Milwaukee vs.Ridgid Brushless Hammer Drill …You Gotta Be Kidding ?? LIVE !!!




Sebastian Cardone says:

Like Rigid Good tool ! Never had problem with it ! Great videos!

Playas Ball says:

the newest hammer drill from Milwaukee is 2706-20 its the one key version but same specs as your 2704-20

Liberty Evanko says:


David dpal says:

forgive me “Tool Boss ” ,on a roll tonight, LOL, but I have a Dewalt worm drive,circular saw, and here in mountains, of WNC, many guy’s don’t know what it is LOL.(side winder only), but I’m told,out west AZ.CA, guy’s only use worm drive. circular saw’s,,,,,just what heard, but if cutting thick hard wood, it’s worth the weight, slower,but pure ANIMAL on cut it !!! region’s do make a difference,like accent’s, go two hour’s in any direction,in our great Country, tool’s vary !!

Arturo Sosa says:

Couple things, what are the Models of both, 2604 or 2704 ??
Next is the ridge I like how clean makes holes but I see how much it shakes, The Milwaukee are more quiet meant to last, quality and durability

Jay Ross says:

My new m18 one key driver/impact set has some wiggle in the battery too, I really hate that, it still bugs even if the battery doesn’t fall out. Do your m18s wiggle a little too?

cole mayes says:

Hey whats up man? Havent usd time to catch a stream in awhile, but great video. And do you have any idea when the m18 fuel hakzall is coming out?

Rons Beers & Ales says:

A good video.

Waco Tx says:

battery warranty for the Milwaukee is 3 years Vs 2 for all others. Milwaukee M18 is the king.

Matt Zunno says:

The reason you are having trouble with the battery is cause the 5Ah battery is Traditionally marketed by TTI, (who owns Ridgid & Ryobi as well as milwaukee amongst other brands) as a battery for use with their more power hungry items. Like their cordless miter saws, or the cordless propane Heater. Which are gonna run through the smaller batteries faster cause they require more power to operate.

***Disclaimer*** I work for TTI as an employee at Direct Tools which is the name for their Outlet stores. So I am in contact with this merchandise on a daily basis

Silver Sensei says:

Go with Milwaukee – RIDGID scams there customers with false warrant schemes.

Andy Kolonics says:

So the 5ah battery obviously has issues but assuming your going with the 4ah batteries, comparing the 2 drills would you say the ridgid is better than the Milwaukee fuel?

Gord Thor says:

It has nothing to due with the higher AH rating, other than the fact that at a certain point 2 sets of 5 cells in parallel (double the current) are needed to attain the higher capacity. When batteries look 2 times the size,they have 2 times the individual batteries (cells) working in parallel (2 times the amps).

Froze Rekmeyata says:

I own Ridgid hammer drill and drill and never had the battery even try to come off. The one I have is actually slightly tough to get it to lock into place, once locked in it isn’t going anywhere, and it takes a deliberate firm pull on the unlock bar, for lack of a better word, to get it to come off. Mine is about 4 years old which means it isn’t brushless. The battery charge thing on mine seems to be decent considering I got the small batteries 2 ah ones instead of the large ones because I didn’t want the weight of the larger ones, but I put together a 10 x 12 deck with screws and only used 2 batteries. Granted the screws were no where near the size of a one inch borer, but it got my job done without complaints from the smaller batteries.

I know there are better hammerdrills on the market but I’m not a pro, so for the price it’s hard to beat those Ridgids, plus they come with a lifetime warranty that includes the battery? That’s what Ridgid says, it will be interesting how Ridgid handles my batteries when they can no longer hold a charge. I’ve gotten screwed on so many warranties I’m pretty sure the Ridgid brand will be no different, but the both the drill and the hammer drill has so far held up without a complaint.

Raj Dann says:

How bout drilling in some concrete….

creep life says:

For lsa to work, it may only apply for kits and/or cordless. I bought a router and they rejected it online. everything else (drills, batteries, charger) were covered.

Lance Ely says:

Epic failure for Rigid! Who cares if it has power if it keeps failing.

Joe Masello says:

My wife bought me a Hercules because she said that blue is my favorite color. I’m buying her next car

Mike Engelberg says:

Ridgid is Garbage


Wow you exposed the ridgid battery

cc bb says:

Why is this video so damn long

Whoo who! says:

I’ve never had a battery come off

Lance Ely says:

Once again, Milwaukee shows why it makes all else it’s bitches!

Jay Ross says:

Does that happen often with the Ridgid? I was watching a review on their recip and it popped out on the guy several times during his cuts.

jeffscomp says:

Both are made by the same company.

Michael Trongone says:

Do you also do the youtube channel Supreme Services Lawn Care ?

Bob Colorado says:

The only reason the Milwaukee is hotter then the Ridgid is it drilled more holes because the batteries didn’t fall out. If Ridgid can’t design the battery properly I seriously doubt the drill as a whole will hold up. Shows poor quality control. I’m not bashing Ridgid, I have their made in USA planer and I love it. It’s just that this drill sucks. Ridgid should have caught the battery problem before they put it on the market.

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