Ridgid 18V GenX5 Octane Hammer Drill with 1300 in-lbs Vs Milwaukee 2804-20 with 1200 in-lbs

The Spade Bits we used: https://amzn.to/2Tua3OH
Hole Saw Style we used: https://amzn.to/2R2K7bD
Who Is The Top Dog? – The war for the best battery operated tool is full on.  Each company is trying to top the other with specifications that push their tool above others.  Specifically, in the hammer drill segment, the torque war is intense.  Ridgid now has for sale the new 18V GenX5 Brushless Octane Hammer Drill, Model # R8611506B, with 1300 in-lbs Torque.  A few years ago that number would have been 700 in-lbs of torque for this drill.

This new Ridgid Octane Drill with 1300 in-lbs torque is the leader of the pack.  There is one other brand, Metabo, who claims the same torque numbers but at a much higher price.  Specifications of a tool do not mean that it is the best performing tool or even a player in the top performers, so we dove in a took a close look at the new Ridgid Octane drill and compared it to the Milwaukee 2804-20 that most people seem to really like due to its power and size.  If you at all curious as to who would win, Ridgid or Milwaukee, be sure to watch our YouTube video above.

Octane Drill Features
Octane tool allows the user to connect to the tool through a hyper octane battery 
1,300 in./lbs. of torque 
Two Speed 0-540 RPM & 0-2000 RPM
0-8500 BPM & 0-31000 BPM
Brushless motor 
New Chuck light to eliminate shadow around the bit
Micro clutch with over 100 torque settings
Ambi Mode selector to switch between hammer, drill and drive modes
Grip light engages light and not the drill
Backed by Ridgid’s lifetime service agreement
The Battle
Our battle is about power and the ability to do hard tasks over and over without cutting out.  While we do not show everything we did in the video due to the length of the video, we pushed both drills very, very hard.  The Ridgid Octane Drill has the Milwaukee 2804-20 in torque by 100 in-lbs but the Milwaukee has 1,000 more BPM in hammer mode.  The Milwaukee is significantly smaller.  We also think it is important to note that the Ridgid has a longer side handle and that is a hint that the power rating is probably true because the UL certification would make them have a handle within the parameters for the power.

Battery choice was difficult because of the new Ridgid Octane batteries offerings and what we had in M18 batteries.  We used every Ridgid Octane battery including the 3.0 Ah, 6.0 Ah and 9.0 Ah.  On the tests where we compared the two drills directly, we used a 9.0 Ah battery on both and we also would switch bits between each test to make sure everything was fair.  We feel the final outcome of the testing is clear as there was never once that the winning tool did not win a side by side contest.

We thank you for your support in watching our channel!

Ridgid Gen 5x Octane Hammer Drill Specs
Model Number: R8611506B
Torque: 1300 in-lbs
Anvil Size: 1/2″ Friction Ring
No Load Speed: 0-540 RPM/0-2000 RPM
No Load BPM: 0-8500 BPM/0-31,000 BPM
Chuck: 1/2″
Warranty: 3-Year Limited Warranty, Lifetime Service Agreement Eligible with Registration


Mark wilson says:


adan M says:

Between these 2 drills . I would look into weight and comfort and price as the icebreaker.

shiningstaer says:

I just want one Ridgid . They look cool as shit. I might get a set for my home use.

Jacob Garrett Heimberger says:

You should be using the High Output battery from Milwaukee in order to fully test their new tools.

Giovany Santiago says:

Really liked and enjoyed your video, great job. That said I think you shoulda used the 6AH HO battery on the Milwaukee just to make it a fair battle against that Rigid 6AH. I will bet the results would have been way different, the Milwaukee 6 HO is a beast, try it… Just my opinion.

Ap A says:

Do all Milwaukee tools batteries have play in them?

Renaissance Man says:

996 beats both these drills. Buy AMERICAN!!!! Employee Larry and Barry. Not Ping and Wang!!!!

Ryan te tai says:

The Milwaukee gen 3 is amazing it gets so hot you can heat your lunch on it

chadburns76 says:

I work in a steel mill in a very harsh environment. We have tried all of the major brands and the Milwaukee drills are the only ones that have lasted over a year. Most people won’t put their drills through what they go through out here, but they’re tough.

Mark wilson says:


Scott Scott says:

@WorkshopAddict kinda wish you guys would have mentioned what settings you had each drill on for each test.

Carl McCoy says:

I have Ridgid and Milwaulkee, 18v Ridgid platform, 12v Milwaukee platform. They are both great. I chose the Ridgid for the warranty and the Milwaukee for the compactness. The newest 12v fuel impact driver is absolutely the tool to carry with you everywhere. It is my first choice for almost everything, 3 settings for impact driver and 1 for drilling. The new hex shank drill and masonry bits work very well in this badass little tool.

707SonomaComa says:

It would be nice to see a side to side break down of both tools. What the build quality is, size of the bearing, wires and how they are all connected. Does one have dust proofing or a different fan blade? Then we could see the actual build quality.

VeryCleaverName says:

Grasshoppers, this test is not a real life test to show which drill will still be working after dropping it on it’s head on concrete from 15 feet high Or constant drops from ladders over the years because a test like this is useless when the drill stops working 1 or 2 yrs from now. My milwaukee’s are going strong after 4yrs of daily house building and being dropped all the time by my hands. My hands buy cheaper tools but end up spending more than I did on my milwaukee’s because they replace them all the time. My milwaukees are still going…..

johanna Baker says:

i would 100% rather the milwaukee but for the PRICE and LIFETIME SERVICE AGREEMENT ridgid was the way to go for just a home set of tools

WorkshopAddict says:

We have a new video out with the same testing using on the Milwaukee M18 6.0 High Output battery and the RIDGID OCTANE 6.0 battery. Check out if it changes anything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzVkIQdyXaE

Renato Selvaggi says:

Vcg should watch this video

Buckaroo Bonzai says:

I bought the Ridgid kit , the compact drill has broke 4 times. I have to travel over 100 miles to a Home Depot repair center to get this fixed. They will not replace the lemon drill only attempt to fix it and it breaks shortly after i use it. The problem is the bit does not release once I use it, I try to replace the bit and it will not release. Lifetime warranty is worthless unless you want a lifetime of running this drill to the repair shop. I have since bought the Ryobi kit and so far so good, but no extensive trial as yet. I recommend not buying the Ridgid compact lemon drill or kit, (save your money)!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas Smith says:

Ridgid also offers the lifetime warranty if you dot all you I’s and cross all your T;s

Matt Walden says:

Milwaukee looked a lot better with the 3 5/8″ self feeder….

Life Of Hick says:

But at the end of the day the Milwaukee will our last any brand on the market #mikwakuee

Dennis Nichols says:

Milwaukee pound per pound best

Connor Davis says:

Not surprised. Ridgid isn’t playing games with their octane tools.

salg500 says:

I love milwaukee tools but DAMN that ridgid is nice! Great job team orange

Tasawoq2 says:

Ridgid’s Octane batteries provide more current. Similarly, Milwaukee’s High Output batteries really provide more power. I think if the Milwaukee 6AH High Output battery is to he used in this test, Milwaukee’s drill will probably have the edge.

vxnova1 says:

I thought Milwaukee and ridged are made by the same company

Victor Labadia says:

im confused with the octane tools… are they new tools completely or is it just the octane batteries?

Matt Walden says:

Very impressed with the rigid and with the warranty…… the winner!!

Northman says:

RIDGID is best! I wish they would make a chainsaw

Nicky G says:

The Ridgid is a great drill, but anyone saying the Gen 3 size achievement is irrelevant to the findings is plain and simply wrong.

To be on or near the top of the class with by far the most compact and lightest drill is a big deal.

The new Gen 3 kit gives you the engineering and ergonomics of Panasonics most recent beautifully made 18v drills and impacts, with quite a a leap in power. That’s significant.

Brylar Pipal says:

the guy is pushing down on the ridge

Jorge Aleman says:

sorry for th emulti comments. seems like the spade bit test going onward to 7:12 had the same issue till yall did the no push partion. which seems much closer of a race.

Cody Hodgson says:

That is not “mdf”

Jorge Aleman says:

stopped watching at 6:53. i just want to point out that from the concrete drilling test i can see the knees of one guy bending and i couldnt see that form the other. blue jeans had his feet closer to the drill that suggests more downward force on the drill.the other guy looked farther from the drill so i would assume just pushing with his back instead of weighing it down.

im not a regular of this channel.
im no tool specialist.
im no carpenter or anything just throwing out what crossed my mind while watching.
very interesting video

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