboGuard says:

The fact that it comes with the amazing 4ah battery just seals the deal. That shit lasts forever.

Brian Sullivan says:

I have the same drill I love it. I just used it to drill into 4500 psi foundation concrete and install some shelving. the drill performed flawlessly. love my Ryobi tools.

C I says:

Thanks! Great video. So this is a all in one tool, i dont need to get a second impact driver? Because Home depot has a free tool if you buy this one.

Lando Cuartero - FILIPINO HOMES says:

can we plug 36v battery?

Mahir Fredericks says:

water doesn’t realy extend the life of a carbide tip

Mr Oblige says:

I only use ryobi because I’m on the Helper budget. They work just fine for heavy duty, everyday, Hvac commercial use. Don’t believe those guys who like to measure their dicks by how much they spend on certain brands… Ryobi gets the job done

frozenwalkway says:

it’s 30 minutes for the standard small batteries. the 4 amphour batteries do take longer but last much longer than the standard packs.

Divierteknia says:

Im waiting to this version arrive to europe… Not yet. I like that metal chuck

Lok Tom says:

Tell Ryobi to build a mini Sawzall saw like Bosch and Milwaukee Fuel 12 V or 20 V but use the same 18 volt One + platform.

Patrick Guerrisi says:

Ive got this drill http://www.ryobi.com.au/power-tools/products/details/18v-one-drill-kit this has a hamer option on it, does this mean I dont need this drill on your video?

Arcade Party says:

Awesome! Someday I’ll own one.

Mahir Fredericks says:

water doesn’t realy extend the life of a carbide tip

Jack Brennan says:

I have the drill driver from ryobi and it along with my impact have built many things, tables, benches, and the list goes on. this looks pretty cool and the price is really great.

George Moore says:

I bought the brushless hammer drill kit for Black Friday which included a free tool (I chose the angle grinder). I already own the Ryobi SDS hammer drill and thought this new hammer drill would be comparable. The SDS drill is a freaking workhorse compared to the new brushless hammer drill. So the brushless hammer drill is replacing my everyday drill as it’s a little smaller than the regular 18v drill. I’ll use the hammer mode for large hole saws and in tight spaces where the SDS can’t fit.

jason grimm says:

garbage, milwaukee all the way. I have the one key hammer drill, and it would wreck that pile of shit.

Andrew Knowles says:

your tapcon bit is TOAST

jwong19 says:

The manufacturer recommends to charge the battery before use. See Ryobi 18V Lithium-Ion Battery Pack P107/P108 Series Supplement included with the Operator’s Manuals (One for the 18V Brushless Hammer Drill and The other for the 18 Volt Dual Chemistry Battery Charger) under the Section “Charging The Battery Pack” Where it’s specified that the battery packs are shipped in low charge condition to prevent possible problems. THEREFORE YOU SHOULD CHARGE PRIOR TO FIRST USE…

Greetings from the Caribbean Shore of PR, with my respects.

Jmarriotti90 _ says:

Ryobi been stepping it up! Let’s be honest though.. No one cares about hammer drills. Their new brushess 1/4 impact is the bees knees

Les D says:

Yak yak yak! How about 20 sec. vid of in use. Less talk more action.

Saltine Cracker says:

Ryobi not reyobi

Jor0716 says:

That 30 minute charge is probably for the compact sized batteries

ConservativeYankee22 Barr says:

Poor review, bad tests and incomplete info

jesus Toves says:

Just bought one and looking forward to doing housework.

pccalcio says:

isn’t it better to cool the bit down in oil, instead of water ?

Ninja8642 Nerd says:

I just want to say that you are very good at making videos. You explain things with great and correct details. I am definitely looking forward to getting this drill now. I love Ryobi the most of all companies. When I got my first Ryobi I thought that they did not make there drills nearly as strong as Dewalt, but all the other features were better. Then when I looked up on amazon and found this drill, I totally was like “Ryobi is my favorite.” In conclusion I also like Ryobi and I think that you do very well on making reviews for tools. Keep up the good work.

Lok Tom says:

Tell Ryobi make a cordless vacuum stick with power brush head to compete with my house wife brands like crrdless Dyson, Hoover, Dirt Devil and Bissell.. With so many 18 V batteries available from Ryobi it’s going kick ass to the house wife cleaning tools market. Brands. After that husband and wife will shop tools together from Ryobi at the same store.

Heckee Pagan says:

I did a test ryobi drill vs.black n decker drill. Bnd is more powerful but ryobi is more sufisticated more advance lots of this and that.. More like a flashy boxer. BND like a brut boxer.

Ruben Rivera says:

a good Idea is if u can get an empty spray bottle fill it with water and spray while drilling into the brick etc or in between the drilling oh and 1 more thing ryobi goes beyond home owner I used mine with a contractor friend and it held up 4 me.

FlCardFan says:

I left Ryobi for Kobalt a few years back. Now Lowes has changed the format on the batteries making my tools obsolete as after market batteries are extremely expensive. I am now tossing the Kobalt junk and going back to Ryobi who did not change their battery format even when switching from NiCd to Lithium. Good for you Ryobi.

LLB LLB says:

Get a spray bottle to keep your water in. Works great. @11:31 I have the P214 hammer drill and the thing likes to let go of bits. Out of all the Ryobi tools I have it’s the one I’ve not been overly happy with. Hearing this tool also likes to let go of bits makes me wonder if hammer drills aren’t better left to higher end tools. Though I’ve put a fair amount of work on my P214 (Retro fitting latches/locks on 100 storage doors) and it will get some tough work done.

Jase Delgadillo says:

ryobi is garbage compared to other brands like dewalt,millwakee, and rigid. the only thing that I could think that is worse then ryobi is black and decker

Pie Dude says:

By the way, I just bought this drill. The manual for the charger says the battery which is half that size takes 30 minutes. That one should take an hour.

Qua Phan says:


jared hockenbrough says:

You need to use both hands for pressure.

C Gilland says:

how noisy is this drill compared to other brush/brushless drills?

Dirt Roads says:

Why dont you use sds plus hammer drill?

They Live says:

Would it not be better to just fill a spray bottle with water and spray the drill bit/ hole you are working on?

vince King says:

More pressure please

Stinky Cheese says:

Hmm, doesn’t include the depth gauge like the older brushed model… not even a place to put one on the inner screw-on handle piece. Not that I’d miss it much but some trade/uses might.

It’s a little disappointing that they went with the same weak LED again. It beats nothing and I like that they placed it on the base instead of the head (where it would create shadows), but in this day and age, a mere 1W LED could have been integrated over their lower powered LED for only a few cents cost difference. The difference in battery drain would be negligible.

Craig Hawkins says:

I love my 1plus Ryobi kit

Carlos Gamaliel Contreras Aguilar says:

i like ryobi but never try ryobi brushlees just the regular

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