Review: Harbor Freight Bauer 1643E-B Demo Hammer

For too many years I’ve been tearing up tiled floors during bath and kitchen remodels by hand. Finally I decided to take a chance on an inexpensive demo hammer made by Harbor Freight and sold under their Bauer house brand. Normally I shy away from their cheap electrical tools, but this time was different. See my complete review with actual demolition work being shown.


D Blake says:

Good review too late for my recent tile job, but wait there will be more. Thanks!

Dave Grohl says:

why do you say -your’e not going to drill with this tool?

Mopardude says:

We just got a HF within the last few years. I am warming up to them on some stuff. I like buying there moving blankets half then price of good ones about half the padding too but at that price I don’t mind throwing them on the floor or over stuff where they may get wrecked. Save my good ones for protecting cabinets or furniture. Also some consumable stuff I been getting there. Seems like all that kind of stuff is 3.99 or whatever. lol

Richard Mann says:

Now this is how you make a tool demo / review video. Excellent, excellent video. Thank you very much.

Csab says:

For the money is a good tool!

Stinky Man says:

I would not use the a Demo Hammer in “DRILL mode” when working with a pointed chisel. If the chisel were to get stuck in the work you would likely go into a low earth orbit. If you do use it in this manner make sure the video camera is ON, I really like those types of videos. It is a great masonry drill, the weight really helps. The next step up in HF demo hammers is model 1631E which has no drill mode. I run that tool with a 3″ chisel to remove tile and a 6 in mortar removal bit to scrape off the mortar, it works great. The size of hammer you are reviewing works good using the 3″ chisel for both tasks and is easier to operate in small bathrooms. On a open floor the bigger tool is nicer and can be used standing when removing the mortar.
I have and use both hammers.
For comparision:
6..6 ft lb compared to 18 ft lb hit
Speed control only on the bigger hammer.
ON/OFF switch on the bigger hammer, trigger switch on the 1643E-B.
The weight and size of the bigger hammer is about doubled that of the 1643E-B.

Csab says:

This guy sounds like John Pessy!

Jerry Sateriale says:

Good review , I was wondering if other brands of bits would fit in this beast . I’m with you on doing anything to help make your job easier and if HF tools get it done all the better .

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