RIDGID Gen5X Brushless Compact Hammer Drill R86116 / R9206 / R9205

Get the RIDGID Gen5X Brushless Compact Hammer Drill at Home Depot here — http://goo.gl/iqkpJg


Taylor Albaugh says:

Great review man!

Any idea if I can still register ridged tools even if I bought them new on eBay?

Lky Lky says:

Your video tutorial on this Ridgid brushless hammer drill is way more educative and superior than what I saw from Tool B. Your videos are precise and are highly professionally done. They are short videos and not boring at all. You actually include a lot of scientific talk in your tutorials. You match your talking points with practicals. So much like an engineering laboratory professor. I discovered your channel today and I have already learned a lot from you than I have learned from your competitor’s junky videos. Only the Sparky Channel guy matches this level of sophistication. Because of your videos on this Ridgid brushless, I have decided to consider it a must buy this week but please answer this question for me —— “Does tthe Ridgid Gen5X hammer drill overheat and then shut down?” Thanks a lot and God’s Blessings to you.

Jeff Ramsay says:

As of 2016 what is your favorite Brand of cordless power tools?

LilMissBroFist says:

Hi there, I’m new to the industry.. I’m looking to buy a cordless drill for everyday work in the shop. Typically drilling holes in various types of metal. Wondering if someone can clarify, although this is a hammer drill, it also functions as a regular drill driver correct? I don’t think the hammer function would ever come in handy for me at this point, but the brushless feature as well as rigid’s lifetime warranty is drawing me towards this drill. My other option is the Dewalt 20v max 1/2″ compact drill driver. Does anyone have any suggestions or input for me??

Av Gear says:

Yes very details review. Good job

onesimpleidea says:

+Real Tool Reviews Just wanted to take a minute to give you a compliment. I have seen a lot of reviews in general and am pretty critical of equipment and reviews. However, after only watching two of your reviews (this and same style circular saw), I am quite impressed. You check all the boxes — all features, usage facts, and real tests. Add to that your professional knowledge, organization skills, and presentation style, (and lack of irritating, blaring hard rock while you’re talking), and you’ve got a winning package!

Thanks for the great reviews! Gladly subscribed.

Clint Mills says:

Great review. Very thorough. I have been impressed with Ridgid and we have used their tools on an industrial level and some are approaching 5 years old, with the only problems being with the ones that got dropped from stupid heights. And the rubber grips wearing out and pealing off. And that’s the non brushless. I can’t wait to get the brushless impact and drill set.
Can’t believe its that many holes in concrete blocks. Wow.

pjp171 says:

The brushed Gen5x boasts 780 in/lbs. of torque compared to the brushless 700 in/lbs. of torque. So how can the brushless Gen5x claim to have more power than the brushed Gen5x?

Ryan Schindo says:

What center punch did you use

ernesto donato says:

Real tool review just bought the brushless skillsaw and driver hammer kit for 150. Sold my 4x 5 tool set and bought this ones ridgid is a really good company and I’m impressed with the tools awesome video thanks for the info


I just got this drill, yesterday.
Is it me or is brushless drill super loud?
It sounds like a mechanics air impact driver.

Jason Hull says:

Rigid has really stepped up to the plate these past few years. I have a Rigid wet/vac and that thing really has a strong vacuum. I have never used much rigid power tools, but i did buy this brushless set in a combo kit that had the drill and impact driver and 4 ah batteries for my uncles birthday. He uses these tools everyday loves them. He is like me and mostly used dewalt throughout the ages. He is a very blunt person.. If the tools were bad he would tell me. He absolutely loves his set of rigids. The runtimes in this video is very impressive. Thanks for taking the time to make a solid video.

Raj Dann says:

How bout with the 1.5ah battery in solid concrete test..

Nimz says:

Outstanding review, thank you

V8 monster says:

Hey man . you promised to check out metabo 18v grinder . but you didnt

Andy Rodriguez says:

how much tourque does the brushless have?

Bigchuck678 says:

Please tell me you’ll do a video with the impact driver!

J T says:

Telling people how to attach a belt clip is completely unnecessary.

Sean Ross says:

I just bought one of these as a kit from Home Depot for $99.99, looks like an amazing value. I can’t wait to get it!

john vonburg says:


Tgif Dad says:

how does this compare to milwaukee gen 2

George Klein says:

I am glad you make these videos. I have chosen all of my recent purchases with the help of your showcasing

usmctd32 says:

Have you noticed this drill stopping (“bogging down”)? I recently bought this drill and was excited to use it. I have an Ice auger attachment and tried using this drill to drill holes in about 18 inches of ice and it kept stopping. I would have to let go of the trigger for about 15 seconds for it to go again. I’ve used weaker drills that did the same work without breaking a sweat. I wonder if the one I got is defective….

Jeff Ramsay says:

Do you like the light built into the chuck or do you prefer it down by the battery pack?

Adam s says:

same dude that does regularcar reviews????

Chris Cape says:

are you gonna review ridgids brushless impact driver too

The President of The Internet says:

Loss of the LED chuck is a kick in the balls

Tighe Philbin says:

When is an appropriate time to use the hammer drill setting over the normal drill setting ?

Lindsay Dunia says:

I bought one on 5/5/17 (yes, I was a bit drunk too so I didn’t care about the price). I love this thing. I replaced my Ridgid 4X drill/driver that I bought around Christmas time. It was between this Drill or a Ryobi, my girl talked me into the Ridgid cause I already have a Ridgid so not having two different batteries and chargers is nice. Now I have 4 batteries, and 2 chargers. I always keep 2 in the truck and 2 at home and always have a charger.

I just need to remember to use my drill over a wrench when putting nuts on.

Raj Dann says:

hey looking to get this how is it since u bought it?

BadCow says:

Good video review, liked. I freaking love RIDID tools. Just bought this hammer drill as a set, with drill, charger, two batteries, and carry case. Great purchase.

Kobayashi Maru says:

Subbed. Excellent, thorough review! My trusty DeWalt 20V drill/driver + impact combo kit was recently stolen so I’ve been looking for a replacement and plan to upgrade to a hammer drill. I’m really impressed by the feature set of the Ridgid! Even the small things like bit holder and independent light switch. And of course the lifetime warranty on tool AND battery is amazing. I think I am sold on this.

Andy Johnson says:

Loving these tool reviews down in Alabama!

roberto lopez says:

Good video

Charlie Zellner says:

I absolutely love mine! FAR superior to any NiCad powered tool. The ONLY shortcoming it has is the keyless chuck. It needs to be grippier. Sometimes when my hands are dirty or very dry, the chuck spins in my hand. I am very happy with this tool.

Maxime Desaulniers Boisvert says:

I bought this Ridgid Brushless Hammer Drill along the new Brushless Impact Driver with 2x 2.0 Ah batteries (I think this kit is unique to Canada as the US kit comes with 2x 4.0 Ah batteries). Being a Ridgid fan, they still managed to impress me with better runtime and power. I just love these new Brushless tools. I hope Home Depot Canada will sell the 7-1/4 in Brushless Circular Saw as a bare tool. Seems amazing !! And again, nice extensive review. I always look forward to new reviews !! Many thanks !!

Landon Clark says:

just exchanged my gen 5x 5 tool kit when I got it home and realized it wasn’t brushless, that’s when I realized the brushless drill has a minimum cut in speed with the variable trigger that seems pretty high, is this supposed to be normal? it seems like the regular brushed gen5x had a lot more precise control

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