RIDGID Gen5X Hammer Drill R8611503 – LED Chuck & 780 in-lbs MAX TORQUE!!!

The new RIDGID Gen5X Hammer Drill can blast through wood, metal, and concrete without slowing down! The awesome new LED light-ring chuck eliminates shadows & the power/performance/run-time on this rivals more expensive brushless models!

This is part of the new lineup of Gen5X tools coming out in early 2015, and they will be available exclusively at the Home Depot.

Like all RIDGID power tools, this has a Lifetime Service Agreement — Free batteries, Free Parts, Free Service — For Life! Just be sure and register your tools with RIDGID when you buy them & you are covered from day one.

More info coming soon from RIDGID — http://www.ridgid.com/gen5x/



Please get some sound deadening panels or something in your shop, sounds lime you’re screaming through a tunnel.

hajke phu says:

good review Sir!  tool guy been watching your video about tools and loving them ever since then!

Donald Johnson says:

Sign me up.

GudNat says:

What kind of punch you used to mark that metal piece before you demonstrated drilling into metal ?

ThatDudeEddiee0 says:

This video convinced me to buy the Ridgid kit!
Im a rough plumber, and today I got use every single tool on this kit. For every 1-1/2″, and 2″ holes, I used this drill on the full torque setting, and my god is this thing a monster! It was able to drill both plates and fire blocks with EASE, even hole saws to get through some nails. But I still had to bring out Milwaukee’s Hole Hawg for 3 inch holes since I have to to drill both plates and the rim joist. FML right.. The only thing missing is an angle grinder! I had to hang pipes with all thread, so I had to bring out a corded grinder. More cords and pigtails and y splitters! Ive heard the 4th gen grinder absolutely drains the battery within minutes of use, thats horrible. Any one know when Ridgid will release a 5th gen grinder?? Or if they ever will?! Thanks. really needing one.

Jordan Booth says:

That light on the drill looks futuristic lol. I’ve been wondering when a company would have a lighted chuck. The rigid hammer drill is very impressive especially not being brushless.

mesa620 says:

Hi. I recently purchased the Gen5x package. I recently just started using the hammer drill and noticed it gets very hot very quickly. This never happened with X4 hammer drill. I know brushed motors tend to warm up which is a problem people don’t have with brushless. I was wondering if this happened at any time during your usage of the Gen5x hammer drill? Thank you very much for your time.

Lee Morelli says:

What a great drill!

dvolada81 says:

Thanks for the great vid man.. just pick up the impact and saving $ now for the drill!!

Nate Shaw says:

Have you done a review on the rigid cordless rotary hammer drill?

The President of The Internet says:

Much better drill than their newer, weaker and less-featured brushless drill

deezomaxima says:

I just used my drill on installing Tapcons into concrete slab in my garage installing parking pads. Badass!!!! I used my Ridgid 12v Impact to install the Tapcon since it doesn’t have a ton of power. Less chance of stripping out the holes. Worked nicely.

Hamza Lateef says:

is it brushless

fromfattofit206 says:

Im in need of a new set my van got stolen yhe other week and got it back with no tools! All my milwaukee tools gone! Ridgid might be the best bang for the buck at the moment

Bothuhead 19 says:

Awesome tool! I love the innovative 3 ring LED. Like u said, excellent power and runtime. Im seriously loving all their gen 5 tools, they look top quality but im curious to see what kind of problems will occur out of the gate if any.

osmany feo says:

Great video

Steve Wilcox says:

A beast for battery drill.

Tim Slininger says:

How much does it weight with battery? I cant find it anywhere online.

William Shedd says:

It’s “masonry” not “masonary”

Boon Wongbar says:

why is we can see electrical spark on the hammer drill back rear?

thethrill04 says:

Any review of the Cordless Ridgid SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill coming soon?

V8 monster says:

I’ve so waited for new rigid and AEG tools . I don’t know where is the AEG news and comming up

russhellmy says:

OK review, but “inlbs” is TORQUE not power.

Cody Robertson says:

Have you tried it out with a 2 9/16 self feed bit?

ParacordUK says:

is it better than the ingersoll rand 20v drill?

Miguel Ortega says:

where did you get the adapter for the masonary bit and screw adapter ?

Miguel Ortega says:

where did you get the adapter for the masonary bit and screw adapter ?

Donald Johnson says:

I sure could use some new tools, like a nice HammerDrill.

Michael Hardy says:

1 inch bit test it hammer drill mode

Eric Nguyen says:

How easy is it to get warranty on Ridgid battery and parts? Can I walk into a Home Depot and get parts right away like the sales rep usually say or do I have to mail it to an authorized repair facility and wait a month before getting it repaired?

I’m trying to decide between the Ridgid x5 5 piece tool set and the Dewalt 20v max 5 piece tool set. They both work out to be the same price.


dexter taylor says:

do the Gen4X and Gen5X use the same battery pack ??? Great review

showntell49 says:

Any idea of the price for the hammer drill ?

EdbzNews says:

Awesome review once again,
I just wished My Milwaukee m18 fuel hammer drill had that led ring that the rigid has and that the m18 impact drill would have the Dewalt 3 led lights
That would be in a perfect world but again thanks again for the awesome review!!!!

Justin Hines says:

What boots are those?

wades623 says:

anyone know when the 5x 1/2 inch impact gun will come out?

Russ Webster says:

Great video, love the light ring. Looks like Ridgid did a good job on the Gen5X tools.

Cc Bb says:

I have one of these drills. I like it. But one particular day I was drilling a hole through some wood the drill shut off, maybe because it was too hot or whatever. It was in low gear. I tried to back the drill bit out and as I was doing so, the whole Chuck head Unscrewed. every time I try to drill the bit back out, The Chuck head would unscrew from the drill. I never had this problem with my old 18 V dewalt. This made me think about Ridgid tool line in professional use. Thinking about changing over to Milwaukee which from my understanding still have something to do with ridged.

Brian Gilbert says:


Djthunder PSN says:

I so love the led ring!!! Should be standard

OFFROAD2019 says:

I was just wondering If maybe you know what the price of the kit or just a guess

Eric DuPlantier says:

Nice review they kick ass

djinfinity09 says:

This channel is awesome. So much better than the other tool review channel I was subbed to.

OFFROAD2019 says:

Wondering about vibration I have Milwaukee 2604 and the vibration is real good to my other drills

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